Saturday, 8 October 2016

On Having Had Enough

1) from politicalvelcraft,org: ‘Russia Checkmates The West: Expect More CIA Mossad Proxy Terrorism, Not Nuclear War’ - John Quinn - October 7 


Good take on things.

The U.S.’s military terribly needs to come to grips with a) its having an illegal Commander in Chief, who is up to no good, and b) Khazarian Mafia/Rothschild Zionists in charge of this nation’s foreign policy. It must depose them both – thus honoring their oaths. And this country returned to sanity. Letting Putin know that we mean no harm to Russia, are more than willing to coexist with it. As long as it doesn’t return to its former communist attempts to rule the world. And we will keep our KMs from attempting to take over the U.S., and make it part of the Dark force’s New World Order.

I am sorely offended that MY country has been involved in creating ISIS, and the mess in the Middle East. Come ON, U.S. military. Do your job. And that is NOT to go galivanting around the world, being Israel’s henchman.

2) This item is particularly to be noted as TPTB gear up for another Ebola scare (sending airplanes secretly into Africa; etc.):
Comment Oct. 7 at on the CDC’s Proposed Rule to force travelers to have vaccinations if they are diagnosed as carrying a communicable disease: 
Control of Communicable Diseases Federal Register, Volume 81 issue 157 (Monday, August 15, 2016)


The government - much less a private body like the CDC - has no right nor power to force people to endure such an invasive procedure as vaccination. Vaccinations have all manner of toxins in them; people have every right to reject them as a medical modality. 

There are all manner of health treatments to help people get over various ailments, that do NOT require the invasive procedure of vaccination. Therapeutic doses of vitamin C for one; colloidal silver for another. There are many others. 

The allopathic medical profession does NOT have a monopoly on knowledge about how to prevent and overcome illness conditions. This Proposed Rule is NOT ON. 

This is a free country. Stop acting like the former Soviet Union.

...And I'm not so sure, now, about that 'former' distinction.  I have trusted Putin up 'til now; even if he did have Kissinger as a mentor some years ago.  (He has had plenty of right to be unhappy with the West's/NATO encirclement of his country; etc.)    But what ARE all those Russian troops doing in this country??  Including having their wives join them???

3) from ‘Multinational troops Preparing for Guerrilla War in Colorado’ - Dave Hodges - October 6/7
(Colorado is teeming with foreign troops, including Russians, Turks and Mongolians.  Training for ‘disaster training’ (and ‘enhanced interrogation techniques,’ like threatening to kill someone's family members if they don't talk...).  But sending down roots in our territory.  And including Ghurkas; whose speciality is the likes of assassinations and anti-gueriila training.  Also, such troops heading for Alaska, for combat training…)

There really can be no question about it, now.  Our government has been hijacked.  Obama has systematically prepared this country for takeover, and from within.  Colorado has apparently been chosen as the area from which to rule the former United States, as it is systematically broken down into pieces.  That’s how our erstwhile masters have finally figured out how to demolish the Constitution: by demolishing the United States itself. 

And thus the reason why the Obama administration is bringing in UN ‘overseers’ for our elections - if we even get that far.  But which are in the pocket of our erstwhile masters anyway, as many early signs indicate the extreme extent of voter fraud going on in the early voting process.  

And thus why the Obama administration is bringing in UN troops via the ’Strong Cities Network’.  For what reason?  Actually: to keep the populace pacified, while the nation is taken over by the UN.  To become a good, docile part of the New World Order.


P.S. And why the Internet has been handed over to ICANN, a UN-umbrella agency; and thus, having been taken out from under First Amendment protections.  Which process is already in the works, with the Federal Elections Commission refusing to protect the alternative media’s First Amendment rights, and starting their move to throttle conservative-oriented talk show hosts.  See the demise of Michael Savage, for a start on that front.      

And it is a front  Of a war going on.

Which is just about to reach such a boiling point that even the average addled Joe and Jill American can see it.  As their country disappears under their feet.

And on their watch.

P.P.S. Sometimes it is hard - very hard - to remember that we are all children of the same Creator Source.  All, pilgrims on The Path.  Just at different stages of our soul's journey, is all.
     But sometimes, it is true, that some have decided to give up on that Path, and engage in Service to Self, and Power Over Others, to the point of becoming irretrievable.  In which case, we just have to leave them behind.  And continue on our journey, on The Path to reunion with The One..
     Sad.  But unavoidable.  When every soul is given free will.

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