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On Veterans Day, & U.S. History: A Precis

Veterans Day (a bit belated; but it took me longer to put this together than I thought it would).  A day - the anniversary of the signing of the Armistice which ended the WWI hostilities - on which we honor all Veterans.  Thinking about which reminded me of the appalling percentage of young Americans who, at least in one recent poll (Mark Dice interviews on the boardwalk in CA), didn’t even know who we fought in the Second World War, let alone what it was all about.  Which lack of knowledge has been ‘imparted’ on purpose.  So, gather ‘round, kiddies, and let Uncle Stan give you a short history mostly of the 20th century.  But first, to clarify what the American flag stands for.1  It stands for what is called ‘essential liberty,’ and self-governance: the primacy and rights of the individual, as opposed to the power of the state over the individual.  And with that in mind, let’s get into the subject that you have been made into a mushroom about.2

World War I

I won’t go into this in detail because it is featured in this potted history more for what came out of it than what went into it.  Suffice it to say that it had to do with politics in Europe, and the beginning of the fading away of power by the royal families; which they had historically under the idea of ‘the divine right of kings’.  Now lo give way - be made to give way - not to The Common Man, but to the elite.

Secret societies (at least the highest degrees thereof) had been plotting to take over power ever since the French Revolution (look it up), and they were now making their major moves.  At first, America was well out of that picture, because the American people were traditionally, from their roots in such as George Washington’s advice, leery of getting involved in the politics of Europe.3  But the Zionists,4 who were plotting to gain access ultimately to the Jews’ ancient homeland, made a deal with the British government: that if the British govt. would help the Zionists gain their objective, they/the Zionists would ‘use their influence’ to bring the American nation into the war on the side of Great Britain.  The deal was done (resulting in the so-called Balfour Declaration; look it up); and from the successful re-electioneering slogan of ‘He kept us out of war,’ Woodrow Wilson changed his tune in his second administration to the words of war “to make the world safe for democracy”.5  

You see, kiddies, a) the plutocrats6 don’t make money off of peace; they make money out of war.  Endless war; and b) the Jews have been up to their machinations for centuries.  Read the Old Testament.  Although, actually, we’re talking mostly Khazarian Jews here, in modern history.7   But on to the main point here, which is about the other main aspect of wealth: 


The Powers That Be - hereinafter referred to simply as TPTB (or The Elite, or The Cabal) - wanted to use the (First) World War in order to gain absolute power over the world; and to that end, proposed, after the war’s end, a League of Nations.  But it came to nought, because of the U.S. Senate, where the treaty for its uptake by the U.S. was voted down; albeit by one vote.8  But nothing if not industrious and resourceful, these Big Time Charlie McCarthy’s (to their Masters; another story) tried again, in the wake of their WWII - for the same purpose - with the United Nations.  On their one-step-at-a-time way to their one world government; to be run by the New World Order elite, and for the elite.9  

World War II        

As a consequence of extremely harsh reparations laid on Germany for its role in WWI - in effect, laying the sins of the fathers on the heads of their children - the German people were set up to welcome a savior, and got one in the form of Adolph Hitler, and his National Socialist political party.  He was particularly against the Jews, for the role that Jewish bankers were playing in Germany’s painful postwar period.  Little did he, or anybody at the time, know that the wealthy (Khazarian) Jews were simply using the average I-can-get-it-for-you-wholesale Jew as a means to their end: of getting the comfy European Jews to be ‘oppressed’ in order to get them to come and form a powerful Jewish state in the former ‘holy land,’ from where even their own masters could rule the world.  To that end, in the early ’30’s they arranged to have ‘the Jews’ declare war on Germany, in the form of urging the world’s people to boycott German goods; and the rest became history.  The history that you lot don’t know much about - and thus don’t know much about what’s going on in your day either - sad to say.  But let’s continue the tour.

