Sunday, 16 October 2016

On Privacy, & Criminality

Pet peeve: 

Why do people seemingly simply assume that it is any business of theirs to comment on a private conversation, or support such clandestine behavior?  Is there no appreciation anymore of a basic right to privacy??  Have we no respect anymore for the concept of privacy???  

You are evidencing that you are perfect fodder for a police state.  You certainly are proving that you are well conditioned for such a state, listening in to your every word, and even thought.

Get a life of your own.  And leave others to theirs. 

And while I’m on the subject of ‘pet peeves’:

To vote would be
      to engage in
A criminal enterprise,
              the way
                    it is
Constructed now;
                  and I
               for one
To be a criminal -
That is to say:
                     to aid
                and abet
  in the commission
               of a crime.

Up your act, and then
                   will join in
         your worthy


As for cleaning up our act...

With the U.S. government, under the Usurper, threatening war with Russia - using Russia as a scapegoat for our secret government's own 'Wag the Dog' actions - and with the MSM behind them; and with people like Hillary Clinton using such end-justifies-the-means arguments as the minority of the SCOTUS used in the decision on ObamaCare, invoking the idea that the Congress or the President can do pretty much anything they want if it furthers - in their minds and definition - 'the greater good,' or 'the good of society;' and with Hillary threatening a travel ban for conservatives, in that vein of the thinking of our erstwhile masters -

a) What's the difference between all this and, say, the federal government decreeing that the citizenry can't have more than two children, or, the citizenry can't have guns?; and

b) It's time to call a halt to these miscreants, and their deep-state plans for a totalitarian New World Order.

It's time, that is to say, to clean house.


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