Sunday, 12 March 2017

One Fine Day


Of Parts And Oneness

Beady-eyed termites,
              eating away
    at the foundations
    of our institutions
                  for years
              for this day
              to come

                 and pass
On their best-laid plans;
     for a better world
     to come about
Than their dystopian one.
            of the process,
           But just a part


A Soft Spring Day
     In The Sun

A soft spring day
In the sun
In Long Beach
            (the one
On the west coast
Of the continent
And the nation
Of the U.S.A.
That is to say),
     on a bench
         the sea;
 the promenade
Alongside I sit
With passersby,
My concentration
  but not unduly
As a natural part
Of the bucolic scene
(With the rushing-by world
of Ocean Boulevard
To my back, somewhere
In that bleak distance…)

       ,,,and here comes
A lovely young woman
               in a long
And fancy dress
      (a bit jarring
  that sight, amidst all
  the naked legs
  parading by)
With an equally lovely
Little daughter (in her
Sunday best, I realize),
    a lollipop.  What
         a lovely sight
Against this tranquil background
Of small boats passing by
                        and birds
Of equally varied types
Wheeling in their flocks
Looking for morsels
From the human beachgoers
Down below my gaze
From the cliff from where
I take all this in
Like a morsel for the soul…

     ,,,and then my attention
           is drawn back 
To the singular duo
                 of mother 
           and daughter
           as the mother
 (and what a morsel
  she is; a feast
   for the eyes
   and senses.  God has
   to have a masculine part
   as well as the active,
               creative part
   of Mother) braids
Some small flowers, 
Alongside the walkway,
Into her daughter’s hair.
             is a Renoir
When you need one???

                          - but wait - 
               there’s more
   to be added to
   that singular sight
               I can tell
               Here comes -
                   obviously - 
      The Father
               the picture)
In his Sunday best
And - would you believe it? - 
With their little boy
In his little-man's Sunday-best
             to join their
             other half.
As they then
            walk away
Down the curving walkway
             to the beach
             on the west coast
             of the continent
             and the nation
             of the U.S.A….

               I hope they
               are in
               this country
               (for they are
                 it is easy
                 to see).
         I would hate 
       to have to rain
     on their passing

             Be legal
      you lovely couple
 and for the sake as well
      of your lovely pair
            of children.

         As jihadists -
          those other
       into the country
           amidst the
            invaders - 
        wait patiently
         in the wings
         for their call
           to pounce.

  For, that information
       is the nature
       of my reading
     on this fine day
         in the sun.

      On its surface
            that is
            to say.

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