Thursday, 27 October 2016

The Play's The Thing

(Aka The Reel Thing)

We come now to the end of The Play.  In America, The People’s Choice has come down to, on the one hand, The Donald - an outsider; to say, outside/independent of the control mechanism in the country, and a true patriot - and an individual’s right to make the most of his or her opportunities, on a more level playing field than in the past, with a lot of power to be stripped from the ruling class; and on the other hand, Hillary, the potential Queen of her colony, with an army of imported worker ants to flood the country, taking over the running of the operation (call it Operation Takeover) while the former ‘inhabitants’ - thinking of themselves, somewhat blissfully, as citizens, of a ‘free country’ - are reduced to the role of either subjects - in reality to the powers behind ‘the throne’ - or ‘useless eaters,’ the latter to be dispensed with at the earliest opportunity (speaking of ‘opportunities’).

There are, of course, subplots.  One is the health of the designated queen.  Here, one can recall, with some sense of ‘predictive programming,’ the old TV series ‘The West Wing,’ wherein the president of the day turned out to have, unbeknownst to his adoring public, an illness - MS in that instance - with the potential of becoming debilitating.  But not to worry, in this real-life instance: the designated Queen1 has a consort who can - capably; and obediently - take over the running of the operation.

The Bonnie and Clyde of American politics.  How convenient…but to continue.

Another subplot is how TPTB - i.e., to call them by their rightful name, the New World Order crowd - have prepositioned their minions for a takeover of the American homeland, and governance.  Not only via ‘Americans’.2  But with UN forces at the ready.  Or did you not know that there are foreign troops on American soil, as we speak; ready and waiting for their Call?  To do things, to the American sheeple, that their own military might not do, be trusted to do??  Like, torture them (for any info they may have about suspected ‘domestic terrorists,’ i.e., American patriots), or even kill them???  Even if the Usurper has prepositioned his own trusted minions in higher-rank positions of the American military, to do ‘his’ - or rather, the true powers’ - bidding????  

And speaking of the Usurper - who does not have unconflicting loyalty to this country; and which is why he was selected for the job - and to round off this brief synopsis of the story:

It has all been planned for, meticulously.  

Except for one little detail.

That being, that it has all been known about.

Because this is, after all, a Play.

In which to catch our consciences.

And some have played the parts of Dark-side critters.  And some have played the parts of those on the Light side.  To say, on the side of 

the Truth.

And when The Play has run its course - its pre-planned course - 

we will see who decides to stay on - has been captured by - the Dark side.  

And who qualifies for


Off of the stage.

And onto - 

into - 

the real thing.  


1 And not so incidentally: Did you know that the Rockefeller crowd were behind the rise of feminism; secretly bankrolling its champions?  Why??  Primarily, to get more bodies into the workforce, for more taxes to be poured into the coffers of the government, in order for TPTB to use and amass, in their exercise of what is known as crony capitalism.  But additionally, to help in the breakdown of the family unit, in order for The State to take over the running of the country (as part of a larger scheme).
   But isn’t that a plank of the Communist party??  Ah, well.  Yes; and no.  That opens up another subplot to this caper; as to who is behind the Left’s devious plans.  Using that (often idealistic) impulse, as part of their pincer movement - of both the far Left and the far Right - on the Established Order, in order to gain absolute Power - to replace it with their totalitarian New World Order.
   But to continue…

2 Or dual citizens.  As in Israeli-American citizens.  Like those involved in 9/11.
   But to continue…


P.S. Today I received, among the many daily requests for my financial support, two that I simply had to respond to, as meager as my response must be, at least financially.  One was from the 'Americans Helping Americans (in Appalachia') organization.  People in that area hurting terribly, from no jobs.  Besides out of the country, guess where many jobs have gone.  Which brings me to the other particular request: this one from 'The American Minuteman Project'.  Asking for help to get an Emergency Survey On The Border Patrol  into the hands of various politicians and the media.  "...(I)t's no longer catch-and-release.  It's now "don't even bother anymore," with the BP agents told - by the Obama administration's DHS - basically to stand down, in the face of adversarial conduct on the part of illegal aliens (including obvious drug runners, in their speeding trucks).  My Personal Comment at the bottom of my copy of the Survey:
     "Without secure borders, we are no longer a sovereign nation, but merely a plaything of our erstwhile masters."
     Just so.
     And no bloody more.


And a closing note:

from ‘Ed Rendell: ‘Majority Of The Media’ Against HIm, But There’s ‘A Hidden Donald Trump Vote’ - Alex Swayer - October 27 
(A lot of Trump fans sounding excited and positive about his chances...)

kibitzer3 a few seconds ago (October 27)

I can sympathize with the sentiments on this thread. But 'they' are way ahead of you. Stacked voter reg rolls; electronic voting machines that are hackable in a number of ways, not just in what the screen shows you; the works. Much more energy should have been put in the preparation stage. The best that a patriot can do now is to become a poll watcher; never let the ballot boxes out of your sight, or until they go under security; encourage everybody to ask for a paper ballot; encourage exit polling, to check against the announced result; that sort of thing. But it has been long known that this would be a crucial election. The New World Order gang are just about to pull the plug on the United States and turn it into merely a part of a region of their totalitarian state of affairs, and they weren't about to let an outsider rain on their parade.

I fear for my country. But what will be, will be.

…And having said that: I will not - I cannot - take part in a crime.  Aid and abet in the commission of a crime.  The electoral & voting systems in this country are so corrupt that they are beyond repair.  Trying to eke out a win in this state of affairs is a mug’s game.  

The Force is not with you.  (For letting it get this bad.)

The Dark forces are snickering at you.  (For being such easy prey.)

Poor Fella, My Country.


Sorry for the pessimistic note, to end the day on.  But there it is...

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