Sunday, 2 October 2016

It May Be A Wrap, But...

...One Can Get Caught Up In The Wrapping As Well

The wrapping of a surprise 'gift'...

from ‘Clarke - Trump To Media Like Muhammad Ali To George Foreman  That All You Got?’ Rick Wells - October 2 
(Hannity interviews Huckabee and Sheriff Clarke.  Recognizing that the MSM is bought and paid for by the Left.  But why doesn’t anybody on the Right make noise about the corruption in the voting and electoral processes?  I’m losing faith that the American people can rise to this occasion.  They’re seeing the bias of the MSM, yes; but that’s not enough to cut SUFFICIENTLY through the total extent of the corruption.  Dammit.)

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Desirable, yes; but it ain’t going to happen if the American people don’t get themselves organized in their respective states and put pressure on to do away with the electronic voting machines, that have proven to be hackable in a number of ways. This is [a] theater of illusion going on in this country; a charade. People talk about getting precinct watchers out, and that’s fine, but that’s all out in front of the curtain; while behind it, the votes are being electronically rigged.

Not to mention all the states that don’t require voter photo ID. What a monstrous racket this all is. And like my home state, that doesn’t require a person to show citizenship evidence to get on the voter reg roll, the names on which are never checked by the authorities, because – as I was told by my County Voter Reg Office – “people sign up on penalty of perjury”. And so – what? If you never check to see if they HAVE committed perjury??? What arrant nonsense.

We are a nation of sheep, sheared regularly by as corrupt a bunch of crooks as there ever has been. I’m flat out disgusted. Don’t believe that Trump can win this election just because he has a lot of real people behind him. It’s the army of dead people, and duplicate people, and ineligible people, and electronic-blip ‘people,’ who are going to do him in if the REAL People don’t get out and CLEAN UP THEIR STATE’S VOTING AND ELECTORAL SYSTEMS of all the rot, filth, and corruption that has infested it for DAMN LONG ENOUGH.


We are up against experts in corruption, folks.  Wake the hell up.

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