Friday, 21 October 2016

Free And Fair Elections? What Are Those??

There is a woman with a Jewish surname who keeps sounding off very obnoxiously from the Left on a very conservative email site that I subscribe to.  I can't respond to her postings because it is a Facebook-controlled Comments section, and I terminated my subscription to them some time ago.  (When they started censoring posts critical of Hillary on the one hand, yet on the other hand allowed, on one of their platforms, a terribly graphic image of a hooded Black Lives Matter guy, a la Jihadi John, slitting the throat of a white cop, complete with splattering blood.  An incitement to violence - and especially at the time, of heightened city riots orchestrated by BLM, and its financial backer, George Soros - if I have ever seen it.)  But if I could respond at some point to her contributions, I would say something like the following (that is, if Facebook would actually allow me to; not a given, these days):

'(Her first name,) you wouldn't by any chance be one of those 'Chosen People,' would you?  Set apart, by bloodline, to rule over the 'cattle'??  The reason I ask is because that factor could account for your apparent superiority complex.  Whereas others of said Tribe have come over to the Light side, having seen - Oh.  There's someone at my door.  Excuse me a moment, while I answer it.  I'll be right back.

'Presumably, at least.  In a free country.  Where the people are protected from such unsolicited, and peremptory, knocks on the door,  (And you people would know about such things; wouldn't you.)  Not just by 'the rule of law'.  But by a specific form of such: our Constitution, with its special protections.  Which is hanging by a thread, as we speak.  And unfortunately, held only by the slenderest of threads: of elections.  Very tenuous, those, these dark days.  True elections, that is.  Of fraudulent elections, we have a plethora.  Now, I wonder which side of those you are on...

'But as I say, excuse me a moment.  The knock on my door is coming more insistently, now.  Curious.  It sounds almost prophetic...'

She also talks specifically, and smugly, of polls, and the elections.  I'd like to say to her:

'Oh - sorry - I didn't know that you hadn't seen any of the considerable material now flooding the Internet evidencing the atrocious cheating by Democrats of the electoral process all over the country.  You have apparently only come across your Dear Leader pronouncing on the subject, of 'voter fraud,' as being negligible.  (Well, he would say that, wouldn't he.)  Forgive me for assuming a level of awareness on your part, of what the bloody hell is going on these days.  And has gone on, in the way of rigged elections, for long enough.

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