Thursday, 30 March 2017

On Endings & The Beginning Of Endings

I have just read some terribly sad, and ominous, information.  Chuck Baldwin, a former candidate for president for the Conservative Party and a very patriotic columnist, has just informed his readership (in his column for this date) that, which has carried his columns for some time -  and which I patronize ‘religiously’ for its alternative view on things - has now informed him that, because one of their major financial benefactors - “a wealthy Zionist contributor” - has threatened them to pull his backing, they will now censor any of his columns that are critical of either President Trump or the state of Israel.

Disgusting stuff.  But it just ‘goes to show’ how such people think: They insinuate themselves into positions of power, and then control things from there.  As has happened with the Mainstream Media itself in the U.S., and other countries.  

But the ‘alternative media’ - ??!!  

I understand the ‘principle’ that ‘He who pays the piper calls the tune’.  But I repeat:

But the alternative media???

And then there is no ‘alternative media’.

I have just sent NWV the following response: 

‘Dear NWV Management:

‘First of all, to clarify that I have enjoyed reading the articles on NWV for some years now.  They give me a view on things that I appreciate very much, for being outside of the political slant of the bought-and-paid-for MSM.

‘Having said that: I have just read from Chuck Baldwin that you folks are now censoring any articles that are critical of either President Trump or the state of Israel.

‘Read my lips: No one or nothing should be above criticism, outside of a police state. 

‘This is disgusting.  You should be ashamed - terribly ashamed - of yourself.

‘I hope you are.  And will reconsider your sellout of the essential concept of a free press - without which a self-governing people cannot govern themselves properly.

‘I urge you:

‘Please reconsider.

‘Very seriously,’


This does not augur well.  Or as Baldwin said, in his column reporting on this circumstance:  

“This is not going to end well.”



God has it all well in hand.

Who knows our hearts.

And plans accordingly.

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