Monday, 24 October 2016

On Doing One's Civic Duty

On Doing One’s Civic Duty

I got a prearranged phone call this afternoon from the U.S. Census Bureau who had alerted me by mail to a pending phoned-in questionnaire about how I spent my previous day, as a check on their part of things like how much time the citizenry spends on unpaid service in baby-sitting of children or grandchildren, preparing their meals, etc. etc. - a 24-hour check on how we spend our time.  That part of the exercise was fine by me - I had previously been a subject of the Census Bureau’s checking on people’s employment status, along with a couple of others in this apartment complex - but the questions the employee was asking from her script started getting a bit too intrusive for my taste, and I ‘entered’ some Declined To State’s in their records.  (What business is it of theirs if I use pasteurized or raw milk, or what my height and weight are???)  Which more intrusive questions may have been the true reason for the exercise - along with getting a good sample of my voice print, when they could as easily have conducted the questionnaire by mail.

I never should have volunteered
The information that
I have a beard
(when asked for my time
 spent in grooming daily)
With facial recognition cameras
As they are
In our modern
      and tracking
Our every move
Vehicle registration plate
Recognition cameras 
And by satellite
       as well.
You see, we are being governed these days by an administration of commissar-minded characters, vey redolent - i.e., smelly - of the old Soviet Union, or East Germany, with their Stasi network of spies and spying.  (’See Something - Say Something’ can cut both ways, you understand, depending on who you consider terrorists or ‘potential domestic terrorists’...)  That being the case, here’s something else about me that you may want to know, you commissars: My attitude towards your Dear Leader.  Starting with a little background:

When I returned to
           this country  
After having been
Some years away, 
   I went to do
   my civic duty   
In the election year
     of 2012. 
When they failed
      to ask me  
     for my photo
     ID (which is
    obtained in
    this state)
And I asked them
About that, the reply
Was simply that 
‘We don’t do that.’
What??  ‘Why
       don’t you?’ 
I asked further
    (getting rather
     in the face
     I imagine)
And continued:
‘This is a scam.
You don’t know
Who I am.
I could be
Did I know
At the time
    that that
Was the point.)

    The answer
Was no comment, but
   a shrug
  that said:
‘This is the way
 that we do it.’

And so I left;
My civic duty
And will not vote
Until they do it right.


Obama’s government
Is suing those states
Which do ask for a
         photo ID
     because they
         are busy
      this country.

    Don’t let them
        get away
          with it.


And as for Obama

It’s not all Obama’s fault
         that he is 
          the way
            he is.
     He was raised
    by a communist
 (though mostly by
  her communist
   parents, after
        a spell
    in Indonesia,
      a Muslim;       
   his makeup)
Who turned him over
To a communist
More-than friend
Of the family
To mentor him
   in the ways
Of communist thinking
   while he was
    growing up.
So he has never
Known America.
The real America.
He has known
A seamy side
Of America.
               But not
         the real
  a shame.
           For him.
   for us. 
All 57 states
    of us.


As for his father,
     who was he
Since the copy
Of his birth certificate
That he has shown
     to the public
        is phony.
       Some say
   his birth father
   was his mentor,
      Others say
          it was
     Malcolm X
 (A real Mystery
     Man, eh??)
with a communist
    (a Jewish
       to be
   parked with
    a family in
   the network
to be groomed
 for high office
     when he
     grew up,
 from that taint
    in relative
And some even say
   his real father
      the devil.

      to know.

    Maybe us.
     Any day


And in the meantime, we have Hillary to deal with......

Will the battle for freedom - that is to say, in the words of our Founding Fathers, 'essential liberty' - ever be won.

Ah, yes.

That is any day now, too.


PS.  Oh - and in further regards to that Census Bureau questionnaire, there were also a number of questions in effect as to whether there is likely to be anyone else in the house, and particularly children or the elderly.  Don’t want to inadvertently shoot them when the DHS smashes in the door in the middle of the night and tosses in a stun and smoke grenade, now do we…
     And as for info about my height and weight: If I were 6'2" and weighted 195 pounds, 'they' would know that 'they' would need at least two men to subdue me.
     And who, precisely, is 'they'?  'They' are our Stasi.  Otherwise known as the DHS.  You are quite likely to get to know them before this is through.  'This': The attempted takeover of the United States - and its dismemberment - by the NWO crowd.
     And you will know them by their lack of compassion.  Meaning business, as they do.
     And that is not the business of the higher realms.
     Although it is all a part of The Play.  Coming to
     its Conclusion.
     As we speak.

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