Thursday, 2 March 2017

A Different Drummer

David Spangler, co-founder of the Findhorn Foundation and back on his own now for many years, used to have something to say.  But he seems to have succumbed to New World Orderitis.  In a recent blog, he - gently, as is his custom - chided 'Flyover country' for not opening more graciously to 'the other'.  Well; yes.  And.

I can't believe that Spangler is so naive as to buy the line of the NWO crowd that it is good for the U.S. to have all these Muslim 'refugees' (so many of them males of military age; my, my.  Interesting, that) come flooding into this country (especially as Muslims look on the 'infidel' as something to behead, and wives as property to beat), slowly slowly infiltrating - and yes, invading - 'flyover country' U.S.A.  He must know that there is an agenda afoot here: to slip a Fifth Column into this country, as part of its intended takeover by nefarious forces.  So I can only conclude that he is part of that crowd; believes - as he has been accused of in the past; and which belief I have long resisted to buy into, for the past quality of his utterances - along with many of the higher orders of the Freemasons and such secret societies, in the 'crowning' of Lucifer.  Not the Godhead.  As the overall Master of the Creation.

A shame.  He showed such promise early on in his career, as a very wise young man regarding spiritual things.  Well.  That's seduction for you.  

For the record: David's earlier take on such a matter - as expounded in one of his books (which the Findhorn Foundation published; as it did all of his earlier works, before he left there, in 1973;* I think this essay was in his 'Reflections On The Christ') - was that Lucifer is the Master of involution - i.e., the descent into matter - and The Christ (the title of an office) is the Master of evolution - i.e., of a soul moving on, heading out of matter and up from the experience.  Now, the near takeover of the U.S. is 'fair game' in that scenario; experienced in order to activate cosmic laws - this one, of Every Action Having an Equal and Opposite Reaction - to say: to rouse Americans to an awakening, not only to what is going on in their country, beyond their immediate material pursuits (the attraction of matter in our lives), but to react to it in such a way as to accomplish - evolve - a higher turn of the spiral of life on this planet, leading humanity further into the Light, not just deeper into matter in a tit-for-tat response to the trigger, keeping things on the same level as the experience.  (Accomplishing the Change by activating the spiritual in a more hands-on way; living our lives as if there were a God, not as if there were not, as we are doing, largely, at present.)  But for him to encourage the creation of Crisis, and not point out the higher Opportunity that that evokes - that is, its spiritual context; either to go deeper into matter (the Luciferian gravity) or to begin the pull out of its tug - is in effect to support that Crisis for its own sake.  And as long as that is the 'take' from the matter, he has lost me as a supporter.  It pains me to say.  

And speaking of me; a thought, from my day, while bathing myself in the welcome sun of spring:

I live my life to the beat
Of a different drummer
From most of these 'others'
Who occupy my space
With me;
          and that makes all
The difference.

          And furthermore,
I have led men
In battle.
                I am up to
This one.
                Let it begin.
I am as ready as I
Will ever be.
                      And so
              is it,

And trust me with power.
                       Not to be
          Power Over.
                       But Power
          from Within.

           So.  Bring it

And let's get the preliminaries
Over with.  The preliminaries
          The New
           for Humanity
                              as a



* I arrived there in early 1976, so I missed his residency there.  But he came back several times over the years, in visits, and presentations at various conferences that the Foundation held.  A fine young man.
   As I say: a shame how things have turned out.  Or at least, seem to be turning out, for him.

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