Monday, 20 March 2017

Crusty Old White Curmudgeon Speaks

"Why are you here?”

That was a question that an American citizen - a middleaged female of Puerto Rican descent, it turned out - asked, while standing on a subway train in the greater New York City area, of a hijab-wearing black woman, sitting with a man “of Middle Eastern appearance,” according to the article (from a liberal newspaper; headed ‘Woman who halted racial abuse on subway: I promised myself I would’ [“step in if an abusive situation arose”]) that a friend sent me a few days ago.  The article went on to describe how a nearby standing passenger, a young woman, who appears to be wearing a religious scarf herself (the confrontation was filmed on the mobile-phone camera of a nearby unidentified passenger) - and who herself is self-described as of Chinese and “Latina” descent; and so is obviously particularly sensitive to such slights - took the woman to task for her derring-do, in asking of the sitting woman that, and such follow-up questions as “Why are you in this country if you’re not with us?” (which indicates where she was coming from, that it wasn’t really about “racial abuse”), and “You’re not even from here.  I am.  I was born in America.”  This friend, who has a rather liberal bent of mind, but with a deep spirituality behind it, was highly approving of the “inspiring, courageous story” of the intercession, and asked me my opinion of the dual confrontation, under the caption ‘Would you intervene here?’  My time-delayed response:  

‘I let any response to this go yesterday because there is a short answer and a long answer, and the short answer would have been insufficient, and the long answer would have taken too long, and I wasn’t sure that you would even care about it, as reply to your simple question.  But you deserve a reply.  So here goes (somewhere in between the two).

‘Islam is not just a religion.  It is a political system as well.  And one that brooks no rejection to itself.  The infidel is to be killed (preferably beheaded, according to long custom).  And the wife is the property of her husband, and he can do whatever he wants to her, including beat her.  They live under their own law (called, as you undoubtedly know. but for the sake of this clarifying dissertation:  Shariah).  Thus, they are breaking down the secular and Western culture of this country, to make it conform to their ‘moral’ code.  No constitutional rights, or tradition thereof.  Either you are Muslim, or you are the enemy. (No wonder they incite such a reaction as that of the lady on the subway; being flooded into this country without proper vetting.)

‘In short, they do not believe in Live and let live.*  And they will not assimilate into our culture, and become melting-pot Americans.  They will continue to persist in taking over.  And I, for one American, won’t have it.  This is my country.  It will be ‘a shining city on a hill’ - a beacon of Liberty to, and for, all humankind.  [The twin beams from the American lighthouse being/reading ‘Limited government’ and ‘Personal liberty’.]  

‘That’s the gist of the longer version of a response.  There is a war going on.  I will not have America defeated in that war.  She has a greater destiny than that.        

‘Having said that: Berating a woman on a subway wearing a hijab, and assuming things about her and her partner, is rather silly.  But there are people with ulterior motives who will try to make much of this sort of incident, for their nefarious ‘political’ purposes.  And that is not to be condoned either.


‘P.S. There is a Muslim Reform Movement going on, whose adherents do not subscribe to the ‘radical’ version of Islam.  Good for them.  And good luck to them.  They will need it.

‘As for the “Middle East” (or at least, brown) man who was sitting with the woman in the hijab, and who was apparently also part of the harangue by the woman (who was Puerto Rican herself, remember; in this country legally): that’s what happens when devious people allow illegal aliens to flood into this country through a porous border, having bought off politicians on both sides of the political aisle.  Who knows: the Puerto Rican woman herself may have been harangued by someone in her past who assumed that she was in this country illegally, and she resented it deeply, for being here legitimately.  And wanting to be taken as an American.  Not as an interloper, here just for economic reasons.  And so forth and so on, and on, in The Drama.

‘We need to hear each other. Really hear each other, on this whole matter.

‘P.P.S. And just to keep things in some semblance of perspective: This afternoon someone posted on our NextDoor site (an email ‘journal’ for the neighborhood.  Do you guys have one of those, too??  ‘Free moving boxes and packing paper’…’Bike thief spotted on 2nd and Cerritos’…’Free bellydance class on Mar 19’…) the exciting subject: “Hummingbird spotted on 1st and Gaviota!”
     Go figure.’   


‘*And, of course, yes, there is the karmic matter of how Christians have treated their own ‘infidels’ in the (distant) past.  But to Note: The first genocide of the 20th century was that visited on the Christian Armenians by the Islamic-state Turks, in 1915.  And so on and on, and on, and on…
   At some point, the action-reaction dynamic has got to stop.  And we move up a notch, in our consciousness.  As in, today.  Hopefully.’


If my friend comes back to/at me regarding my above response to this specific subject and general issue, I am prepared for it, from some reading I happened to engage in over this past weekend; thusly:

‘Synchronistically, just this past weekend I was reading an article on this very subject.  Entitled ’The root of our problem - and the only lasting solution,’ it was written by David Kupelian, Armenian-extracted columnist and managing editor of World Net Daily and editor of their (excellent) house magazine, Whistleblower, and appeared in the February edition of that monthly, as excerpted from his book ‘The Marketing of Evil’.  If you can find a copy of that magazine in your public library, or a copy of the book itself (somehow I doubt either outcome), I highly recommend it.  (It’s abridged from the book’s Chapter 4, titled ’Multicultural Madness: How Western culture was turned upside down in one generation’.)  A concluding excerpt (after telling of the sacrifices that his grandmother and father went through to be able to make their way to America - the land of the free - from the pogrom in their home country):

"If we don't change course, America will end up the loser. Even if the current 'terror war' went away - if it were all only a bad dream, from which we awoke with the World Trade Towers still standing - we would still lose America to the long-term invasion and conversion of our basic identity that has been underway for decades."

'And from our own homegrown 'invaders' as well, in the form of The Powers That Be who were actually behind the 9/11 atrocity visited upon this country.  In order to scapegoat 'the Arabs'; in order to invade a selected some of their countries, for economic and hegemonic gain.  But that's another subject in itself.  Related.  But needing its own blog subject...for now, back to the question:

‘Why are you here…

‘We are here to raise our consciousness, via the exercise of our free will.*  And why I am here specifically is to tell of it.

‘Thanks for this opportunity to do so.’ 

And to you, dear Reader, occasional or regular, of my missives, on subjects general, and specific.  Offered, for our highest good.

At least, that is my intention.  Not something that I always lives up to.  But then, I'm only human. 


‘* The exercise of our free will is how we evolve, consciously; to say, spiritually.  Freedom of choice is opportunity for growth.'

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