Wednesday, 1 March 2017

At The Start Of A New Day

from ‘Trump Kills EPA WOTUS - Returns American Property Rights Stolen By Obama’ - Rick Wells - March 1
(WOTUS = Waters Of The U.S.  The regulatory Marxists under Obama tried to pretend that all waters of the U.S. - including rain - fell under the federal control of “navigable waters,” and thus eliminated the concept and reality of private property, with private land thus affected as well.  Clever bastards.  Trump just shot them down w/an E.O., and a promise to rein in such regulatory agency ukases.  Good for him.  Good for the U.S.  Good for the world, and the spiritual concept of free will.)     

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Excellent article and outcome. And as you imply:

Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty.


Our enemies - and they are our enemies; they are the enemies of free willed humanity - hate 'liberty,' because when people are free, they do things that upset some people so much that they want to keep people from being able to be free to do them.  So the Marxists have secretly enlisted our youth, over the years, in their war against America, by pretending that the U.S., because of its high standard of living, is this great ogre to the world, for its 'trashing of the environment,' leading to Anthropogenic Global Warming, oops, they mean, now, Climate Change.  And so we, and all of the nations of the world, must be leveled down to Third World Country status.  (To say: be of subservient-status to the almighty state, of the New World Order.)  All to serve the planet, you understand. 

You do undestand.  Don't you???

P.S. And speaking of  the so-called 'Russian influence' on the 2016 elections - none of which charges has proven to be anything other than leftist twaddle; designed and employed to draw attention away from the damning content of the leaks:* how about the real attempt to 'influence' the 2016 elections on the part of Obama and his administration, when he/they employed a policy of speeding up the naturalization process for millions of immigrants, specifically to get them naturalized in time for the 2016 elections?  And jeopardized our national security in the process, by abandoning background checks, and adopting "lean and lite" procedures instead??

Judicial Watch has the sordid story in the current (February) issue of its monthly newsletter, 'Verdict'.  And they diverted monies (our tax money) illegally to accomplish the job - for both legal and illegal aliens, the latter 'qualifying' for naturalization under his DACA program.  It's an appalling story.  But par for the course for that corrupt, and illegal, administration; filled to the brim with Marxists as it was.  For whom what is right is what advances their agenda for global takeover, and what is wrong is whatever impedes that 'progress'.

Like the advent of Trump, as a rather large fly in their ointment, their (totalitarian) prescription for what ails humanity.  Which is precisely the opposite of what will really do the job.  Their system functioning under, and by, Force.  Rather than Love.  As children of Satan.  Rather than of God...

This is war, to these people.  Not just politics.

And the American people had better wake up, and fast, to the difference.


* Also because Russia has long been fingered to be the designated patsy for the NWO crowd's machinations, specifically in attempting to censor any news outside of the controlled MSM, the in-house voice of the erstwhile Empire.  Thus, a dance that I have commented on in earlier pages of this blog: First, a law quietly passed outlawing 'Disinformation and Propaganda' of foreign origin; then, the perps fingering many domestic alt. news carriers as 'under Russian influence (as per the accusation regarding the DNC and Clinton Campaign email leaks), thereby trying to censor the MSM's - and the 'official party line's' - opposition; and employing leftist-friendly sites as the anointed arbiter of what is to be considered as thus-tainted 'fake news' and what is not.   
     It has all gone to the point that Google took down the entire files of Natural News, Mike Adams' site, which so happens to be Trump-friendly.  It has now been reinstated; but only after a commotion was raised.  Next time, they may get away with their corrupt behavior; Google (now headed by a Clintonista) and Facebook being part of the opposition to free speech.  Be on guard, America.  You are under attack. From within.

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