Saturday, 28 November 2015

More On 'Ordo Ab Chao'

from ‘Obama Launches PR Campaign To Change America’s Idea Of Refugees’ - Leo Hohmann - November 27
(“Comparisons to pilgrims, other immigrants 'outrageous’”)


They will use more photo's of women and children to draw more "stupid" in.
The Liberal Bleeding Hearts & the younger crowds will fall for it, just like all the other BS that has slimmed past those purple lips.


         bobtherebuilder hdbkrst 2 hours ago
  • Can you believe the degree of STUPIDITY out there...I was involved in a group discussion just today on the "Refujihadist" issue, and we unanimously agreed that this is the SINGLE largest, most DANGEROUS issue currently being discussed, and in need of the PROPER attention!!

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                   hdbkrst bobtherebuilder 2 hours ago 
    • The gullible ones are the younger generation. They are more easily intimidated, brainwashed and the Educational Systems have set them up for it. 
    • I was thinking earlier, in all the years I have been around, I have never seen such Intentional chaos come out from an Administration like this one.

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      • kibitzer3
        hdbkrst a few seconds ago  (November 28)

      • 'Order Out Of Chaos' - the motto, and plan, of the New World Order crowd, who want us all in their corral, and beholden to them for our very sustenance.

      • It's been their plan, in the works, for years, hundreds even. Coming, very close now, to a planet near you.

'It's the Jews.'

'It's the Masons.'

'It's the Archons.'

It's all of the above.  And more:

It's our opportunity to show what we are really made of.

And that's Love.

Not hate.

As the other crowd would have us be made of.

So that they can feed off of it.

And keep us in submission to them, thereby.

Return the Darkness with Light.

And we are free.

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