Tuesday, 11 October 2016

What's Not To Like

(from a letter by Norman M. Olney, Executive Director, 'Victory 2016':)

"Donald Trump will take on terrorism, crime and civil unrest; rebuild our national defense and domestic infrastructure; restore prosperity with tax cuts and fewer regulations; revitalize education with school choice; and insist on a level playing field for American companies in international trade.

"He will appoint conservatives to the Supreme Court and other federal courts.

"He will work with Congress to repeal Obamacare and replace it with a patient-centered system with incentives to deliver better health care at a lower cost.

"And, Donald Trump will stop illegal immigration, encourage domestic energy production, defend the Second Amendment and wage war on political correctness.

"Hillary Clinton will continue with the same failed Obama agenda.

"More liberals on the Supreme Court and all other courts.

"Higher taxes, spending and debt.  More intrusive government regulations.

"Citizenship and voting rights for 11 million illegal aliens -- enough to make the Republican Party a permanent minority in national elections.

"More of the same Obama/Clinton foreign policy which enabled terrorism to grow and spread throughout the Middle East, Europe, Africa and the United States.

"Furthermore, Hillary Clinton recklessly exposed our nation's most closely guarded secrets to hackers and hostile foreign governments with a private unsecure email system.

"And then she lied about it to the American people -- a fact testified to by the Director of the FBI.  She should never be Commander-in-Chief."

Amen.  And add to all the latter charges:

the plan by the New World Order crowd to hijack the American form of government, and turn this nation into a mere part of a region of their totalitarian NWO system.  Having already put in place, under the Usurper, millions of jihadis, ready to leap into action at their signal - in conjunction with foreign troops in our land, here supposedly undergoing practice to quell 'domestic unrest' in their home countries, but here in actuality as a UN army to assist in the subjugation of the American people, forced to become the 'domestic terrorists' that TPTB are making of simply good patriots.

The big question is how much of this scenario our own military is going to go along with.  Who have taken an oath to protect and defend the Constitution  Not the Usurper.

And I call them on that difference.


P..S. And I have just watched a scathing Veritas undercover video of a NYC (Democrat) Commissioner of Board of Elections candidly admitting that a) the Democrats bus people around to various polling places (and hide the - purportedly - Muslim females behind their burkas), because NY state not only does not ask for a voter's ID but they positively tell their poll workers not to ask for any - the same scam as goes on in my home state of CA - and b) to the scam of absentee ballots - which nobody knows where they are coming from - and c) to other tricks of the ballot-stuffing trade.  And even he was disgusted with how things have gone in this country.
   I am so ANGRY at these assholes who have taken over this country.  And I am also angry at The People for letting them do it.
   They deserve what they get.  But the nation does not deserve to go down with them.
   I will act for the nation.  Not the people, per se.
   Everybody needs to experience the consequences of their individual actions.  That is The Law.  But America the Nation still has a job to perform, for the world.
   How I want to get to that...

P.P.S. And as if to emphasize the point - a late entry: article from rickwells.us: 'Democrat Election Workers Caught On Video Stuffing Ballot Boxes'.  All of the examples - from PA, IL, and AZ - were during the Democrat Primary between Hillary and Bernie.  All of the perps were females.  Take a guess who they were stuffing the ballot boxes for...

My comment at the site:

"Disgusting stuff.  Disgusting, disgusting, disgusting.

"What has this nation come to.

"I think, to its end."

And that's how I feel.  Right this minute.

I'll probably get over it.

But not easily.

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