Tuesday, 14 March 2017

The Law

I will not be forced to aid and abet in the commission of a crime.  It is a crime to vote in my home state, of California.  A crime is being committed every time people - American citizens, and others, on unclean voter registration rolls - vote in this state.

1) This state does not require any form of voter ID for people to vote - and in fact, the precinct workers are instructed specifically NOT to ask for any ID.  (Thus sending a signal to any ineligible voters that it will be okay to go in and vote, because they will not be confronted in any way.  At least that is the way it is in my county, of Los Angeles.  Which, to all accounts, is chockfull of illegal aliens.)

2) Anybody can sign up on the voter registration rolls (or sign up for someone else), and there is no check on their name to verify that they are indeed eligible to vote.  (The reason I was given by the L.A. County Voter Registration Office that there is no cleaning of the registration rolls is "because people swear that they are eligible on penalty of perjury".   But with no check ever made to verify if they are in fact eligible to vote, that is a meaningless gesture, a toothless tiger.)

Thus, my vote in this state has been diluted by that of illegal voters - non-citizens and other ineligible voters, dead voters, duplicate voters - to the point where I have been rendered effectively disenfranchised, my vote diluted to the point of meaninglessness.   I refuse to play such a corrupt Game.  Which is precisely what it is, what this situation is.  We American citizens - in this state; and others similarly afflicted with such corruption - have been, and are being, gamed.

No.  More.  

For starters: All illegal aliens: Out.  

'But we need them.'

We 'need' whom.

'The illegal - the undocumented workers.'

We need them how.

'To do our work.'

Excuse me?  To do our work??  For us???

'Well - you know.   To pick our fruit and veggies.  To make our hotel beds.  To do our construction work.'

To do our construction work...

'Well.  You know.  Come on.  You know what I mean.'

I know precisely what you mean.  And leaving aside the ability to reinstate the old Temporary Work Visa category of seasonal workers for the agricultural sector, I see a lot of unemployment in this country.

'But our people won't do that sort of work.'

Excuse me??

'I said, our people - '

I heard what you said.  And implied.  My answer: Our unemployed American citizenry will do 'that sort of work' if they want to eat.

'But they don't have to.'

Excuse me?

'They don't have to, do, that sort of work, if they don't want to.'

Why.  Not.

'Because...the laws......'

Ah.  Yes.  The laws...

Well.  'The laws' have changed.  'The laws' of common sense are now in place.

Because it's all moot now, anyway.   Because the world's monetary system is going to change.  And those illegal aliens in this country will be going back to their home countries to live.  Because it is All Change time.


Not because 'I say so'.  But because that is the nature of our experience now.  Because we have come to that point in our development.

Because, that is to say,

it's time.

'Things' have come to that head.  And it is time, either to break through into the New Paradigm.

Or go down into the depths of Chaos.  With The Powers That Be about to collapse The System as it has been, anyway.  And establish just another round of their choice.

So: Your choice.

Choose life; and life more abundantly.

Or choose death.

The death, not just of potential servitude to your erstwhile masters, in their totalitarian New World Order.  But the death of

The Old.

Way of doing things.  This planet sorely in need of


And alignment with

the Higher


Stay tuned.


And literally.

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