Tuesday, 18 October 2016

On Playing By The Rules

On Playing
 The Rules

I think that we should all
                take a cue
            from Hillary
           and just obey
   those laws that we
                    want to
               and let the rest

                   For example.
                   Stop lights.
If they are stopping you
From when you want to go,
                and stop
All this nonsense
About laws.  That's for
      the little people,
                   after all

                    Oh -
    and except for laws
             free speech.
    We must not let
The racists, and sexists,
          and homophobes,
          and deplorables,
                       and anti-
   have their say - oh
      no, no, no.  They
      are dangerous.
          Whereas we -
           the glorious
                         we -
            are their
Lords and masters,
              and can do
                   and say
          whatever we
     want to.
               that is
         The Law
              as we
       determine it,
              and you
           must obey
           it.  To say,

             You see?
             It's very

   'And be quick
           about it.
    We don't have
             all day
             for you
             to obey

   it does, Hillary
   and Company.
         It certainly


And, on the other side of the coin
      from Hillary, the witch:

  On Listening to
  Jackie Evancho

God has sent us
           an angel,
          to help us
       get through
          our days
In this darkness.
                A ray
      of sunshine
      to help light
            our way

Look out, Jackie,
           for people
Trying to entice you
With apples.

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