Saturday, 25 March 2017

On Fuses Getting Shorter And Shorter

1) from ‘Bam! Spicer Burns CNN And It’s Great’ - Keely Sharp - March 24 
(“Hey CNN, do you need some aloe for that burn? HA

“Spicer fired a shot today and nailed the liberal media outlet when he said that it would be easier to prove CNN helped Killary Clinton during the election, than that Russia and Trump were working together…”)


Even once the left knows the truth, they will refuse to acknowledge it. It does not fit in with their agenda, therefore it does not matter.


  • They are BLIND as BATS!

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    • kibitzer3 Alicia Cervera a few seconds ago (March 24)

    • No, Alicia; they know precisely what they are doing. And it is not in this nation's best interests. It is in the interests of a collectivist - and totalitarian - New World Order. And they need to be booted out of power. Totally.

2) from ‘Carlson - NSA Spying On Trump, SCOTUS, Congress, WH -Whistle Blower Binney’ - Rick Wells - March 24/25

Stan // March 25, 2017 at 2:55 pm // Reply (act. still  - barely - March 24 PDT)
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I am NOT HAPPY with my country being turned into East Germany under Stasi control. Where the HELL is Congress on their supposed oversight of this crap.

Stop. It. Now.

3) from ‘Dobbs, Judicial Watch - Leftist Media Ignore Trump Vindication - Big Revelations Ahead’ - Rick Wells - March 24/25
(Hard-hitting commentary from Chris Farrell of Judicial Watch, matched by Lou Dobbs’s disgust.)

Stan // March 25, 2017 at 3:22 pm // Reply
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“This is more than a campaign (against Pres. Trump). It’s a war.”



Facebook.  Google.  And now, YouTube is starting to censor  - who?  What?  Ah - the likes of

Paul Joseph Watson. 


You know.  That well-known 'extremist...racist...hateist... etc. etc.' who comes out on that 'extremist....racist...hateist...etc. etc.' site called - shield the children! -

As I said.  By implication:

This is war.

To them.

And therefore, it has to be to us.

Or it's 1984 all over again.

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