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On The Flat Earth, & Other Anomalies

(email reply to a friend who over some period of time has sent me a considerable amount of material on the Flat Earth subject, and what all is, very possibly, behind the conspiracy.)

1.  The Elections.

     The elections in the U.S. are a scam, a sham, a fake, a fraud, a farce, a delusion, an illusion. It's all smoke-and-mirrors stuff.  I refuse to commit a crime.  That is to say, more clearly: to aid and abet in the commission of a crime.  That said:

2. This Flat Earth Business.

     I 'get' that there is a lot in what Eric Dubay has to say.  But I need your help in this matter.  I have yet to come across, in all the material that you have sent me on it, the answers to some serious questions that I have about it.  To wit: 

* Sailors navigate by trigonometry.  Not geometry.  Trigonometry deals with 3 dimensions - i.e., a globe.  Geometry basically deals only with two.  If the Earth were flat, they would only need to use geometry to plot their courses.

* There are different constellations seen from the Southern Hemisphere than in the Northern Hemisphere.  Some can be seen from both hemispheres, close to the ecliptic; which makes sense.  But a) Polaris in the north; and b) the Southern Cross in the south - ???

* The water in one's sink drains in different directions - clockwise or anti-clockwise - depending on which hemisphere you are in.  (I'm told.  Now, I can't swear to that for a certainty, even if I have lived in both hemispheres; not having tested it out.  But it's what we are told.  ......) 

* The Moon's phases show a global, or at least curved, shadow, cast from the Earth. (If one tries to argue that it is a shadow from the angle of the flat earth's edge, that doesn't work out, logically, in terms of where the Sun would be to cast the shadow in that direction in the first place.) 

* There are some more, but I can't think of them right now.  But this is a good list, to help me with; you who have looked into his material in greater depth than I have.  Answers to my questions???

And to clarify: I understand that NASA seems to have sold us a bill of goods.  But that COULD be accounted for by their just wanting to have a bundle of money thrown their way.  Now, I do understand as well that NASA seems to have a Masonic aspect to it; and they COULD be trying to keep us in the dark, and mislead us, for 'Control' reasons.  Including the subject of extraterrestrials, and malevolent forces among them (and also interdimensional possibilities), wanting to feed off of our emotions ('loosh'); and possibly - like the Old Testament alludes to - also out of pure spite, in wanting to be as UNTO gods, and feeling that the Creator Source is to be rebelled against, because The Plan doesn't REALLY give us soul-aspects free will, only to the extent of participating in this 3rd dimension, of duality (in which to learn lessons, on our way to becoming TRUE gods in our own, earned, rights).  So I get that part of the argument,  But the rest....the 'flat earth' aspect, in and of itself…

'tis a puzzlement.  Still.

But boy, was I ever pissed to find that we can't trust those dinosaur 'images' that we see in our Natural History museums........Take me to your leader, so I can poke him in the eye, if for that one only.



Sent: Saturday, October 29, 2016 9:15 AM
Subject: FYI: Operation: Spread Flat Earth Truth - YouTube
At the moment, just like every other 4 years, the gullible masses are being corralled and duped by the Jewish Freemasonic mafia puppet-show known as U.S. ele...

Operation: Spread Flat Earth Truth

At the moment, just like every other 4 years, the gullible masses are being corralled and duped by the Jewish Freemasonic mafia puppet-show known as U.S. elections into voting for one of two equally-terrible long ago bought and paid for politicians, thinking their ceremonial tick at the ballot box is the epitome of effective political activism for members of the so-called "free" world. 

In reality, however, a cursory look into the electoral college, voting fraud, and the process of candidacy will reveal the dismal truth and make it abundantly clear, that your ability to tick a box once every four years, has absolutely no effect over who rules and who makes the rules.



[P.S. Further to the, and my, reference to having been misled in life, in the likes of dinosaur remains having been falsified (to fit the agenda of our Keepers.  That is to say: our erstwhile Keepers):

And for me personally, outrage at the fakery of images of the Earth from space.  In the spiritual community where I  lived for many years I used to give a presentation talk, to our guests, on the subject of 'Personal & Planetary Transformation,' and would often post one of those iconic NASA images, for its power as a meme for our time, "of our now having seen ourselves whole for the first time.  This is an epochal moment in our history on this planet.  Let us make the most of it," I would say, drawing fully meaningful attention to what is turning out to be a fraud.  A con job, on The People of planet Earth.  Not for liberating purposes.  But for purposes of control.  In the hands of our puppet masters.  For, if they can fool us about that sort of thing, they can fool us about anything.  Proving we are but putty in their molding hands.  
     Leading to such snarkily cynical things as that -  as I say - our elections are a fake, a fraud, a farce, a charade, a snare and a delusion.  Played out right in our faces.  And which we have bought into. 
     It is - cynically - to laugh.
     But not to let it end there. 
     Rather, to Set.  Things.  Right.
     Or perish, in our self-dug graves.]

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