After FDR deliberately enticed the Japanese - as part of the ‘Axis’ powers, of imperial and imperialistic Japan/fascist Italy (under Benito Mussolini; wishing to return Italy to ‘the glory that was Greece and the grandeur that was Rome’, and going about it in an outrageous way)/national socialist Germany - into bombing our fleet in Pearl Harbor (in order to get your average Joe and Jill America angry enough to go to war again), he was given the mandate that he wanted, and needed, from Congress.10  Leading us - in this brief history of America - to:

1945, and the establishment of the United Nations.  Another effort to ‘make the world safe for democracy,’ ho ho.  And while TPTB quietly consolidated their power in that institution, the country went again to war, in the 

Korean ‘Police Action’  

It was not a declared war like WWI & II; it was the beginning of the American presidency fudging things.  We went to war - to a police action - in South Korea because we were asked to do so by the UN.  No, that’s not entirely correct: We went to war there because our Secretary of State, one Dean Acheson - a member of the elite crowd’s Council on Foreign Relations - gave a speech in which he declared South Korea “outside of America’s sphere of influence”.  Code for: Go on, North Korea and Red China: Help yourselves.  And when they did: Whoops: another war.  Dear, dear…If Halliburton was around at that time, they must have been salivating like Pavlov’s dog.

And so, another good batch of American servicemen (and some women) were sent off to the killing fields.  Which ‘police action’ ended up in a standoff, when Ike - elected (in1952) in large part to draw it to a close - basically declared it over.  Which was the beginning of no-win wars for America; a blow to our national psyche.  But then, there were people - as I say: very powerful people - who wanted America to stop thinking of itself as ‘exceptional,’ and become just a nice, obedient team-player member of their New World Order.  But before we got to that point there was

The Vietnam War        
We were sucked into that ballbreaker under false pretenses but with good, even honorable intentions: We were members of a UN sub-group of nations called the South East Asian Treaty Organization, or SEATO; and like honorable members of the UN family of nations, we came to the aid of our allies, in the interests of trying to curtail such activity, by the threat of such a response.  The only trouble was that American industries were supplying the USSR with war materiel, that they then sent to their communist comrades in North Vietnam, for them to use against us.  Such a deal.  

War.  The money-spinner par excellence.

And so, we were held in check, for a no-win war to ensue, as long as it could be spun out, before it would be drawn to a close, with the U.S. further weakened, psychically.11

In the meantime, a young American president came up against TPTB, in a number of ways, but one in particular: JFK was beginning to have second thoughts about the war in Vietnam, with our ‘military advisers’ there and political pressure building to expand our presence; and his fate was duly sealed.12  And in came his Vice President - a slimy politician from Texas named Lyndon Baines Johnson -  who was part of the Cabal, and who promptly - with the help of a false event, called the Gulf of Tonkin Incident - escalated things to the beginning of the morass there.  All in all, a nasty time in our nation’s history; only partly ameliorated by our going to the moon.  Or not, as the case may well turn out to be…

And then came

The Two Iraq Wars       

Both of them blots on our nation’s copy-book, under the two Bushes.  They were the foundation for a major push for the Cabal’s New World Order: to get the U.S. deeply involved in the Middle East; to secure oil; and to assist the state of Israel in its plans for hegemony over that area of the world.  (Between the Nile and the Euphrates, according to their national flag.)  It was also a perfect way to use up Depleted Uranium.  Sweet.

Did I mention that the excuse for the second of those wars - that Hussein (that’s Saddam; not Barry) had weapons of mass destruction - was a scam?  As was 9/11, which set the whole thing in motion??13

The Truth will yet out about that caper.  How the Bush family was in charge of security at the Twin Towers, and had a team working deep at night shortly before The Event to set up their destruction.  With the help of Mossad agents, posing as ‘art students,’ who gained access ahead of time also to set them up for their ultimate explosive ends.  With nuclear devices included.  All, to secure the 'New Pearl Harbor' that the NeoCons in the Bush W. administration knew, and 'forecast,' in their PNAC literature, would be needed in order to sucker the American people into going to war to support their Khazarian world-hegemony end. 

The bottom line:

You have a lot of history to catch up on.

If you’re interested.

