Thursday, 2 March 2017

The Turning Point

The Moving Finger writes, and Having Writ, Moves On...

While some of us are sensing the move of a new humanity into a New World, I see that the Democrats, and their similarly obsessed partners in the New World Order crowd, are holding out, as though Waiting for Lefty.  While President Trump issued a solid call for the nation to move on in a positive way - as we verge on an Era of Abundance - I see that the Democrat members of Congress decided to play The Game a little longer; are trying desperately to make of Trump's a 'Discredited Presidentcy'.

Forget for the moment that their Party's president for the past eight years was ineligible for the office in the first place, and they got away with their chicanery and deceit in the matter only because the Republican Party Establishment wanted to run their own candidates through that hole blown in the wall of the Constitution, to say, the rule of law; both Parties having found out how difficult it would be to do it legally, via a constitutional amendment.  Let's just take this current situation on its own merits, as it were.

The Democrats, then, are behaving in a very boorish manner.  It is as though they feel that they 'were entitled'.  Because of what?  Because their polls - applied by experts in the field of 'Public Relations,' to say, really, Mind Control - told them, and the general public, that Hillary was winning??  When the evidence on the ground was that she was nowhere's near winning???  But they wanted badly to believe it into being; because of one main factor.  That being, that the Left thought it was well on the way to 'sealing the deal' on the takeover of the United States of America, ultimately to take it down - a la the likes of the socialistic Cloward-Piven Strategy - and merge into it being merely a part of a region of their vaunted New World Order.  Which would make of the world a better place.  Not.  For being founded on the fundamentally erroneous principle - the precisely opposite principle.  Of the application of Force,  rather than Love, to accomplish the anticipated End.

Make no mistake.  We are talking, in reality, about the application of the energy of both Love.  And Truth.  And Truth is a sword.  Cutting through all that is not of the highest.

Cutting. that is to say, to the quick.

If you continue to hound President Trump like a pack of rabid wolves and somehow manage to oust his presidency - which was rightfully won - I assure you:

you will wish you had Trump back.

We are on a slow move in an Ascension process, in order to 'acclimatize' ourselves to the change in density of our medium, and the corresponding response in our bodies.  If you minions of the NWO crowd succeed in taking down the Trump administration - by the use not only of your Mainstream Media hacks (presstitutes is actually a better word for those embarrassing examples of their profession) but of such modalities as George Soros's thugs and The Usurper's Organizing For Action  - that process will have to be speeded up abruptly.  Because this is the End of The Play.  And if you are not ready - as you will have thereby proven yourselves not to be - you will miss out in the cut.

Got it?

You will be left behind.

The best-case scenario for Humanity was that most of us would be ready for moving on and up; to call a halt to The Play - as we verge on Abundance (and Beauty, and Peace, and Harmony) - and take our bows, as it were, and get on with moving into The Real Thing.  But 'Time waits for no man'.  Get with The Process. Or regret it for a long time to come.  As you wait for the next bus out of this mess that you will have created.

And there is no telling when that will be.  For you.

Fool that you would be.  To opt for that outcome.

You are a creator.  Make sure that you create wisely.

It's all on the line, now.  The line

at the end of The Road.

On this current level.

In the process of changing.

As we speak.

Your call.  As to whether you 'stay the course'.

Or need some more seasoning.  In the classroom of 3D Life.

As The Many - of your sisters and brothers - move on.  Into the realms of


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