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On The 'Other'

So what’s going on here??  


Look what's to blame for brutal, bathroom rape of 14-year-old schoolgirl
It's among the worst fears of all parents: their child is brutally raped with unspeakable viciousness while at school. 

Now, the vile details are coming out, and the suspects are apparently two illegal aliens who were welcomed by ...

Illegal alien 'set to be deported should not be freshman in our public schools'

Published: 1 hour ago [March 20]


Two illegal-alien teenagers who were placed in ninth-grade classes at Montgomery County Schools, Maryland, have been arrested and charged with the brutal rape of a 14-year-old girl, and at least one of the boys had a pending deportation order from ICE.

The boys, identified as Henry Sanchez, 18, of Guatemala and Jose Montano, 17, of El Salvador, approached the young girl in the hallway near the gymnasium inside Rockville High School during school hours about 9 a.m. Thursday.
Henry Sanchez, 18, had an ICE detainer for his deportation but felt safe in Montgomery County, Maryland, where he attended school as a ninth-grader at Rockville High School.

Montano asked her for sex.

The girl refused.

So the two boys forced her into the boys bathroom.

Montano grabbed her hand and pulled her into the one stall with a door. Montano then pushed her into the corner of the stall and began kissing her neck, despite her repeatedly telling him to stop. He unzipped her top, forcibly removed her clothes and the two proceeded to rape her at the same time, then traded positions and raped her again.

She cried out in pain, the report says. But they allegedly continued the assault. By the time it was over, they had raped her anally, orally and vaginally, according to the police report.

The victim reportedly knew Montano as a friend but did not know Sanchez.

Sanchez had a pending deportation order, which was not carried out while immigration activists tried to block the deportation.

“18-year-old criminals set to be deported should not be a freshman in our public schools,” stated a post on the website of Help Save Maryland, an organization that opposes illegal immigration.

Maryland is perhaps the most welcoming state for illegal aliens and refugees in the Eastern United States, with Montgomery County the most welcoming county in the state. Maryland gives in-state tuition rates to illegal-alien college students, and its legislature is considering becoming a sanctuary state. Montgomery County is a sanctuary county, and it denied 63 ICE requests to turn over illegal-alien criminals last year, Fox News reported.

These policies helped create a culture that allows a young girl to be raped in her school bathroom by two illegal-alien boys, at least one of whom was ordered to be deported, border hawks told WND.

Watch local TV report on rape at Rockville High School:

When interviewed by police, Montano denied having any sexual contact with the victim. Rather, he said they went into the bathroom to “tell jokes.”

The two male students were arrested later that day at school. The school system put out the following statement without saying why two young men, ages 17 and 18, were placed in ninth grade, nor did it reveal the immigration status of the accused students:

“Ensuring a safe, secure and welcoming learning environment for all of our students is our top priority. Our staff remains vigilant in the monitoring of our school each and every day. Please remind your child that if they believe they are a victim of an assault or see something inappropriate, they should immediately tell a staff member.”

Forensic investigators said an inspection of the boys bathroom later turned up suspected blood “that may be mixed with male fluid,” the court documents stated.

Sanchez and Montano were living in the Aspen Hill neighborhood of Rockville, and they have been charged with first-degree rape and two counts of first-degree sexual offense. They were denied bond by a judge who said they were dangerous and a flight risk.

If convicted, they could get life in prison.

WUSA 9 confirmed that ICE had a detainer on Sanchez, a citizen of Guatemala, who had an outstanding deportation order for his arrest. Yet he continued to attend school in Maryland.


William Gheen, president of Americans for Legal Immigration PAC, said this is a rare case where the news of a rape of a student on school property managed to leak out into the local media.

“It’s a miracle that anyone is even hearing about this case, because first the victim had to report the crime, and a lot of crimes like this do not get reported.

“Secondly, once it was reported, it had to make it out of a school system. And quite often, schools suppress the sharing of information like this.

“And then you have to get past the local media, which often strives to conceal the crime altogether, or to conceal the immigration status of the perpetrator.”

He said ALIPAC is calling for “every single government worker” that put 17- and 18-year-old illegal immigrants  in classes with ninth-grade children to be terminated from their jobs.

He’s also calling for full transparency concerning the perpetrators, who are both being tried as adults.

“We need to know if these particular illegal immigrants were beneficiaries of the Obama’s and now Trump’s DACA illegal amnesty program,” Gheen said.


