Monday, 10 October 2016

Sex, Lies, Sans Videotape

Speaking of tapes, surfacing…

(SOUND OF car door sleekly closing, then of smooth car engine purring to life.  Silence.  Then:)

MALE VOiCE: Well, It’ll be interesting to see how our people spin this one. 

FEMALE VOICE: That was so fucking mortifying.

MV: Hey, it wasn’t that  - 

FV: Did you see them.  All lined up on the front row, like a line of your fucking kewpie dolls.  Shooting their daggers at me the whole fucking time.  

MV: Hillary, - 

FV: Don’t you fucking ‘Hillary’ me.  You and your fucking ‘wee wee,’ as one of those stupid silly bitches calls it.

MV: This will all - 

FV: This will NOT ‘all blow over.’

MV: It will.  We’re already on it, babe.  Donald has skeletons in his closet too, you know.

FV: And in the meantime, it’s ME out there, who has to take all this shit, and stand there grinning, like a fucking -

MV: I’m telling you, we’re already on it.  We’ve got many good friends in many good places.  They’re already - 

FV: I could paste you one right here, you fucking - 

MV: Wouldn’t look good tomorrow, now would it.  Cool it, babe.  We’ve got this covered.  There’s too much at stake for too many people, for this not ‘too shall pass away’ [said as if quoting something], and be sidelined, as we roll on to victory, babe.  Remember that.  It’s already a done deal.  All we have to do is keep our heads.  And hand our enemies theirs.  

(Silence; then:)

FV: It’d better.

MV: It will, babe.  It will.  Trust me.

FV: Ha!  That’s a fucking laugh.

(Silence; then:)

FV: It.  Had.  Better.  Got that?

MV: It will, babe.  It will.  All signed, sealed, and just about to be delivered.

(SILENCE, except for car motor purring in the bg.)


As early voting 'rolls' on in many states, with unsecured voter registration rolls...

...and as in the meantime, the NeoCons are poising the U.S. to go to war with Russia on the one hand and China on the other, in order to attempt to save the Federal Reserve and our - their - monetary system.........

...and the average American continues to slumber away; believing that, if it isn't on the mainstream media (whose toilers Jon Rappoport calls the "mob's foot soldiers"), it isn't news.

Or entertainment.

Same thing, these dark days......

Did you know that your government was putting tactical nukes into Iraq, and creating a missile shield there?  And thus, antagonizing - and rightly so - the Russian bear??

Didn't think so.

Remember Pearl Harbor??  Know about FDR's role - and that of his advisers - in the deliberate goading of Japan, to make the first move???  It's deja vu all over again.

On your watch.

You, who haven't learned anything from history.

But who sure know the names and numbers of your favorite sports players.  And who is sleeping with whom in Hollywood.  And who isn't, any more.

Because - as you know - tragedy hits right at home, sometimes..............

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