Tuesday, 18 October 2016

To Vote Or Not To Vote

at YouTube: ‘Breaking: George Soros Rigged Voting Machines In These 16 States!  Is Your State On The List!?’ - The Next News Network/Gary Franchi - October 17
(Machines owned by Smartmatics, a la George Soros.  Yes, my state is on the list…)

VOTING MACHINES should be own by the states and never by any person or any company!!!
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They will still have to be built by someone
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But if the states are in on the scam...???  Best to outlaw the voting machines - which have proven to be hackable in a no. of ways - and go back to paper ballots, thus leaving a clear paper trail.  Slower?  Just open more precincts, to cut down on the wait time.  But then there is also the terrible problem of UNCLEAN VOTER REG ROLLS  - filled with the names of ineligible voters, dead voters, and duplicate voters.  The whole thing has become a scam, a sham, a fake, a fraud, a charade.  We are worse than a 3rd World banana republic.  At least in most of them they dip a voter's finger in purple ink for the day.  Maybe we should require the same thing, and bear the shame of it all.


I live in Las Vegas, NV. I think we need volunteers standing outside recording and telling trump supporters to sign a log at every voting location
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In that vein: It should be required that there are exit polls at every precinct, to check against later posted results. People could just do it, off their own bat.  (Many of the results are hacked electronically between the voting machines and the central tabulation base of operations.)

NV's  supposed to have printers where you can make a copy of your electronic vote.
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Good requirement.  Thanks for the tip.

A friend sent me this video.  My reply to the person:

Good link - thanks for this, (     ).

It's just one big scam, sham, fake, fraud, charade.  I can't believe that the American people let this voting business get so out of control.  Can't require photo ID cards because the poor can't afford them??  Give me a break.  They need them to apply for their welfare goodies, for heaven's sake.

I called the L.A. County Voter Reg Office about this business of their not asking us for our state photo ID card when going to vote, and they said It's not required, and if I wanted that to change, I needed to talk to my state Assemblyman/Senator (who are both Democrats..); and secondly: They don't clean the voter reg rolls because - get this as an excuse: "People sign up on it on penalty of perjury."  And if no one ever CHECKS ON their eligibility or not?????????......  what a farce.  

As far as I am concerned, voting is a crime, because it is to aid and abet in the commission of a crime.  


VERY pet peeve of mine...



It is such a tough call.  Not to vote would be to fall into the hands of the s.o.b.'s.  But to vote in such a rigged caper is as I said: a crime, in supporting a criminal act.

What's a poor higher-dimensional incarnate to do...... 

...follow my gut instinct:

I will NOT take part in a scam, and thus give it my support, grudging or not.  I would be tainted by its energy, or corruption  Of unTruth.  It would be to be complicit in - to 'aid and abet' - the commission of a crime, of a fraudulent enterprise.

I refuse.  I want to alter this realm - bring it in alignment with the Will of the Most High for it  - not succumb to it, and its current degree of darkness.

If we have to live under the weight of our terrible karma, so be it.

Although, I will have to confess, that I was moved to write the following yesterday (now), in a very personal moment.  But this is such a major point, about this voting business, and deciding to be tainted by it or not, that I feel I have to share it; to help one understand my position:

It's not part of my karma
             to have to suffer
    the consequences
    of your actions.
                as long as I
               am here, you
                are safe.

Protect me, and you

                      And we
                are all One,

       Or at least
      working towards


Which is a considerable difference from the one that humanity is currently heading for, on its path further into the darkness...

I am here to help retrieve this realm from the darkness into which it has fallen.  Not help it move further on its ignoble mission, of serving Dark forces.  The worst of us.

Rather than the best of us.

Come ON, people.  We can do this.  Put on your big boy and girl pants, and let's get it ON.  Tempus fugit.


P.S. I take emails from both sides of the political aisle, to keep tabs on what's going on.  That includes from the RNC and the DNC.  Just got one from the latter, from James Carville, complaining, in his Carvillesque way, why they haven't heard from me, to help defeat "the big orange clown".  It's a shame that it's one of those 'no reply' sites; otherwise I would love to have been able to send back to 'him' the message:

"It's the economy, stupid."  

For the benefit of those non-Americans in my reading audience, that's the phrase that Carville is noted for, as the salient point, to be kept hammering on, of the Clinton campaign.  That's the first Clinton.  You know, of Bonnie and Clyde fame...

He is also noted for being one-half of an Odd Couple, where he, a staunch Democrat, and a staunch Republican woman and political pol herself somehow clicked with each other.  I wonder how they're doing in this election.........

The Human Comedy at work and play.

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