Thursday, 27 October 2016

On Whistling In The Dark

from ‘Trump Vs The World - Entire System Rigged, No Free Press And He’s Still Gonna Win’ - Rick Wells - October 27
(Awfully brave title…Sean Hannity iv/ing Judge Jeanine, Monica Crowley, and Tucker Carlson on the terrible bias of the MSM. Who are going to be responsible for the taking of The Donald down, if honest people in our Communications world don’t do more about bringing back a more fair presentation of Trump and Crooked Hillary.)

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“We need to fix it now or we’re screwed.” Sean, you should have been calling for a cleanup of the voter and electoral systems months ago, if not years ago.

As Stalin said……So, we had been warned. More fools us.

The Soviet Union has come to America. Which was destroyed, not from without. But from within.

Our epitaph? There’s still time. But barely.


And them's my thoughts, in concluding my day in our lives.  A downer.  But there you are:

with a dose of honesty.

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