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On Free Speech, & Target Practice

(Note: Back in 1981-82 I worked for an NGO connected to the UN called Planetary Citizens, on a project that they were the Secretariat for called 'The Planetary Initiative (For The World We Choose)'.    Its purpose was to help the people of the world begin to look at themselves as not only citizens of their respective countries, but as well of the planet, in terms of how their lifestyles affected life on our common home.  One of the examples of that was to have them look at the effect on the ozone layer of the CFCs particularly in all the spray cans that were a ubiquitous part of the culture then.  I am happy to report that the people of the planet woke up to that danger, and it was mostly phased out of sight.  But then came other demons.  One of them is the chemical emanating from air conditioners and refrigerators (HFCs, now).  To look at that matter is a valid point.  But to use it to further the cause of the New World Order crowd is another thing entirely.  Hence, my ambivalence about the following article, demonizing John Kerry for advancing the cause of what is in reality the NWO crowd.  Yes, we need to look at what we are emitting into our common atmosphere.  And, we need to do it in an ethical, conscientious way.  Not as a means to subjugate the world's peoples, treating them like a pack of rabbits, needing to be largely exterminated, by our erstwhile masters.  Which is what the Global Warming - oops -  Climate Change scenario is all about.)

1a) from ‘Obama Announces Attack On, End Of Free Speech - No Objections Uttered’ - Rick Wells - October 15/16
(The Great Pretender gave a speech in Pittsburg in which he called for censorship of the alternative media.  In unctuous terms, of course.)

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Oath Keepers simply have to do their damn job, and arrest the Usurper, and hold him for trial (on a whole host of charges by now, including fraud, perjury, and treason), before TPTB spring a false flag op, blame it on Russia, and use that as an excuse to a) take over our elections, and b) ignite WWIII, with their Dear Leader as Savior of the New World Order they will then usher in. Arresting all naysayers, of course; led by American patriots, who just won’t listen to reason, a la their style.

It’s called a preemptive strike. Or the United States – at least, as we have known it – is history.

1b) from ‘UN Globalists Dictate New Air Conditioning, Refrigeration Cuts Worldwide - Rick Wells - October 15/16
(SoS John Kerry announcing the sellout…With or without the Congress’s assent, you understand.  As how the New World Order crowd operates…)

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[A]h yes – carbon credits. Which puts a bullseye on every individual, who is, or course, a CO2 emitter. Thus, the country that eliminates many of its citizens – however that may be accomplished – will get carbon credits; and the more, the better.

I wonder if the stock in rodent-extermination poisons will start going up, now…

That is, as long as there continues to be a supply-and-demand economy on the planet. I am assuming that that will go as well, in this Brave New World, and in its place to be established a command economy model, with the ‘scientific’ allocation of resources accordingly. As in the form of government called…called….gee, can’t think of that name right now. But it has been tried. And so, that should tell us SOMETHING about where we’re headed…….


Yes, there is another world ahead of us.  But it is not the world of the New World Order crowd.  That is the reverse image of

the Real Thing.


P.S.  An overseas friend just sent me a pro-Trump motivational video - courtesy of  #TrumpFanNetwork - that portrays The Donald in a ‘real’ American light, with eagles and proud flying machines and the men who pilot them; the works.  My comment back:

a) Good one.  b) It is true that The Donald really feels this way.  And so do a lot of Americans.  Who are embarrassed for how we have been led for a long time now, and long for 'the real American' to have a chance to stand up.  

Whether the fix that is in will allow Trump to make it, is a huge question. Whether there will even be an election is another huge question.  But I am glad that at least one 'foreigner' has had access to this video; to help our neighbors understand that such an authentic heart DOES beat in America.



Not a positive note to end on, but there it is, the bottom line for this day in my life:

from ‘Alaska: Prepare to Defend Yourselves From Russian Invasion’ - Dave Hodges - October 14/15
(A detailed account from various sources of unnerving happenings in Alaska having to do with Russian troops.  Not the first time that Hodges has reported on this situation…)

Stan October 16, 2016 at 1:42 am
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Curious times, indeed…

I have been watching Putin, and he has been saying and doing some very good things; needed things, to counter those currently in charge of the U.S.’s foreign affairs, in Ukraine and Syria, etc.. But I also remember reading on the Internet about a U..S. businessman who was over in Russia in the mid-’90s working out a business deal, and one evening was told by the slightly inebriated wife of his host that ‘they’ – the unreconstructed Russian communists – had arranged for the election to the U.S. presidency of a black man – “a chocolate man” (i.e., half white) – and even gave the name of Obama. And I know about A. Golitsyn’s book…

…and with all this blog’s sort of info, one wonders………


...a better note to end on:

I Went To The Sea Today

I went to the sea today
To send it some healing
                  that it may be
                  and purified
                    of its toxicity,
Its radioactivity.

           May I be
A beacon of Light
                         on the waters 
Of the world.  Which includes
                    inside of me
As well.  For me.
        And you.
        For we are all
Beings of Light
                     in reality.

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