Thursday, 2 March 2017

Here, At Journey's End

A channeler has just talked about pyramids being built on various levels of the higher dimensions.  Intriguing, that idea.  And it reminded me of a film script that I wrote many years ago.  I have reported on this before in these pages, but for the benefit of newcomers, and as well, adding some more details. here’s ‘the story’.

Towards the end of the story (too long to go into itself; just cutting to the chase, as it were), I found myself having my lead character tell his nemesis, who has joined him in the end (of the drama itself), as to what he was going to do next: “I want to be in on the building of a city…” 

No explanation at the time as to what kind of city, either in the script or in my mind.  But I found myself thinking of it - for whatever reason - as a City of Light.1

And some 15 years later, on my - and our - linear path in 3D life, I came across word of a ‘spiritual community’ in the north of Scotland2 whose founders - a British middle-aged couple and their Canadian female partner on their spiritual path in life - had the same sort of vision, of being involved in the birth of a City of Light, and set about to build one in their area.  

How interesting, I thought; and joined them in that pursuit, for a good number of years.  And ultimately came to the conclusion that it must be a metaphor, for it wasn’t happening on the physical.  Or at least, was taking its jolly good time to manifest.

But - 

here we are.  Verging on that very thing.

It all comes clear, in

The End.   


1 How I ended up translating that in the story was that at the end we see a bunch of youngish people busily engaged in the building of a pyramid; when a UFO - a Winged Disk, of Egyptian lore - lands right beside it, and my lead character - name of Ray (also called, in the story itself, Raymundo by his art colony founder; where he has ‘buried himself’ - ’hidden away’ for a time and season) - goes out to greet the Commander of that craft; and we see them, in an overhead shot, come together, like the nucleus of a cell in reverse mitosis, fusing back into its Oneness, after having split and its duplicate parts each going their separate ways, in life/living experience in 3D.  Star Seeds, reassembling themselves, here at the end of their journey in this dimension.  On their way back to Unity.   
   As the poet said:
   ‘And the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time.’

2 name of Findhorn; or more accurately, the Findhorn Foundation, to distinguish it from the nearby fishing village of Findhorn.  Distinguished, from the Findhorn Bay Caravan Park, where it was founded.  
   And I always thought that that was very appropriate, for a spiritual community to be founded in a temporary residence.  Here on this level for just a spell of time, as we engage in the Classroom of Life.

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