P.S.  And Obama?  The Usurper, for not being a "natural born" citizen??  Who is leading the U.S. straight into the lion's den???
   I don't have the heart to go into my animosity towards the man here, now.  Suffice it to say, here, now, that he is a plant.  
   And a most noxious weed at that.         



1 And also recently I have come across the info that there is a stunning lack of knowledge among our young about what the specific features of our flag stand for, i.e, the stars and their number, and the stripes and their number.  Which is all part of the plot.
   Read on…

2 i.e., kept in the dark and fed manure.

3 George Washington?  You’ve heard of him??  One doesn’t know, these days…
   'Observe good faith and justice toward all Nations; entangling alliances with none' - the sentiment from Washington’s Farewell Address.  And in large part thus, the reason why TPTB have attempted to erase him, and the other Founding Fathers, from the pages of our youth’s memory banks.  The old doddering, funny-wigged, racist Dodo’s needing to give way in our minds to the world’s real masters.  And we know who they are.
   Well.  Some of us do.  The older generation knows. 
   Some of them.  Those who haven’t been watching too much daytime TV.

4 Look it up.  Briefly, for here and now: Some Marxist Jews at the turn of the century - from the 19th to the 20th - wanted their own homeland, from The Diaspora, or Dispersement away from their historical home base in the Eastern Mediterranean - and started agitating for European nations to give them a place to run their own country, to be called Zion (and to rule the world from; a second matter).  They agitated for it by saying that ‘6 million Jews have been lost to history’ because of the gentiles, and ‘they owed them’.  A familiar figure, that…     

5 Wilson - a history professor at Princeton by profession; and so not very versed in the ‘politics’ of life - had a main advisor by the name of ‘Colonel’ Edward Mandell House, whose sentiments were nicely captured in a book that he wrote anonymously titled ‘Philip Dru: Administrator’.  It was about a man who became, not president of the U.S., but its ‘administrator,’ in the proto-fascist kingdom of the very rich and powerful.   Another, albeit very significant-to-this-telling, story.
   And P.S. A major factor in bringing the U.S. into the war was the sinking of a British passenger liner called the Lusitania, making its way through German submarine-infested waters from New York City to the UK.  The U.S., as an officially neutral nation, was supposed to keep its nose out of the war, or risk having it bloodied; which is what happened, when ‘somehow’ the word got to the German High Command that the Lusitania was also carrying war material to the UK.
   The Germans even warned the U.S. (and the public, in newspaper ads) about its needing to maintain neutrality, before the Lusitania sailed (into known sub-infested waters).  But these things have a life of their own.  Especially when they are planned that way.  
   (Am I saying that ‘the Jews did it’?  I don’t know for a fact.  The record seems to indicate that Churchill, as the UK’s  First Lord of the Admiralty, was involved in the plot as well; in order to get the U.S. sucked into ‘their’ war.  But the Elite were certainly involved; it fit their M.O. to a T; and the Zionists were funded in part by the Elite.  Ergo…)  

6 look it up  It’s about time that you learned how to use a dictionary - and used it.

7 And look that subject up as well.  This is just about the highlights of history; not all the details.

8 And where other Congressmen, like Lucky Lindy’s father, argued passionately for isolationism/neutrality.
   Ah yes - you lot won’t know about ‘Lucky Lindy’ Lindbergh either, and The Spirit of St. Louis.  Briefly: In 1927, as a young (25) pilot, Charles Lindbergh made the first transatlantic solo flight nonstop, from New York’s Long Island to Paris.  He was feted royally there, and became an instant hero in America.  (In a role made for Jimmy Stewart; who did, in fact, play him, albeit many years later.)  Until he came out on the side of Hitler (or at least, Hitler’s Germany), in the dark days leading up to WWII.  Another story; more about the sentiment of the isolationist ‘America First’ movement in the country than taking sides in European nation-state squabbles.  (There’s that Founding Fathers influence again…plus the same sentiment for neutrality as his father had evidenced in Congress in the leadup to WWI.)  
   ‘Lucky Lindy’ - aka The Lone Eagle - also figured in ‘The Crime of the Century’ - ah well.  Enough of the fine details of our history.  I’ll try to confine this telling to the major specifics.  But when you know nothing…Or hardly anything.  Except what your erstwhile Keepers have ‘taught’ you, in their ideologically slanted, and dumbed-down, curriculum…… 

