Friday, 17 March 2017

On Bringing About The Best Of All Possible Outcomes

from ‘Dobbs - Rogue Judiciary Deep State Swamp Must Be Drained Immediately’ - Rick Wells - March 16/17
(Two different federal court judges, both Obama appointees, have put holds on Trump’s second attempt to apply what is clearly the legal position regarding his putting a temporary hold on the ‘refugee’ invasion of this country going on until they can be more properly vetted.  Lou Dobbs calls these two Obama appointees - one in Hawaii and one in Maryland - part of “the deep state” attempting to subvert the Trump presidency.  And they are, if only in effect.) 

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Further proof that Obama must be arrested, tried and convicted for, among other charges by now, his illegal presidency, for not being a ‘natural born’ citizen. (Which is a person “born in the country, of parents who are citizens”: E. de Vattel’s ‘The Law of Nations,’ Book One, Ch. XIX, Sect. 212). And that way, all of the legislation that he signed into law, and all of the E.O.’s and P.D.’s that he issued, and all of the appointments that he made – including to the SCOTUS, and lesser courts – go with him, into the trash bin. (For it to be as though he were never there. For, he was never there legally.) And that’s how we get rid of these Obama-appointee arrogant activist judges; who are ruling, not by way of the rule of law. But by way of their personal socio-political proclivities. By way, that is to say, of overthrowing this nation, and that rule of law that they hold so lightly, and relatively. And despotically.

One wonders if this is all part of the Cabal’s plan, to attempt to instigate overreaction on the part of the patriots of this nation, and thus give them the opening they are angling for to force a civil war into being, and, by it, their attempted takeover of the Trump presidency, with the MSM on their side, as it has shown itself to be.

I would hate to see things have to get carried to that state.  I would hope that we can get out of this confrontative mess without bloodshed. 

That would be my highest hope.  Along with the ‘Get out of jail card’ that that more positive outcome would indicate having come into play: that of the takedown of the Cabal, by White Hats, and its criminal monetary system.  Making way for

The New.

One can hope for the best of all possible outcomes.  See it.  Give it one’s energy.  And thereby, help bring it about.

And not a moment too soon, by the continuing looks of things.

P.S. I find it interesting that earlier this evening (yesterday, now) I had come across a couple of references to this same sort of scam going on by the Left:

* the ACLU is trying to claim that Trump's attempts to clean up the federal executive-branch agencies and departments by, among other ways, down-sizing them (some of whose members have recently been cited as watching child porn for up to six hours a day.  Child porn?!  Six hours a day??!!) is "discriminatory".  Why?  Because a lot of federal executive-branch agencies are staffed by minorities.  
     You can't make this stuff up.  But it's par for the course when you consider that 

* another recent story is about how the New York City School system is going to dump its literacy test for prospective teachers because blacks and Hispanics are not passing it as well as white applicants are.  Clearly 'discriminatory,' of course.  To obtuse liberals.  And now

* this ruling by these Obama-appointee judges, that Trump's clearly legal E.O. on a temporary hold on 'refugees' from certain jihadist-swamped states is 'unconstitutional' because why?   Because it is "anti-Muslim".*  

We really need to call a spade a spade here  The Left - and more accurately, the Cabal behind them - is attempting to trigger civil war in this country, by attempting to take down the Trump presidency.  Because he - with his 'deplorable' backers - rained on their parade.  Into their desired, and heavily anticipated, New World Order.

Their totalitarian New World Order.

Don't forget the little details of this narrative...

'And we're supposed to love these s.o.b.'s?' I hear you asking. 

And I sympathize with you.  Not an easy ask.

Just think of 'them' as actors, in a Play.  At the end of which we will all take off our masks, as it were, and congratulate ourselves for making it so real; for the lessons to be learned therefrom.

However, some of those playing roles on the Dark side may have difficulty coming over to the Light side at the end of The Play, having identified too strongly with their roles.

I recommend that you, basically, leave them to heaven. 

It's their choice.

And that includes the Usurper himself.  As much as I would like to deal Justice to him.  For debasing The Law so.

Both the rule of law of this country.

And the cosmic Law. 

For, for all I know: that was all part of

The Plan.


To get our attention.  I reckon.

It certainly got mine.


* And if so, how come the overwhelming number of refugees from these war-torn states are Muslims, and the clearly targeted Christians in those states are not being accorded the same comparative level of concern??  
     Oh - got it: They are part of the majority culture of this country.  And the whole point of this whole 'operation' is to break down the culture of this nation, and turn it into a bunch of balkanized-cultured enclaves, with no common (English) language, no real loyalty to the United States of America.  In order to collapse the former U.S.A. into, at best, a Third World status; with the bulk of the citizenry subsisting on such low incomes that they are dependent on the central state for their income supplementation.  The easier to control you with, my dears.
     Right.  Got it.

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