Friday, 24 March 2017

The Rule Of Law Revisited

After making somewhat mischievous reference in these pages a couple of days ago (regarding toothpicks) to a lack of sturdy moral fiber amongst the current crop of my fellow Americans, I awoke today with a renewed sense of affront over what is going on in and with this country - my country; how some scalawags are bent on taking it over, and, unfortunately, are doing a good job of it.  Too good a job of it, to my taste.

Forget, for the moment, the subtle invasion of this country, having been orchestrated by said scalawags, with that invasion force hidden amongst the illegal aliens and refugees that have been flooded into this country, like wolves in sheep’s clothing.  I want to concentrate herein on the ‘top of the mark’: how the American people bought all too easily the scam of an illegal candidate - the placeman of and for the New World Order crowd - for the crucial office of the presidency.  Listen closely, my fellow Americans, to this summary of that matter; I may not repeat it.  With things coming to a head as they are, and time growing short for civil discussion of such things.

On this matter of the constitutionally intended definition of the term, a ‘natural born’ citizen:

There is no legitimate difference of opinion on this issue.  That is left-wing malarkey.  The historical record is crystal clear on the matter: a ‘natural born’ citizen is a person born in the country of parents who are citizens thereof.*  The only way that there could be any argument on the matter is if you believe that the Constitution can mean whatever you want it to mean - which is precisely what is behind the shyster-lawyer trick, legalistic legerdemain, mumbo jumbo attempts to make of the Constitution a ‘living document’.

Something that Humpty Dumpty would approve of (as long as he was the one making words mean what he says they mean).  But no even halfway discerning citizen of a country founded on the rule of law would ever think of doing such a thing.

So, how come so many of you, my fellow citizens, fell for this malevolent piece of crap, that you were orchestrated into swallowing, by said scalawags???

Because you went asleep.  On your watch.  Whether you were induced into sleepiness, or fell sleep all on your own, the result has been the same:


And so, fellow citizens like me have to pick up the pieces of the consequences of your actions.

It was, perhaps, bound to happen. For the lessons to be learnt thereby.

I hope you learn them well.  As we set about dealing with said consequences.

And using them to advantage.  In the establishment of an even better model of governance than the one that you were so lax in defending.    

But make no mistake.  You made a mistake, in your lack of standing guard sufficiently.  

Just because the result will be so positive.      


The End.

* That’s what makes it ‘natural,’ for heaven’s sakes.  Full allegiance to the country of said birth.  No foreign loyalty, allegiance, or influence: Sole allegiance to the country of origin.   Naturally.


P.S. I see by my emails that the Democrat Party is crowing to its followers that it was responsible for the 'defeat' of ObamaCare Lite.  How silly.  It was the House Freedom Caucus wot dun it.  Because the proposal still has serious shortcomings.
     And speaking of having serious shortcomings, in the same breath as speaking of the Democrat Party:
     Any political party that was puyting forward a serial criminal and habitual, if not outright compulsive, if not downright pathological, liar to be their candidate for the office of the presidency of the nation is not fit for purpose.  What an insult to the nation.  
     Apparently some, if not many, people have been frightened off from doing the right thing regarding this criminal couple because of all the dead bodies that have followed in the wake of the Bonnie and Clyde of American politics on their way to fame and fortune; but in any event, those days are over.  As all the crime and corruption is now wrung out of the system, as incompatible with, and incapable of existing in, the new frequency level coming into being as we speak.
     And as people like me come into our own, as a consequence thereof.  And take over the righting of the ship of state.  Of this nation.  And all the other nation-states of the planet; now to sail on this new sea, in
     the New World.

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