Tuesday, 28 March 2017

State Of The Nation

As I take my fifth in a 10-part series's of online lectures sponsored by Hillsdale College - this one entitled ‘American Heritage’1 - I am aware of some recent mailings that I have received on the stated situation.

1) From J. Christian Adams, General Counsel, Public Interest Legal Foundation:

“Dear American Voter,

“The Radical Left has launched an unprecedented attack on laws that prevent ILLEGAL ALIENS from voting…

“…and I need your support for our litigation stopping the Radical Left’s attack on the rule of law.

“We can’t let the votes of illegal aliens or non-citizens determine the results of any election…

“…it’s crucial to building the public pressure we must have to stop illegal aliens from CANCELLING OUT YOUR VOTE!      

Former President Obama and his cronies gutted the Justice Department’s Voting Rights division and now we’re forced to do the job that it won’t do…

“My name is J. Christian Adams and I experienced firsthand the corruption of Obama’s Justice Department…

“…because following 4 years working in the Bush Justice Department, I stayed on and worked in the same position under Obama for 15 months before resigning in protest… [over a particular situation that he goes on to describe]

“I’ve been in the belly of the beast and believe me when I say that Obama hollowed out efforts to provide the equal protection of the law to all citizens.

“For Obama and his lackeys, voting rights laws were only to be enforced when they benefited minorities and Radical Leftists.

“Obama and his lawyer drones in the Justice Department worked to dismantle citizen verification laws that protect against illegal aliens voting.

“It fit perfectly with their agenda of making illegal voting even easier than it already is.

Scarily, before he left office, Obama stocked the Justice Department with leftist ideologues who are still following his radical marching orders… and not President Donald Trump!

“As a result, voter fraud is reaching crisis proportions…

“Just recently, the highly respected Pew Center released some shocking numbers about the voter rolls.  According to Pew:

  ** Approximately 24 million — one of every eight — voter registrations in the United 
      States are no longer valid or are significantly inaccurate.

   ** More than 1.8 million deceased individuals are listed as voters.

   ** Approximately 2.75 million people have registrations in more than one state…”

And so it went on.  (Emphases in original.)  But let me get to what really burns me.  

2) This, from the desk of Michael Reagan, RR’s son at the Reagan Ranch Center:

“Dear Fellow American,

“Did you know that radical Islam is being taught at taxpayer expense in your children and grandchildren’s schools?… [There followed some examples.]

“While leftists have thrown the Holy Bible out of our schools and banned the Pledge of Allegiance, public school teachers are indoctrinating your children and grandchildren with islamic teachings

“My father, President Ronald Reagan, famously warned, ‘Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.’

“And right now, our government is ignoring an Islamic propaganda campaign on your chidren and grandchildren that’s taking place right in our own backyards!

“Your children and grandchildren’s textbooks are designed to whitewash radical Islam’s anti-American agenda.

“One prominent textbook titled Contemporary International Relations: Frameworks for Understanding describes Paul Revere, Sam Adams, and other Boston Tea Party participants as ‘terrorists destroying property and endangering life.’” 

- WHAT??!!  

He went on:

“…These aren’t mistakes, my friend.

“This is all part of the Left's deliberate effort to rewrite history…”

And he goes on with some more examples.  (Emphases in original.)

Let me be clear.  

1) It’s all par for the historical course.  Nations rise, nations fall.  And usually basically from within, with an orchestrated push from without.2  And so, it has been up to We Americans to have kept a better eye on what the ideological Left has been up to, for years and years, in its agenda - as part of the Gramscian ”long march through the institutions” - to take over this nation, and make of it merely a part of a totalitarian superstate, running the world, with the name having been given to it by its own proponents, of a - the - New World Order; some of the Cabal behind it all being from the higher degrees of various secret societies, and operating with the idea, as in Freemasonry, of Ordo Ab Chao - Order Out Of Chaos.  So, they have a ‘right’ to do what they are doing.  That’s free will for you, and the free exercise thereof, in The Drama that has been going on.3 

But when the, er, miscreants pretend to make one of my illustrious ancestors - Sam Adams - out as a “terrorist” - i.e., as the Brits would have looked on him; rather than, in our country’s own textbooks, as a ‘freedom fighter’ - them’s particular fighting words, boyos.4    

2) I’m not arguing for one religion to be placed over another.  I’m arguing for 

a) our country’s Judeo-Christian heritage to be properly acknowledged in our nation’s textbooks; and for 

b) the replacement, not of one religion over another, but for moving beyond all religions, and getting to the crux of the matter: that we are all the offspring - the divine sparks - of 

our One Creator Source. 

And it is obviously time - and well into it - that we acknowledge that.  And stop with this internecine play-acting crap going on.

Before you carry it too far.

And you really get my dander up.


1 The others I have taken: ‘The Constitution 101’; ‘The U.S. Supreme Court’; ‘The Federalist Papers’; ‘The Presidency And The Constitution’.  All highly recommended.
   And as for the Adams family (the political one.  Not the entertainment one.  Well, politics can be entertaining, too.  But you know what I mean.  Morticia, and all that lot.  Whom Hillary has done a pretty good of mimicking, come to that.  And John Kerry as - well; to continue): Well done, J. Christian.  You follow in good company. 

2 Which is a primary reason why our universities, under the control of the Left for years and years, have downplayed the teaching of Western Civilization.  Not primarily because - as they say, as excuse - ‘We get students from all over the world, and they don’t need to be subjected to our past required-course position’.  But because exposure to said history would draw unwelcome attention to a) the fact that Western Civ was founded on the principle of the primacy of the individual, and b) what these, er, miscreants are busily doing to this nation, and the weaknesses associated with said falls.

3 That we have been caught up in.  As in a web.  That we wove ourselves into.  To have to return to, life after life, in karmic debt.  Until we ‘think’ ourselves free from it.  Pay the piper.  Who, in this case, is The Law of Balance.

4 And in a fundamental sense, 'pardners'.  In bringing The Play to a head.


And A Note From The Coal Face:

from rickwells.us: ‘Los Angeles Mayor Gambles With Fed Funding - Vows To Continue As Sanctuary City’ - Rick Wells - March 29
(“Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti is wasting no time in challenging both federal authority and jurisdiction over immigration as well as “federal” control over the dispensation of “federal” grants. On Monday the open borders globalist promised to fight back in the face of a warning from Attorney General Jeff Sessions that sanctuary cities will be denied grant funding, beginning immediately…”)

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He’s lucky he’s not being tossed in jail for aiding and abetting in the commission of a crime.

That’s where this needs to go, actually. For the lesson therein to others as well.

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