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Mail Call

(On overseas friend of mine has found it easier to write longhand than to type.  My response to this interesting letter:)

Hello prodigious letter writer -

Got your missive yesterday, after helping the postman up off the ground from struggling with the weight, exhausted as he was by the time he got to our apartment's mail boxes.  An enjoyable read, all kidding aside - and yes, I could read your handwriting.  I would never saddle anyone with the chore of attempting to read mine.  I can't even read my own scrawlings sometimes, even within a few minutes of writing something down.  ('What the hell did I say there???')  So I'll stick with the occasional email, and save you the torture.  

To start with the Don't-get-me-started subject in reply: Wakefield and 'Vaxxed': Good for you for catching that.  The next time you see your civil service 'friend,' let him know - casually enough; just with an oh-by-the-way demeanor - something like the following email I sent to the Age of Autism site, back in Jan. of 2011, regarding an article they had posted on the claim: the 'Wakefield Lancet Study a 'Fraud':1

"Good point, Carol.  [I don't recall what her "point" was.]  I think what we have here is a classic case of selective sight.  Deer [Brian, of the Sunday Times; a hatchet man for his boss] sees what he wants to see, to prove his pre-selected conclusion: that Wakefield is a fraud because he had a vested interest in making a case for the lack of safety of the MMR because he wanted to push a monovalent vaccine that he was involved in.  I can make the same sort of case against Deer: that he is a fraud because he has a vested interest in both taking down Wakefield and making a case for the safety of the MMR because his employer, the owner of the Sunday Times, is James Murdoch, who sits on the board of GSK, the company now responsible for the MMR vaccine in the UK; which company struck a deal with the government to make the drug company immune from liability for damage from its products.  That is called a sweetheart deal; and Deer is the sweetheart that makes it stick in the public's mind. 

"So we have two conflicting stories.  Which is the truth; or at least, the more true.  Only a thorough investigation can uncover that answer.  Deer challenges Wakefield to fight him in a UK court, with its strong libel laws; but he also knows, cynically, that such an avenue is terribly costly - and since the government is involved in this matter, that it would pull out all the strings [I meant 'stops' in this metaphor] it could to affect [that should have been 'effect'; my bad] an 'appropriate' outcome.  (Just as the MMR litigation families were denied justice when their legal aid was withdrawn - by a judge who also had a conflict of interest in this matter.  What a murky web has-been woven.)2  So there we are: the outcome being fought in the court of public opinion.

"Not a fair deal.  Not a scientific deal.  Wakefield deserves a chance to clear his name  At least he has been able to find a publisher for his side of the story.  Everybody interested in justice being served should buy his book.  And write letters.  And never give up.  Too much is at stake here.  In this matter of the case of the People versus the Establishment.  For it is all of our's battle, against power." 

I had forgotten all about this posting of mine.  Thanks for 'causing' me to find it, and revive it in my mind.  For it is precisely what we are up against now, in the world, and in spades.  Against principalities and powers...3 

Briefly, other comments:

Steiner: Yes.  A good man.  I read some of his material many years ago.  Excellent insights.  And, he would have benefited from research available in our day, by such 'biblical' sleuths as D.M. Murdock (aka Acharya S.  Unfortunately dead now of breast cancer.  Another terribly outrageous subject.  As to which: Have you heard, not just of the many deaths of people linked with the reporting of GcMAF to the public, but of the Blushwood berry out of the north of Queensland?...) and Joseph Atwill; the latter of whom wrote 'Caesar's Messiah,' subtitled 'The Roman Conspiracy to Invent Jesus'.  An excellent read.  Check it out.  It may not make you any friends amongst your Christian acquaintances.  But it will make you much more cognizant of the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.  And as supplemented by the works of Ralph Ellis, particularly 'Jesus, King of Edessa'.  I don't know where the WHOLE truth is amongst these excellent leads.  But it's all worth investigating.  Hey - its what life is all ABOUT, innit.    

Gratitude for our health: Indeed.  Every day, expressed specifically when I bless my food.  As to breakfast: Yours is much more protein-able than mine.  I have a (mid-day; don't get up until then; am a night owl) bowl of cold cereal (oats; don't trust the wheat these days.  GMO, and all that crap) with a medley of cut-up fruit on it.  And low-fat milk.  (Did you know that the milk from Jersey and Guernsey cows has a more beneficial/digestible protein in it than the milk of the black-and-white Holsteins??  Not that TPTB would ever let us know that sort of info.  But they certainly push the Holstein stuff......  Now, do you think - naww.  They wouldn't be that clever.  Would they???...) 

Growing your own food: Excellent.  Well done, you guys; and for being involved in a community garden at that.  That's the way to go, especially these days.  These crucial days.........

And do you guys really have to worry about the possibility of an EMP attack over there, too?  I had assumed that it was just 'the great Satan' -  and only so to speak - that 'they' would attempt to take out with such a weapon, and attack; the U.S. being the key to their overthrow of Western civilization, and its inclusion - piecemeal [I meant 'in pieces'] - into their totalitarian New World Order. 

But I had better let this letter go at that.  Don't want to attract TOO much attention to little ol' me, and the people I communicate with.  You never know.  Loose lips sink ships, and all that.  So just to close with an observation:

Nice to have kindred spirits as friends in this madhouse, isn't it.  This world of illusions and tears.  (And illusory itself.)

But hopefully, not for much longer.

Stay well, friend.




1 I discovered this long-forgotten reply of mine when I went to my copy of Wakefield's 'Callous Disregard' looking for this very subject, intending to give you some ammunition for your next encounter with the walking zombies on this subject.   

2 I forget those details.  As I recall, he was the brother of a man who was involved with GSK.  But to continue. 

3 And incidentally, before leaving this particular subject: a researcher over here in the States (Univ. of Utah) discovered the presence of the MMR strain of measles virus in the damaged guts of children diagnosed with autism.  The link: toxic peptides leak through the damaged gut lining and into the bloodstream, and cross the blood-brain barrier.
   And the damage grows exponentially in the populace...


And it is that big.  I refer here to the intended takedown of Western civilization, by our erstwhile masters.  Can't have the championing of the individual and the dignity thereof, when you are looking at promoting the seductive-souding 'the greater good'.  'The greatest good for the greatest number.'  The devil, of course, being in the details.  For example: Sacrificing the individual to the collective.  A collective wherein all are equal, and some are more equal than others.  As in the old Soviet Union; with the governing class - and their selected apparatchiks - having secret warehouses to go to for all the goodies that the average Ivan and Lara could only dream of; still in a financial system that continued the use of interest-bearing money, and therefore of continual debt, and scarcity for the many and abundance for the some.  And totalitarian control for all...

Not this time, boyos.  It's time, now, for something     



As the spiritual beings having a human experience that we in reality are.  And about to experience a whole new reality, in that equation.

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