Monday, 31 October 2016

Among Old Friends

An old friend from way back in my spiritual community and TDY days to Planetary Citizens in New York City has traced me down, and responded to my email.  My response back; FWIW:

 Hi back

"If I didn't have a broader spiritual perspective, life would feel rather bleak."  I certainly know that one.  That's all that keeps me going, in this madhouse.  I do a lot of shaking my head at the human antics going on, and especially in this country.  I want sometimes to shake people, and say, 'Don't you GET it, yet???  This is a Play.  Or rather, a school.  And the purpose is to graduate.  Not to get caught in it.  And have to continue to repeat your lessons.'  

I've heard the business about G. Soros as well.  [That he has been quoted as saying that Trump would win the election but would lose in the Electoral College vote.]  And I certainly wouldn't put it past him, to have bought the Electoral College.  He - and his ilk - have certainly bought the election (to a great extent, with all this voter fraud & electronic voting machine crap going on), and Congress.  Most of them.  But when I get REALLY angry about all this, I catch myself, and think: Hold on.  There's something going on here, beyond just the obvious.  Something positive, in the long run.  For, these people who are trying to hijack this country - the New World Order crowd - are actually doing humanity a favor.  They are helping to bring things to a head; and thus usher in The New.

I'm a firm believer in the Hegelian Dialectic, which talks about how historical evolution follows a pattern, of a position - he called the 'thesis' - generating a reaction to it - that he called the 'antithesis' - which interaction generates a 'synthesis,' but because the process is still ongoing, it becomes the 'thesis' for another interaction; the whole thing finally, over a longish period of time and experience, culminating in an historical Synthesis.  He apparently thought that Synthesis would be in the form of a powerful state, with a Dictator - very Platonic in outlook (Plato's 'The Republic' as a sort of template).  I think that Marxists think that, too, and think they have arrived at that stage, by elevating Obama to such a position, and the American form of government taking on such empiric trappings and leaning.  But that is to misunderstand what is going on.  What is going on is that we are reaching The End of History - with the whole Obama thing the reverse image of The Real Thing, and thus, the calling of it out of latency.  And that's how G. Soros & Co. are actually doing the work of the Creator.  As we verge on an Ascension process, out of this realm of duality, and go up a notch, in frequency.  Or dimension - or 'density,' as it is called, depending on your school of thought.  

I believe that the Alice Bailey material looks at things this way as well; but I am not a student of the Arcane School.  [This person had read extensively in that material.]  Just a bit around the edges, as it were.  Through influences like Peter [Caddy; one of the founders of the community that we were both members of], and David Spangler, and Donald [Keys; founder of an NGO called Planetary Citizens, for whom we both worked for a spell, in our lives of Service].  (For the info on the latter of whom, my thanks.) [I was advised that he had died in 2008.] 

Anyway: that's how I get through my days.  There are also some sites on the Internet that I follow, that help keep me thinking positively.  Sheldan Nidle's site, PAO, for one; and 'Golden Age of Gaia', for another.  Not that I agree with all that appears on those sites.  But they are at least tending in the right direction.  And, it is obvious that humanity is heading for a breakthrough, regarding the collapse of the current monetary order.  Which is a good thing.  To help pave the way for a better arrangement; which includes paving the way for free energy devices, and eliminating Western allopathic/drug-based medicine for a holistic model, and teleportation & other advanced modes of travel, and replicators, and the whole ball of wax, of The New.  Yes: the New Age.  That hackneyed, wornout phrase.  But still, housing a truth.   

At least, that's my belief.  Even after all these years, of seeing things getting worse, and worse, and worse.  In this country.  And in the world in general.  So yes: "I certainly know that one" very well...

All good wishes in handling your current situation.  Keep positive.  'This too shall pass away'...


May we all continue to serve, each in our ways, The Light.

Which is winning out.


The End.

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