9 As George Carlin said: “It’s their club - and you ain’t in it.  You and I are not in it.”
   Who are ‘the elite’ precisely?
   The Rothschilds, the Rockefellers, the Whitneys, the J.P. Morgans, the Warburgs, the Harrimans, the Bushes, the Committee of 300; the likes of who the likes of Dr. John Coleman and James Perloff and Ted Flynn and Dr. Stanley Monteith and Profs. Carroll Quigley and Antony C. Sutton have written extensively about.  The Movers and Shakers, who want to move and shake the world until it lets them rule - by human right.  
   For their non-human Masters.  But as I say…

10 I emphasize this point, because the audacity of Obama in this regard - as in others - knows no precedent: Even as powerful a president as 4-time winner FDR had to get Congress’s approval before he could become an active Commander in Chief.  You see, that is required by the Constitution.
   The Constitution?  Oh, that’s that “damn piece of paper” that George Dubya alluded to once, in his march to unilateral power, and the demise of the rule of law in the country, under would-be despots.  But Obama has not only pushed the limits of his executive power; he has taken the cake.  More on which, coming up. (If I have time in this short version of Life In Our Time.)

11 You have heard of the anti-war movement in the late-‘60s-early-‘70s.  To some extent, that was a legitimate response to what was going on in South Vietnam, with its dragged-out, no-win war status.  The Draft was still on, in the beginning; and young men were facing two years of putrid duty, and the potential of returning either in a body bag or maimed for life.  Not conducive to good thoughts.  Fortunately, some politicians got together from both sides of the political aisle, and mounted a movement that ended up stopping the Draft.  But the damage was done: those who had been radicalized by the war were involved in their demonstrations against ‘baby killers,’ and such.  And plus, the far Left, including outright Communists, were rooting for the other side, and wanted to stop the action against them.  (‘Ho - Ho - Ho Chi Minh!’)  That’s when things got very dicey in the country; leading to the beginnings of a cold war here, threatening to break out in the future in actual civil war.
   And here we are, in that future.           

12 He was reported to have visited with Gen. Douglas MacArthur - a hero of both the Second World War, in the Pacific campaign, and of the Korean War (of Inchon Landing fame; check it out.  A master stroke of warfare strategy), who was living in retirement in a major hotel in NYC, and who reportedly cautioned him against getting involved “in a land war in Asia”.  Bad news for TPTB, and their plans to make a whole bunch more of money.  Bad news for JFK.
   (JFK was also targeted for demise because he -
   * pulled air cover for the CIA’s attempted invasion of Castro’s Cuba upon learning of the caper; thus earning the lasting animosity of that rogue agency;
   * was reportedly moving away from Federal Reserve notes - whereby the U.S government buys currency from the Fed, at interest, who then simply print up the money out of thin air, and snicker all the way to their bank.  Such a deal - and replace them with silver-backed certificates.  Which is what we should have been doing all along.  And which our history is studded with examples of in the way of a longstanding war between the Money Interests and true Americans.  A subject in itself.  Involving the likes of Jefferson and Jackson, against a national bank.  That’s Thomas and Andrew, respectively.  
    You may have heard of them?…Oh well.  Why should I bother.  You either know or you don’t.  You may be interested.  But I seriously doubt it.  We wouldn’t be in half the trouble that we are in if you were.    
* had gotten himself on the bad side of the Mafia, for using them to help him gain the presidency - in a long-time connection, dating back to his farther’s days as a booze-runner during Prohibition - but then authorizing his brother, as his Attorney General, to go after them.  Bad move.  Sup with the devil, and so forth.)

13 Besides the prospect of the poppy fields of Afghanistan, for the CIA to fund its black-budget ops from.

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