Sunday, 19 March 2017

Close Enough, Now

While I am complaining about things that have gone wrong in this country, let me count the ways to another example, and a pet peeve of mine: how so many people these days can’t spell worth a darne.

And let me clarify right up front, that I accept that it is not all their fault.  Apparently the educational Elite in this country made a calculated decision to stop teaching spelling, and use that time more wisely, in their infinite wisdom.  Like spending that time, rather, on, say, Geography.  Wait - no, that won’t work as an excuse: Studies have shown that many Americans these days can’t even find their own country on a map.  (I may exaggerate; but barely.  They certainly can’t find many others.)  Or maybe that time was taken up by lessons in History?  No, that rationale won’t work either: Americans are woefully ignorant of their own country’s history, much less History in general.  Well, what did our Education profession - and I use that term lightly - ffll up that time with, then?  Basket weaving?  ‘Lessons’ on how deplorable America is??  They can certainly take their share of that accusation.  But back to Weaving - I mean, Spelling.  (And a bit of - allied - Grammar, too.)

Here are some examples that I have harvested from various Comments threads on the Internet over the past few years alone:

whose for who’s (who is)     and:   sight for site
many of us hear believe it   and:  When did you here this?
my nabors
believe political redderic    and: convince many people of his rederick
remove the waist
As long as they have food and shelter, their fine.
…should sucede from the Union.
Once things get peculating, …
(a favorite:) You are absolutely rite.
I’m tired of fools that think there educated, because they have diplomas from a Ivy League college.  And then they hide there grades.
I am not nieve enough to beleive…
Listening to him is shear torture.1  

What can we make of all this?  That Comments-thread posters are, as a class, knuckledraggers??  But some of those atrocious examples came from liberals, too, to judge by the tenor of their offerings; so that characterization must be thrown out, since we all know that liberals are not knuckledraggers, are fine, upstanding examples of highly educated people.  Well - of course, it all depends on one’s definition of the term.  (As in, what one’s definition of ‘is’ is.  But to continue.)  

‘Close enough’ seems to have been the modern American Educational Establishment’s operative attitude in the matter.   But that’s like saying that 2 + 2 = 5 is ’close enough’.  Now, I understand that spelling can change over a period of time.  But there is usually a good reason for that change (say, into morse closely representing the way that the word is pronounced).  Not just the reason of ‘sloppy thinking’.  For, make no mistake: A sloppy speller is a sloppy thinker.  Has not had his or her - or its2 - brain honed sufficiently, while growing up, to catch the specifics, the details, of things.3      

So no; I fear that something else is going on here.  And I think I know what that is.  And with all the evidence that has, by now, accumulated in this matter, I can say with proper certitude that I know precisely what that is.  And it has been called for precisely what it is:

part of the dumbing-down of America.  By collectivist ideologues.  Bent on submerging the U.S. into the amorphous mass to be called (and has ben called, even by them) the New World Order.  Manned - excuse me; personed - by subjects, obedient to their Master class: or else. 

Which brings up another piece of the picture: that of relativism in place of absolutism in our thinking.  Our erstwhile Masters wanting to replace God - and therefore, any idea of absolutes - in our thinking processes.  That all is relative.  One person’s, or culture’s, ‘values’ are as good as another person’s, or culture’s, values.  So: No more talk about American traditional ‘values’.  The values of whomsoever is in charge is the norm.

Beating your wife?  Beheading the infidel??  Here’s another:


Whatever turns you on…

I could go on in this vein.  But to sum up, for now; my message:

Dear Master Class crowd, 

Let me tell you something, before the Light goes out all over the world, and we are forced to live in your darkness:

There is a God.

And you are about to find that out.

And in spayds.


1 And maybe that’s enough torture from me, to have made my point.  Examples like this go on for pages in my journals.
   And spare me the label of ‘spelling Nazi’.  This is serious business  It has to do, not just with the dumbing-down of the nation, but of its overthrow.
   But let me not get ahead of myself....

2 Another, though related, subject.  Related, as in our not comprehending what has been going on in our midst, for far too long a time, not to have been noticed, by a properly perceptive people.  Apparently so beholden to their ‘leaders’ that they can’t think for themselves, on subjects in general.
    But to continue.

3 Like the difference between, oh, say, a natural born citizen and a born citizen.  Hey - close enough.  Right??  
   Wrong.  But to continue.

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