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I Am Francis Schaeffer Cox

Francis Schaeffer Cox is a political prisoner in the gulag of the Soviet Union - excuse me; of the United States.  He has been sentenced to 26 years in prison for daring to raise his head above the parapet in Alaska, in becoming a 'voice' for Second Amendment supporters in that state, against tyrannical actions of the federal government.  And in deciding while in incarceration to continue to make 'noise' about that, and his circumstances, his jailers decided to teach hm a lesson; and he has just come out of 21 days of 'SHU' - solitary confinement.

That'll teach him.  Not.  He is a patriot, good man and true.  And he needs our support, to hire a good lawyer, to fight his corner for him in the admittedly rigged judicial branch of this nation.1  I encourage you to go his website to find out the details of his trial and incarceration:  And then write him a note of encouragement:

Francis S. Cox 16179-006
UPS Marion CMU
PO Box 1000
Marion, IL  62959

The CMU stands for 'Communications Management Unit'.  Can you believe it??  And that the U.S. has sunk into such a state; which proves the discernment of George Orwell???

There are other political prisoners in this nation.  (Dr. Annette Bosworth is one.)2  It all emphasizes the observation of Alexis de Tocqueville, in the 1700s when he visited the United States on a fact-finding mission, and remarked in his book 'Democracy in America'' that "America is great because it is good".  That has ceased to be the case.

And is what the candidacy of Donald Trump is all about:

to attempt to recapture that label, and state of affairs in this country.

Before I go on to other candidates for the presidential office - and of the Usurper already occupying it; or rather, squatting in it - just a note about the likes of the jailers of Schaeffer Cox:

I trust that when America comes out of its nightmare and resumes its rightful place, as the leader of the Free World, those who have been responsible for railroading him into prison - for the crime of  daring to 'defy' The State - will be meted out to as they have meted out.

If that will be any consolation to Francis.

And, if it will be any consolation to his jailers and tormentors, the minions can have their bosses as their cellmates.  And they can have an ongoing discussion on the merits, or lack thereof, of 'just doing their job'.

Now.  To the really BIG fish.

And understanding the 'principle' that the fish rots from its head.

To the Usurper first.  I have really had it, with the enormous extent of his corruption; and, from his lead, that of his minions.  It was bad enough when he broke the law and used his IRS to target conservatives; and merely on his say-so, granted millions of illegal aliens Amnesty; and the sordid list of his crimes, and arrogant, brazen flaunting of the rule of law, goes on.3  But now, before he vacates the office that he has occupied illegally ANYWAY - he is rubbing our noses in his mess by, in effect, giving kickbacks to health insurance companies in a desperate attempt to save his signature accomplishment, the ACA, better known as ObamaCare.

Get him OUT of there, Oath Keepers.

And as for his minions; a good example: A Congresswoman from Florida, name of Corinne Brown, has been caught using a presumed charity - claiming to provide scholarships to poor students - as a personal slush fund.   (But then, that's the spirit of the times, innit, Brownie old girl???)    

Which brings us to Hillary.

Oh gad, do I really want to go there?  The list of her scandals, crimes, corruption, and cronyism is so endless that I hesitate to get into that whole mess.4  I am embarrassed for my country, that it is actually seriously considering this harridan for the highest office in the land - from which the stench would reach to high heaven.  Let me just say here, for now, that Hillary:

a) has sipped from the same cup that Obama did, in his days of becoming a 'community organizer' under the tutelage of Saul Alinsky; whose primer, 'Rules for Radicals,' talks about concepts like 'Whatever It Takes'.  'By Any Means Necessary':  Employ whatever tools you need to, to accomplish your goal.  Lie, cheat, steal, kill - it's all grist for the mill, of grinding out a victory for your cause, for there is no right nor wrong but thinking makes it so; and that she

b) is a charter member, along with her equally odious partner, Bill ('Slick Willie'), of the New World Order crowd.

The totalitarian New World Order crowd.   Who have set things up to begin the process of takeover of the United States; not just from within - through agents like Obama and Hillary - but from foreign troops, on our soil, as we speak,5 and poised on the edges of our nation, ready for the signal, to execute a pincer movement on the nation, from the north, east, south, and west.

