Thursday, 23 March 2017

I'm Not Just A Troglodyte

The friend that I took to task for an attitude about the Constitution that I just can't stand - that it's 'a living document' - has not fallen totally out of my good graces.   A separate forward was about David Korten, and a new book of his out.  To which I responded:

'Thks for this. I'm familiar with David Korten's writing, originally from his book exposing corporate control over the Western world.  (Can't remember the name right now; I think it was 'When Corporations Rule The World'.)  And then a subsequent book of his on The New Economy.  Which led me to the Yes! magazine site.  I agree: All good stuff. [Although they, like their primarily liberal readership, are anti-Trump.  But you can't have everything...]  I'll try to check out this latest of his.  I was wondering where his thinking had gone, after the 'New Economy' stage of his thinking.  Again: thks.

'Once we 'get' that there is a better way to organize our economic life - particularly by eliminating the dual training wheels of interest-bearing money and fractional-reserve banking; which are keeping us at a child's stage of operations - we will be able to shift into higher gear, on a new, improved vehicle.  On our way to Abundance.  But, first things first: realizing that this model won't work anymore.  For a number of reasons.  Including the pervasive corruption that it 'inspires'.'


We are on the very verge of a New Age.

(pause for laughter, about crystals, etc.)

Let's get to it.  And the best way we can 'get to it' is to really relate to it.  See it.  Taste it.  Feel it.  Meditate on it.  Identify with it.

For, it's where we came from.  And we will just be remembering.

Re-membering it. Into our being.

As spiritual beings having a human experience.

And now about to realize a new stags of it. 

More closely approximating the levels from which many of us came down - literally; down the frequency staircase - to help bring it about. Manifest it.  On this plane of existence.

About to change, fundamentally.

Into one that won't brook low consciousness stuff, anymore.  

Been there.  Done that.

Time to resonate more closely with our true potential.

Our true, highest potential, that is.  

See it.  Taste it.  Feel it.  Mediate on it.  identify with it.  See you

there.  Meaning


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