‘People do what they feel they can get away with’

Hessie Harris, a spokeswoman for Help Save Maryland, said the boys “obviously had no fear” of being deported while they were in school, even though at least one was subject to deportation, having been denied asylum by a judge. She said Rockford officials have recently discussed codifying their sanctuary city policies and a bill has been introduced in the Maryland Legislature that would make it a sanctuary state.

“I really feel these policies are responsible for this type of behavior. People do what they feel they can get away with, so why would these boys think they could get away with this?” she asked. “I’ll tell you why. Because they are in Maryland and in a sanctuary city, and they don’t fear any type of repercussions.

“It’s horrible that a parent has got to fear sending their child to school. There are many other stories we’re hearing about, including one of a family whose child was transferred out of a school in Maryland because their child was being bullied by an illegal alien and the school wouldn’t do anything about it.”

She said most cases of rape and assault by violent illegal-alien students never see the light of day in Maryland schools. She believes it happens daily.

Gheen agreed.

Somehow all the hurdles mentioned above were cleared in the Rockville High School rape case.

But there’s one final hurdle that remains.

“We still have the final boundary that we haven’t broken yet, and that’s the national media,” Gheen said. So far, you don’t see CNN and the national media giving this story any play.

“From my years of experience, the Associated Press, Reuters, CNN, the New York Times will all bury this story,” Gheen said. “These kinds of stories reach their desk, and they either do not circulate them at all, or they sanitize the story to make it sound less important.

“This type of real news is systematically and consistently censored and suppressed, while fake news stories such as the Duke Lacrosse incident are emphasized,” he added, alluding to the Duke University case several years ago in which white, male lacrosse players were falsely accused of rape. “If the story meets their narrative that ‘white males are evil,’ they run with it; but if the story shows that illegal immigration is harmful to Americans, they bury it.”

Gheen said the Maryland story is “very detrimental” to the efforts of all the Democrats and some Republicans – such as John McCain, Paul Ryan and Lindsey Graham – who want to give immigration reform/amnesty to illegal immigrants.

While the pro-immigrant activists continue to focus on emotional stories of “families being separated,” they give no attention to the families of victims like the 14-year-old girl who will now endure a lifetime of psychological torture, Gheen said.

“These young men obviously had no fear of law enforcement,” Gheen added. “They come from lands where there is no law enforcement. And they show they can come here and break laws with impunity, so why should they fear any boundaries, be they national or sexual boundaries?

“We hope that this unfortunate case will inspire President Donald Trump to honor his broken campaign promise to end DACA amnesty on his first day in office.

“The description of what happened to that little girl is off the scales of what anyone, let alone a child, should ever have to endure,” Gheen said.

“And Americans need to realize that, in this environment, could have been anyone’s daughter in that bathroom stall. The elites have flooded America with people who are dangerous to our future and our existence, and the number of victims out there are beyond what anyone would want to imagine.”

Harris, of Help Save Maryland, said Americans should be looking to Europe as the model of where things are headed.

“And one of the frightening things here is, if we look at Europe and see what’s happening there, if we don’t take action, rape could become the new normal here as it is becoming in Germany and Sweden,” she said. “In Germany, the rapes aren’t being reported. The police, in many cases, are giving up. That’s what it has deteriorated to. It’s finally come to the fore. Finally, they can’t hide it anymore, can’t deny that it is happening.”

Harris said Maryland residents recently received a tax increase to provide for underfunded school budgets, and she believes an influx of illegal aliens is the primary driver.

At least 51 percent of Montgomery County students are recent immigrants, according to Fox News, and the numbers could be even higher in the lower grades, kindergarten through fourth grade. The school system has at least 19 foreign languages spoken by the student body.

“And so we’re paying for people who shouldn’t even be here. Budgets are full of all kinds of special programs we are funding for those students,” Harris said. “Maryland schools were once top tier. Now they’re going down. Some of these children coming into these schools, some have never been in a school and speak dialects for which you can’t even fine teachers. So we’re paying all kinds of extra money for these specialized programs. Why?

“We hear all these emotional stories about these are such vulnerable people and families being divided,” she added. “But what about the vulnerability of their victims? They’re vulnerable, they’re here illegally and they knew when they came here that was a policy of the previous administration, and they came here relying on lax enforcement. So when you break the law, there are consequences. When they crossed that border, they knew they could 
possibly be deported. And if they are deported, they can take their children with them.”