America: Please.  I urge you  I beg you.  I implore you.  I warn you:

Don't.  Go.  There.

What should happen, as an alternative to the dismembering of the United States of America by the NWO vipers attempting to hijack this country?

I have described such measures in these pages before.  I will repeat them.  Some, of them, here; and adding a few in this list that I failed to go into before, for reasons of too many details at a time:

A contingent of Sergeant At Arms/Oath Keepers needs to go in and arrest the Usurper, and hold him for trial (on a whole host of charges by now, including fraud, perjury, and treason);

Local police forces need to be put on full alert, to put down any rioting, orchestrated or otherwise;

Leaders and suspected leaders of the NWO crowd - like George Soros, and the Bushes - need to be rounded up and detained for now, or, at a minimum, put under house arrest, while investigations commence into their active role, if any, in what all has been going on (including in the inside job of 9/11);

Oath Keepers, current and retired, need to a) arrest those military leaders who have fallen under the sway of the NWO crowd; and b) fan out in the entire nation and secure various 'stations,' like our power stations, and bridges, and drinking water supplies, from Fifth Column activity; and at the same time, arrest suspected terrorists;6

All domestic newspapers and other communications vehicles that have evidence of CIA influence - which is illegal - will be closed down;

All regjulatory agencies of the federal government will be suspended until further notice;

We need to recall our soldiers from their overseas assignments, immediately, to protect the homeland from an imminent invasion from the outside; and concurrently,

All foreign soldiers need to be sent back to their home countries (some of them have been here for years.  They are up to no good, courtesy of Obama, and before him, George W.);

Putin needs to be told that the U.S. - the real U.S. - poses no threat to Russia, as long as they pose no threat to us;

The same message to China;

All debt is dissolved, a new monetary/financial system is installed, and the world comes out from under the control of what has been called the Khazarian Mafia;

and in all this,

I will take over now.  And lead, not only the United States, but the entire world, into

a New World.

Just not the New World Order of, and planned for it by,


Which is the reverse image of

the real thing.

More on all of which, anon.

This should be enough to digest for now.

By patriots.

Not by the likes of pythons.

P.S. Besides 'being' Francis Schaeffer Cox, I am just a harmless old man. You don't have to pay any attention to me.
     But it would be worth your while to.
     For, I speak Truth to power.
     The powers, that is to say, of this world.
     The current, that is to say, in a little more detail, powers of this world.
     Details being - as I said in my last blog - important.



1) Free Schaeffer Cox Legal Defense Fund, P.O. Box 1854, Marrifield, VA  22116-8054.   Checks made out payable to: Free Schaeffer Cox.

2) Information and mailing address: Dr. Annette Bosworth, c/o Bosworth Legal Support Fund, PO Box130, Tea, SD 57064.  Office: 605-371-6899

3) And his recent arrogant dismissal of the notion of 'voter fraud' as though it is such a minor thing in the nation.  When outfits like Veritas have shown, graphically, such corruption in the process to evidence that it is is rotten beyond repair, as it is now.  Needing a wholesale cleanup to make it a viable enterprise, of a democracy.
   And speaking of our democracy, and of the Usurper, consider this very recent quote of his (as he - unilaterally - gave the Internet over into foreign hands):

"We Are Going To Have To Rebuild Within This Wild-Wild-West-Of-Information Flow [The Internet] Some Sort Of Curating Function... There Has To Be, I Think, Some Sort Of Way In Which We Can Sort Through Information That Passes Some Basic Truthiness Tests And Those That We Have To Discard..." -Barack Hussein Obama

4) A good single source of info: Liberty Guard's pamphlet on the subject.

5) and who have been here for years.  Supposedly learning techniques of 'crowd control' - enhanced interrogation methods, dissident extraction; that sort of usual thing.  To a takeover of a nation, and needing to deal with guerrilla warfare.

6) who, up 'til now, have been us patriots - in the eyes of the NWO crowd; who have been planning and orchestrating this takeover plot for years.

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