Tuesday, 21 March 2017

For Whom The Bell Is Tolling

from wnd.com: ‘GOP Senator Grills Gorsuch On Impeaching Trump’ - Bob Unruh - March 21
(A RINO senator brought up the question, in the Senate Judiciary Committee Confirmation Hearings regarding Judge Neil Gorsuch's appointment to the SCOTUS, if he would be for impeachment of Trump over the matter of waterboarding.  His correct response: "No man is above the law."  Not something that the Democrats amongst these esteemed individuals would like to hear, or care to discuss...)  


(Hold on, this is waiting to be approved by WND.)

"Left-leaning interests oppose Gorsuch because of his reputation as an originalist who tries to determine the original intent of the framers of the Constitution.

Many Democrats, instead, describe the Constitution as a “living document,” insisting the interpretation of it must change as society 'evolves'.”

Says it all. Hey, you idiots: The Constitution is a contract. Make it over into a wet noodle, and you have mayhem. Not 'the rule of law'. But the rule of men. Aka arbitrary law. Aka tyranny.

These people are dangerous. They should not be let anywhere near levers of power. They are like a 6-year-old kid thinking that he can drive Daddy's car. And at the first crash, thinks that that is just par for the course, and he will get the hang of it, sooner or later. Actually, not destined to grow up, at that rate.


...And yet, these apparent children in the art of governing are just playing their parts, in The Drama of this (illusory) realm of separation/duality consciousness...

I just wish that they weren't doing it so well that some - a lot? - of them may well not be able to disassociate from their roles and wake up in time to realize that it has all been a Play, and go down with their ship.

Which would be a shame.  Any man's death diminishing the rest of us, to that extent.

But that's free will for you.

To say:

Living by the rule of Law.


...and elsewhere, on this day in time:

from nworeport.me: ‘Congress: Russia Did Not HelpTrump Win Election’ - March 21
(Nwo Report reported the headline part of the story, but they quoted Yahoo News for the rest of the article, which evidenced leftist bias.)

March 22, 2017 at 12:11 AM (act. March 21 PDT)

This seems a rather biased report by Yahoo News. For example, if they were going to bring up the subject of Jeff Sessions’ recusal, they should have given his side of the story, too, instead of leaving in the air the idea that he was guilty of some terrible deeds. (He had perfectly valid reasons for what he did or did not do.) And the claim of the so-called Russian hacks of the DNC has been demolished by both WikiLeaks, the recipient of what were in fact inside leaks (with fatal consequences to the apparent person involved; another story), and a former U.S. ambassador, with a good reason to know things about the subject – where was that report??? Not reliable reporting, Yahoo News. Sounded rather like a CNN fake news smear job.

from libertynewesnow.com: ’Echelon Ignorance: Fox News Drops Judge Napolitano Over Known Facts’- Shane  Cory - March 21
(It’s not “ignorance” so much as a desire on the Part of TPTB to keep the truth secret.
ECHELON is a spying agreement between Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the United States…”)


I've known about ECHELON since the '90s, when l lived in Australia. The swamp needs to be drained globally. This police-state stuff is disgusting. Give me 'probable cause' and the U.S. Constitution any day.


..and once we prove that we can live within 'the rule of Law':


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