Saturday, 25 March 2017

An Already Short Fuse Burning

I am disgusted with the information conveyed in the contents of a letter from the Young America’s Foundation, which lists some of the appalling things that have been going on on our campuses regarding the attempts of conservative students to have conservative speakers come onto their campuses for presentation talks.*  Unfortunately, I have my own beef with the YAF.  As I have just written back to them, on the back of their contribution request:

“I have already let you people know that I will no longer support you, for an arrogant donation request that listed as one of its options something like:

“’No, Ron [Robinson, YAF President], I won’t support the YAF because I want the Left to rule on our campuses’ or something equally obnoxious, as a high-pressure ‘professional’ fundraising technique, presumably.  Hey - some of us are making contributions to your kind of worthy cause on limited budgets - did you ever think of that?

“Think of it while you take me off your mailing list, this tlme.”


But don’t think that you have won a victory here, you effing liberals, you debate squashers, you totalitarian-minded assholes.  You don’t know what else I am doing, to bell you cats, for your arrogant attitudes.  Especially for your outright deceitful nature.  For which, we’re getting your number, gang.  As, for example:

To those people who would presume to be our Masters - and they know who they are; and we should know, by now - it doesn’t matter what the literal truth of something is; all that matters is what can convey, and advance, their chosen ‘narrative’.  Hence, mare than one New York Times reporter having been caught out making up characters and conversations to tell their desired story.  And hence, the literal meaning of the eligibility requirement in the Constitution for the occupant of the office of the presidency needing to be a ’natural born’ citizen, rather than just a born citizen, being no big deal.  Heck, just a matter of one word.  Hardly worth bothering about.  After all, look at all the fudging that goes on in life.  So: no big deal.  Right?   


‘It’s done now.  Let’s move on.’

Not until that ’little’ matter is dealt with.

Not before.

And others of a similar nature.

Which would not hold up under the Light of the frequency level that we ere entering into, anyway.  

Which brooks no darkness.

That day’s Time being


And not a minute loo soon.  For my taste.

And fuse.

P.S. What would a world wrung out of all its crime and corruption look like?
     I'll let you consider that 'little' matter.  I'm not in the mood right now.  To do it justice.
     But Justice is part of the deal.
     The 'universe' having Justice built into its very structure, and all.
     On all of which, another time.
     Coming up shortly.
     And not just my conversing on it. 

* We have heard some of these stories, even in our likewise ideologically slanted Mainstream Media.  But did you know, e.g., that at Marquette University, where YAF students had invited Ben Shapiro to speak, “…university staffers…encouraged faculty to register for seats (as pretend students) before the lecture, so real students wouldn’t have a chance to hear Mr. Shapiro!”  (Emphases in original.)
   As I say: Disgusting stuff.  Disgraceful.  Fit only for a totalitarian regime.  Not the free-speech champion of the world, the United States.

   This totalitarian crap is getting too close for comfort.  But to continue.

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