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Still Venting About Voting

from; ‘DOJ Warns Efforts To Stop 2016 Voter Fraud Could ‘Violate’ Federal Law’ - Logan Churchwell - October 24
(A discussion on voter fraud, and its various facets.  People advocating dropping the fraudulent electronic voting machines (think G. Soros) and going back to paper ballots, etc.)


Machines that count paper ballots will be rigged.


    • kibitzer3 steals a few seconds ago (October 24)

    • At least with paper ballots they can be counted on a call for a recount. A good 'Election Integrity' factor - as long as Trump supporters are watching every move that the precinct people make, to make sure that they don't stuff the ballot boxes. And they could be set up to provide the voter a receipt. Also, mandatory exit polling would be a good initiative to demand.

    • What a massive mess. This is worse than a banana republic - at least in some of those, the voter has to have his/her finger dipped in purple ink, to deter duplicate voting. AMERICA; YOU CAN DO BETTER THAN THIS.
Patrick McConville John Driscoll 6 hours ago

In something like 16 states they're using his machines, that's 16 states they'll win regardless of how the people voted, given !!!


  •           John Driscoll Patrick McConville 5 hours ago 

    • It didn't happen by accident. The Republican party knew about it the whole time. Freaking Iraq has more honest elections than we do . The Republican party plays the role of the innocent patsy while they were in on it for decades .

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  •           kibitzer3 John Driscoll a few seconds ago 

    • Indeed. Both parties have dirty hands in this scam. It's atrocious.If I had my way;


from ‘Alex Jones Drops Video That Could Hand Election To Trump’ - Andrew West - October 24  
(An excellent video of/for Trump, indicating the major issue of our time: a sea change needed in this country (and the world), from the control of TPTB.)

brucefandrews 4 hours ago (October 24)

And not just VOTE FOR TRUMP if necessary stand by every poling place to STOP ALL ILLEGALS FROM VOTING! The people that are supposed to stop the illegal and criminal votes can't, or won't, do the job it's up to us to do it.


        pj4me brucefandrews an hour ago 
  • Problem is, voter fraud is difficult to spot. You can't just go up to every Mexican and accuse them of being illegal and voting fraudulently. That is why we have VOTER ID. But unfortunately, Democrats have fought that in -- what? 30 states? 26? not wure -- and the SCOTUS even threw some cases out, so the Democrats admitted they BUS non-citizens from polling place to polling place and of course they vote Democrat. Isn't it amazing how all the VOTER FRAUD FAVORS THE DEMOCRATS? Why don't the Republicans begin implementing the same procedures!? What's good for the goose is good for the gander! The democrats will win and will CONTINUE to win all the way down the ballot because Republicans stand by and allow them to use voter fraud and do nothing about it. I hope Trump wins, but if he does not, it'll be because of FRAUD, and I hope that FINALLY we will have ONE PERSON with the MOXIE to say I WILL NOT CONCEDE until it is proven there was NO voter fraud!

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    • kibitzer3
      pj4me a few seconds ago (just into October 25)

    • But there WILL be voter fraud, because it has been built into the system, and for years and years. Good ol' Joe and Jill America should have risen up long ago, in every state, and demanded:

    • CERTIFIABLY cleansed voter reg rolls, of all ineligible voters, dead voters, and duplicate voters; no Early Voting or Absentee ballots until that cleansing took place; mandatory photo ID (you need one for all MANNER of things in today's society; the Obama administration & the ACLU/DNC's objections are pure BS); no Same Day Voter Registration; and especially: no more electronic voting machines, which have proven to be hackable in a number of ways - back to paper ballots across the board for A CLEAR PAPER TRAIL All you need to do is open some more precincts, to cut down on the waiting time. But we need to MEAN BUSINESS in this terribly important matter to our republic - and we needed to mean that business long ago.

    • There's still time. But barely. If nothing else: Be out in force as poll watchers. Which is a fool's errand; but it is something, at least.

(Sorry to have to end the - my - day on a negative note.  But there it is:)

from ‘It’s All Tied Up!’ - Jay Guy - October 24
(The latest polls…)


I really find to be incomprehensible that hillary Benghazi clinton could really be tied much less ahead in the polls. I suspect a connection to the hillary corporate media for any poll which gives her a favorable rating. Tell a lie often enough and the sheeple will believe it. Well, I'm one sheeple who doesn't believe that hillary is even close to winning - at least insofar as the real voters is concerned. I smell a rat called "rigged" polling numbers.


         kibitzer3 Lorraine E a few seconds ago (October 25)
  • Unfortunately, that could translate into a rigged election as well. Trump supporters should have been putting intense pressure on their states to CLEAN UP THE ELECTORAL PROCESS, by:

  • CERTIFIABLY cleansed voter reg rolls, of all ineligible voters, dead voters, and duplicate voters; no Early Voting or Absentee ballots until that had happened; no Same Day Voter Registration; mandatory photo ID (the argument about 'voter suppression' that the Democrats put forward - including the Obama administration - is total BS); mandatory exit polling; and especially, getting rid of the electronic voting machines, which have proven to be hackable in a number of ways: back to paper ballots and a CLEAR PAPER TRAIL - including with receipts for one's vote.

  • The Republican Party hasn't done their job in this matter because they want the New World Order that Trump is such a threat to. So it had, and has, been up to The People, to TAKE THEIR COUNTRY BACK. I'm not sure that they mounted sufficient enough of a front to make that happen. More's the pity. We will rue such a potentially disastrous day for generations to come.

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