The Rockville High School attack follows a series of recent sexual assaults and rapes committed by illegal aliens against minors nationwide.

Earlier this month, 19-year-old Guatemalan Douglas Hus-Flores was arrested in Connecticut for sexually assaulting a 3-year-old girl, and 29-year-old Jorge Zapata-Rosas was arrested in Texas three weeks after raping a 7-year-old girl.

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Sanctuary policies 'led to' brutal, bathroom rape of 14-year-old schoolgirl

Rockville High School exteriors in Montgomery County, Maryland. Two illegal-alien teenagers who were placed in ninth-grade classes at Montgomery County Schools, Maryland, have been arrested and charged with the brutal rape of a 14-year-old girl, and at least one of the boys had a pending deportation order from ICE. The boys, identified as Henry Sanchez, 18,…

I repeat: What’s going on here?

It’s the same sort of thing that took place on 9/11: the attempted takedown of the U.S. - but not before it was, and hopefully (to the perps) is continued to be used, to incite violence in the Middle East: 1) to further the economic interests particularly of Big Oil and the military-industrial complex; and 2) to further the hegemonic interests, not really of the U.S., but of the rogue state of Israel.  Which country was, along with other players in the Cabal running things - attempting to run things - on the planet, responsible for the long-planned operation of 9/11.  With ‘the Arabs’ used as scapegoats for the real operation going on: that of the Jewish and other globalists’ takedown of the U.S., as their ‘alpha’ prize on their way to their desired world control, via their totalitarian, super surveillance-state New World Order.  As part of the Master Class to rule over us.  In a sub-class all their own.  As - wait for it.  Lo!:

The Chosen People.  Which most of them are only by ‘adoption’: not being bloodline Jews, but rather Khazarian Jews, aka Ashkenazim; a converted lot of Turkic people from central Europe, who obviously took well to the idea of being a ‘God’s Chosen People,’ which allowed them to feel good about their sense of superiority over others.  And which has led them to such adventurism as 9/11 (complete with its ‘Israeli art students’ pre-planting explosives in the WTC Towers, and the ‘five dancing Israelis;’ the latter appearing on Israeli TV - released by the Jewish head of the DHS from only momentary incarceration here - after the event bragging about their role in it.  And not to overlook how leaseholder Larry Silverstein made off with a bundle on the deal to boot; as did some other Insider Traders), and using the ’proceeds’ from that investment to flood this country with ‘refugees’ from the Islamic states that they wish to take over as well, as satrapies; and in that flooding - read, more accurately: invasion - of the U.S. with a people of a hugely different culture, set the stage in this country for civil war.  Which they intend to capitalize on, in coming out of such Chaos on top.  As they have attempted to do in takeovers of country after country, down through the checkered history of this planet (including obstreperous Russia).  

It is no accident that it was a Jewess seen on Internet video championing the invasion of Muslims into Sweden.  Just as they have championed - and as well been involved directly in the administration of - the Islamic invasion of this country (with the incomparable assistance of the bulk of the MSM).  The Muslims - part of the goyim, or cattle - surreptitiously and cynically being used as cannon fodder, to bring about cultural change (under the scammy rubric of ‘multiculturalism’), which ‘disturbance - read: Opportunity - the Jews intend to benefit from.  Being of a superior type of being, they will ‘rise to the top’ of any upheaval.

They think.

With the real God being way ahead of them.

Using such disturbances of the comfortable, sleep-inducing status quo of humans to advantage.

Free will being the cosmic, built-in way for us homo sapiens sapiens to grow in consciousness by.

Or fail in the process.

As always:

Our choice.   

Individually.  And collectively.  Whichever way we choose to approach

The End.

Which has been coming towards us from

The Beginning.

Until we can reunite - with the benefit of all that we have learned from the experiences in and of the illusion, the matrix, of separation - 

as the One that we have always been.

And so, to that extent, yes, the Jews have been

a Chosen People.

But only to that extent.

Not as they have assumed.  And, if they don’t come around to recognizing that:

their loss.

For, whatever else God may be,

God will not be mocked.

So: Come one, and come all:

We Are All One.  In

the real - not reel - 


And approaching the graduation end of The (illusory) Exercise as we speak.

And not a moment too soon, to my liking.  Having had enough of the sort of crap as reported on above.  By people who have forgotten, and lost contact with, who they really are.

And sorely needing to be reminded of it.

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