Friday, 28 October 2016

A Message To America

A Message To America

I find myself thinking and feeling something curious, here on the verge of the takeover of the United States of America by the Dark forces.  I am drawn to see beyond the transitioning moment, and see The Process for what it is: simply a Process.  And the wrapping-up of  The Process.

I would like to say something like this to 

My Fellow Americans,

I come before you tonight with a somewhat heavy heart.  I have to announce that the United States of America that so many of us love - have loved - and for which many gave and have given their last full measure of devotion - is shortly to be no more.  Defiled by Dark forces, feasting now on its carcass.  But at least, there is a Plan that that Process has been a part of; and for that, we must be grateful.

 A Plan, that takes America’s spirit beyond its form-level end, and transforms it into a new form, that will at least carry on its essence.  Into a whole new Era for humanity.    

An Era designed to last.  For it is not made of matter, subject to, and designed to, be degraded in and with time (to a base level of no charge; of stasis; of No Being).  But, rather, one made of something of a more substantive nature, than the ephemeral ‘cloth’ of a matrix; a Stage.  For, we embark, now, not further on a Play, designed to ‘catch our consciences’ - as the playwright said - but on The Real Thing; designed to reward us, for a job well done.  For those, that is to say, who succeed in passing The Test, of the Ring Pass Not.  

More on which, anon.  For now, let me just conclude these few words of wrap-up with a statement of congratulations: to all those souls becoming positioned to take their next steps, into The Light; and into The Light more exceeding, on The Path - the spiral stairway to 

the heavens. And the first stop: the New Earth.

Going Up!


- And In the meantime…:

from; ‘Voting Shenanigans In Almost All Swing States’ - Garth Kant - October 28
(“With early voting proceeding at a pace the Associated Press calls “far quicker than 2012” – and with more than 12 million voters having already cast ballots – reports of potential voter fraud also appear to be on the rise…”  - and especially in the key swing states..
The system is clearly rigged beyond redemption.)

kibitzer3 a few seconds ago (October 29)

Disgusting, disgusting stuff. Worse than a banana republic, because at least in some of them, they dip a voter's finger in purple ink to deter duplicate voting. But what is REALLY disgusting is that WE HAVE KNOWN that this sort of thing has been going on - and chose not to do anything about it.

We will get what we deserve.

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