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On Laying It On The Line

As we head further into countdown time, let me be perfectly clear on one matter in particular, and that is my respect for the United States of America and its rule of law, its Constitution.  The future on this lovely planet of ours will hold changes; but we need to honor the things of value that we have, before we release them to, and for, the greater good.

To that end, I’d like to share here a couple of emails that I sent recently to a friend who rattled my cage by - well, I’ll let this person say it in their own words:      

“The Constitution has to be a living document.....I can't imagine that the founders thought it was etched in stone and [had[ just become dogma.
I often think of the 2nd amendment......they could not have known of AK-47s when they wrote it....if they had, I'm sure they would have put a clause in there about it..   that that is not a right to own them…”

My immediate and heated response upon reading it:

“You have been hornswoggled by TPTB, who have been trying to eliminate 'the rule of  law' in this country - that is to say, its Constitution - for years and years, and make of it "just a damn piece of paper," in the colorful words of Bush Jr. (colorfully known as The Shrub); whose administration was a main player in starting us off in this mess that we are in today, by creating a/the 'War on Terror' that allowed said PTB to get the odious - and unconstitutional - so-called Patriot Act passed through a compliant Congress, which began the Stasi-like surveillance state in this country in spades.

“The Constitution is "a living document" - but not in the way that said PTB have tried to make it out to be.  It is a contract, between the several States and the federal government, and it has built into it an amending process - and one not to be entered into lightly, for good reasons; this business of creating a nation being a very serious one, not to be subject to whims of the day, but to serious reflection, involving both Congress and said several States.  Shyster-lawyer types have tried to make the Constitution out to be 'a living document' in the way that you have obviously been led to believe in, in order to make that 'amending' process easier to manipulate into being, by simply leaving it up to the personal socio-political proclivities of the judges at any given time - using that personal base as their guiding principle for 'interpretation' of the Constitution, rather than the correct/properly legal use of their powers of 'interpretation' as being according to the original intent of the contract - and then manipulating their people into those judgeship positions.  It is a scammy, sophistic notion, by unscrupulous people - more akin to termites - with malevolent intentions, and it needs to be tossed into the bin, along with such judges, and Law School professors who have taught them to think that way.

“And I need to go out and take care of some business right now, or I might really get my dander up.  But just to let you know, in this brief response to your missive, that I take major objection to your off-the-top comment.  This nation deserves better of its citizenry than such blithe, and all-too-easiy-programmed, thinking. 

“Take some of the free online lecture series on the Constitution in particular and American History in general by Hillsdale College.  They will set you right.  And send warning signals, and a deep sense of concern, through your American being.”

[And upon my return, a few hours later; a further comment back:]

 “I have returned.  And have calmed down.  A bit.  But the memory lingers on…

“You see, I am opinionated.  (As if you didn’t know; but let me continue.)  I am of the opinion that those men who lost their lives on the sitting-duck ships in Pearl Harbor, and those men who answered the call of their country and later slogged their way across the Pacific, and the others who slogged their way across Europe, losing their lives and limbs along the way, did not do so as a way to while the time away; and they are NOT going to have sacrificed in vain.  Not if I can have anything to do with it.

“Now.  Was WWII orchestrated into being?  Yes.  The same with the Korean War, and Vietnam, and so forth.  (And don’t get me started on 9/11, and those subsequent, and continuing, wars.)  Why?  For the Orchestrators to gain power, and money.  But power above all else.  In order to take over the world, and submerge it into their totalitarian New World Order, of Total Control, over The Others. ‘The Others’ being all those cattle who are not of them, and especially those of their bloodlines; all rendering obeisance to Dark forces, and said mentality. 

“And who are about to meet their Waterloo.

“But not by giving in to their various maneuvers, to gain said power over us mere mortals.  

“As for the Second Amendment.  That is to protect the nation from its enemies, both foreign and domestic; and by it, lend an element of Prevention to the proceedings.  We the People have a right to howitzers, if need be, to deter aggression against the nation, fend off all potential aggressors.  

“Why do you think our homegrown ‘potential aggressors’ have set about to label patriots, Constitutionalists, conservatives, Second Amendment supporters, ‘preppers,’ even Christians as ‘potential domestic terrorists’  - and even now, dropping the ‘potential’ part and just outright describing said patriot types as ‘domestic terrorists’???  Because the people who are trying to, and meaning to, take over this country know that there is a war going on: that they are at war with us American ‘unre-educationables’, and need to start neutralizing us, before they pull the plug.  Along with their embedded real terrorists, who have been slipping into this country among the illegal aliens, and more recently via the scammy ‘refugee’ scenario.  All planned; all accounted for, in their long-anticipated takeover scheme.

“And that’s why I told you, that this nation-building and -maintaining stuff is serious business.” 

