Wednesday, 5 October 2016

'Tis The Winter Of My Discontent

from ‘Clinton Arms Smuggler To Libyan Terrorists Case Dropped To Cover Her’ - Rick Wells - October 4/5
(A video interview with Judge Napolitano and op-ed by him in the Washington Times paints a disgusting picture of Hillary’s disgusting behavior whilst SoS - and Obama’s covering for her.  What a mangy lot.)

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This disgusting piece of rich white trash needs to have her many crimes and lies plastered all over the Internet, over and over and over.

That she is a serious contender for the office of the presidency beggars belief. What the HELL is the matter with the American public??? I know, I know – short attention span. But the evidence is there. The American people have no excuse not to know all there is to know about both contenders – or any – for the office. The result is on their heads. Good. Or bad.

And very, very bad, this one would be.


And further on this subject: See the blog 'Hillary killed Libya Peace Deal over Personal Vendetta with Gaddafi' by Paul Joseph Watson on Jim Fetzer's site yesterday (now) at

What a witch this woman is.  You can't get much more dark-side than this.

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