Tuesday, 28 March 2017

On Seeking Truth And Justice

from thecommonsenseshow.com: ’Trump Supports 9/11 Victims in Seeking Truth and Justice’ - Dave Hodges - March 26/27
(Hodges listed a number of questions regarding 9/11, and asked his readership for any unanswered questions that they have, to “Leave them in the comments section”.  My contribution:) 

Stan March 28, 2017 at 2:38 am
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* What about the ‘five dancing israelis’ on the top of their Mossad business-front van celebrating the burning towers, one of them flicking a cigaret lighter into the camera with the WTC Towers behind him/them across the river in the picture? And the reports that ‘Israeli art students’ were in the WTC buildings ahead of that time, planting explosives and fuses?? And the reports, on Israeli TV, from the ‘dancing Israelis’ – who, after being caught in a van filled with explosives on one of the bridges, were released rather suspiciously, on the orders of the Director of the DHS, Michael Chertoff – that they were there “to film the event”. Excuse me? How did they know there was going to be an ‘event’ to be ready to film it???

* What about the reports that in a short period of time before 9/11 a number of dark-windowed cars were seen late at night, after the WTC cleaning crews had gone home for the night, with the occupants doing something clandestinely in the buildings??

* What about Silverstein buying the properties, even though it was known that they needed major remodeling work done on them regarding the asbestos in the buildings, and then increasing the insurance to cover ‘terrorist attacks’??

* Why weren’t any of the fingered ‘Arab hijackers with box cutters’ names on the manifests of the planes that were supposedly involved? And what about all the questions regarding those planes, and where they actually went?? And as for the one that supposedly crashed in a field in Pennsylvania:

* Why were there no major pieces of the/a plane in the hole?? Which early observers at the scene reported looked to be empty, no sign of an airliner???

The questions go on. But the major, concluding one:

Cui bono? Who benefits???


Ultimately, we all do.

In discovering


And meting out


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