[And, in closing, and specifically because this person knew of my connection with the ‘Planetary Citizens’ NGO many years ago:] 

“Was I a Planetary Citizen; for that sort of idea???


“Of the right kind:

“Nations honoring The Individual - as ‘spiritual beings having a human experience’  - and in concert with each other, in high consciousness, making of the world a better place.

“I still think that.  And yes, there will be some changes in the world’s configurations, and techniques.  But along the lines of the Light side.

“Not of the Dark.

“Any longer.”

[My email pen pal had also appended the following comment:]

“I don't think they would have approved of wireless wiretapping, or waterboarding either.”

[To which I say, and would have done so if I had been a little calmer at the time:


P.S. My friend responded:]

“Well, Stan, you and I have very different viewpoints on what is going on....so that's ok.....don't get your dander up!   Can't afford it at your ageGetFileAttachment.png

“And I just heard a bit on the radio right now that the GOP does not seem to have the votes to pass the health care bill.....Hope that is true.”

[My response:]

“Thanks for keeping the door open to our communicating process.  I didn't mean to come off as being too harsh on you; it's just that this is a particularly sore subject point for me.  I feel as strongly about protecting the integrity of the Constitution as though I had personally been involved in its production.  And who knows - maybe I was, as these things go...

“Anyway: continuing to communicate...


“P.S. As for the replacement health care bill...no, I'll let that 'discussion' go for now.  As you say, about dander...  GetFileAttachment.png

 So, in sum.

Yes, things change.  But they should change for the better.

Not the worse.

Let’s clean up things as they lay.

And then we move on.


P.S. Along this line:

YouTube: ‘J. Gilliland & Michael Salla - ET, Nazis & Navy Build Space Fleet, NESARA, New Republic & Liberation’ - BoldVA5D - March 27
(Published on Mar 27, 2017
Research links: Global Currency Reset (400+ years of planning & taking the stage now). US reverts to the true USA Republic & this time without the Dark Annunaki / Nephilim present or in charge.)
(Some interesting comments:)


Who in America is holding this up?  Shouldn't they be charged with treason at this point, working AGAINST the wellbeing of the American people?  Also, wouldn't this prove that Creator isn't omnipotent/omniscient?  That is really going to hit some people rather hard.

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Hi Ruby, first let me point you to Davi Wilcock's Ascension Mysteries video as he covers the purpose of 3D incarnations pretty well. Also the Hindu's cover the properties and purposes of each dimension very well too. Also the Law of One materials... Bottom line we pull apart from god to take an Oddessy (see Homer). We more or less begin this journey in the 3D material plane in or to develop "the first muscle, or divine code).  We are to feel singular & separate - locked behind the veil, with the entire task being to figure out how to love all other life as ourselves & to Source that from the higher realms / chakras.  This process of trying to figure out how to care for others stimulates the reawakening to galactic life & god.  Then in the 4th & 5th dimensions, we unify much closer, no distinct 3D individuality anymore (until we finally are one with all and god again.. 

So it all has purpose in use beng here.  We are to experience being alone and this includes Prime Directive, noninterference laws - we won't learn the unity task if aided from the galactics.  But this also runs on a aprox 26,000 year cycle when God shifts the gears so to speak and the planets move.., thus providing galactic help to come and "interfere".  Which is happening now.  The gears shifted around 2012.    The Dark Annunaki of course don't follow the rules, and this is allowed to a certain extent as well, since polarity, or yin & Yang are needed for people to learn from.  The dark is like resistance weight for the muscles.  However everyone else out in the Galaxy knows that Earth has been completely infested and brutalized and are working truple duty to deal with the Annunaki, their human cartels and those taking the bribes from the US Corporation/old European Banking families.  Gorge Soros and all these Bilderberg guy's take all the money they steal through fiat banking and spend it on killing off and silencing anyone that tries to harm their Federal Reserve etc...  Every member of Congress etc knows of NESARA law and that are currently running a treasonous state.  Thank goodness the US Corporation can not be floated by the world any longer and everyone is cutting them off - the fiat dollar is already dead really, Hillary was blocked, the pedophiles being addressed, and the underground bases being tackled (HUGE JOB).  It also needs to go a bit slowly so that everyone's minds don't blow up.

Please see the James Rink and Sheldan Nidle links,  both those deeply go into the very issues your pondering!  Tons of people cover these issues including defectors from old mainstream media that left that hatchet job on the people.
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I am aware of all that material.  I don't necessarily subscribe to all of it.  I've also heard how Earth was a prison colony for those who have enslaved us, which means Deity permitted slavery.  As a parent, it is abhorrent that a parent permit one child (or creation) to bully and control another child (or creation).   So, I don't really care how it's dressed up, I have no interest in any being who thinks slavery is a good idea.

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I think none of us have ANY personal interest in going through any of this.  Yet, at the end of the day those Forces are still there requiring the journey.

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