Tuesday, 11 October 2016

No Fool I. And Others?? Not So Much.

   No Fool I.
And Others??
 Not So Much

On what legal basis
Does the NSA
Have the right to spy
On the citizenry
In this country

And it runs counter
   to the very spirit
Of the Constitution
        to boot.
It is, therefore,

               If you
     are going to
Act arbitrarily,
              then I
            can too; 
To get us back to
          the rule
          of law,
   and awe…

…and the higher Law
   this time too,
             not so


          It’s time
        And no


On Trump’s Tape

O you precious
Dearie me!
What a chore
         it must be
         to get through
         your day!

For goodness sakes!
        Put up the
Free Speech Free zones,
          And hurry!
         am about
         to faint!

- and in the meantime,
          is selling out
          our country’s

          What fools,


from patriotupdate.com; ’Trump Declares War On Traitorous GOP’ - Andrew West - October 11
(”Donald Trump has lost the support of a plethora of prominent (R)epublicans in the last week, including that of House Speaker Paul Ryan…”)

kibitzer3 a few seconds ago (October 11)

Actually, the Republican Party needs to go anyway - to a legitimate) court of law, along with their fellow conspirators, the Democrat Party officials, in their placing into nomination in 2008 an ineligible candidate; the Repubs going along with the crime because they wanted to put up their own similarly ineligible candidates for the office. As exposed when they allowed Cruz, Rubio, and Jindal to run for the office under their banner.

I talk, of course, about the true definition of a 'natural born' citizen, as understood by the constitutional Framers, when they put that eligibility requirement in their contract for that particular office - and that particular federal office ONLY; which is a dead giveaway to said definition, highlighting the special nature OF that office. To wit: the Framers didn't want anybody occupying that office - who would become as well, then, the Commander in Chief of the nation's military forces - who had any DUAL OR OTHERWISE CONFLICTING LOYALTIES OR ALLEGIANCES OR INFLUENCES. Rather, had SOLE ALLEGIANCE to the U.S. Because the definition of the nbc term is a person born in the country of parents who are citizens thereof. (E. de Vattel, ''The Law of Nations,' Book One, Ch. XIX, Sect. 212. Look it up. It's right on the Internet.)

And the proof that both major political parties have KNOWN of that true definition? It lies in the fact that both of them tried a total of 8 times between them, between 2003 and '08 alone, to get a constitutional amendment going through Congress watering down that strict  [eligibility-requirement] category of citizen (that issue being the common denominator of the various proposals) - and they failed each time even to get their proposals out of committee, such was the sensitivity around this particular issue. So: a) They have KNOWN. And b) What have they done? They have tried to do an end-around play on the Constitution and the American people on the issue; obviously figuring that, between them, they had control over the MSM and the judicial branch of government, and so could get away with stiffing The People and the rule of law in the country - the Constitution.

Bad choice, boyos. You are going down for your audacious attempts to take over this country, for your New World Order masters. When the Truth outs. Which it will.

Which. It. Will.

And any day now.

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