Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Looks Can Be Deceiving

I live in large-town/medium-sized city America.  On the surface, all is calm, all is bright.  Well; not all, exactly.  There are ’he homeless dotted about everywhere.  There is obvious drug dealing going on in the public toilets, down at the beach and in the city’s parks.  There is the occasional report on the local neighborhood email network of a car break-in, or another bike having been stolen (w/description).  But other than that comparatively small stuff, everything appears to be, well, large-town/medium-sized city America.  Kids playing in the local park, and on its small exercise ‘gyms’.  Dogs chasing balls thrown by their owners.  The local fire department station sirening out dutifully on another call for help of some sort.  The American flag flying proudly in the park, with the state flag right underneath it.  Picture perfect Americana.

But what’s that, lurking just beneath the surface of this picture; like a David Lynch film…

For one thing, there is the makeup of the park’s inhabitants.  Mostly Hispanic today.  (And engaging in their regular game of soccer.)  Sometimes the black Americans outnumber the Hispanics; but it is definitely majority black and brown, with the occasional white American being the ones that are throwing the balls or the frisbees for their dogs.  Well outnumbered.  Of course, the answer to that - on its surface - is because the whites have mostly fled to the suburbs, and have left the inner cities mostly to ‘the minorities’.  But those minorities are becoming, between them - and as a ‘class,’ created as such by the Marxists - the majority in the country itself.  Particularly the Hispanics.  And they, unfortunately, have amongst their numbers, hotheads who call even for the killing of the whites - and especially old white men.  Like, er, me.

It’s called the Aztlan movement.  The radical Hispanics calling for taking over the seven southwestern states of the country - that’s the United States.  But not in their eyes.  It’s their ‘country’.  Land.  That the gringo presumably stole from them.  According to their narrative.  The narrative that they have been led to believe in.  By not only their own leaders.  But by - wait for it - even white professors.  Of the communist variety.  Or at least, of the statist variety.  Some of them knowingly working for the New World Order crowd.  Who are, at the top of that pyramid of power, not of the Left.  But of the far Right.  Of the corporate-government complex.  Known, classically, as fascists.  Who mean to rule the world.  Their way.

Which is by the use of Force.

Just the way that the far Leftists would rule it.  Their way just being more for the sake of ‘the people’.  They say.  Who are all ‘equal’.  They say.  It’s just that some end up being more equal than others, their way…

But that’s not all that is lurking beneath the picture-perfect image of America.  I was listening last night to the report, by a former member of the Hollywood crowd (he was fired for not going along with the zeitgeist of the denizens thereof), who had added two and two, and, with the aid of some personal info, rather than just conjecture, came up with the image of the likes of ‘baby breeders’ - young, prepubescent girls, deliberately groomed, by their multigenerational family members, via horrific, mind-bending sexual ’techniques’ to have babies, off the books, as it were, that are then sacrificed to the likes of Moloch - as in Canaanite days of yore - and thus the propitiating of the dark Side - Satan, Lucifer; pick your nomenclature - to give them a bountiful harvest, in the form, in this day and age, of fame and fortune.

And I understand that there was a Satanic coven all the way across the continent in Sandy Hook, Connecticut; site of the infamous shooting, in December of 2012, that, upon closer inspection of that image, has turned out to have been a ruse (specifically with a FEMA Exercise cover story attached to it), designed, by the Obama administration, to further its attempts to get more guns out of the hands of the kinds of Americans who are not going to allow the revolutionaries to take this country over.  

Including not the seven southwestern states that the La Raza crowd covet.   

Because the United States of America is going to lead the way into

the New. 

With the right values underpinning it.  

Wake up, my fellow Americans over on the far Left.  You say that you are against ‘imperialist wars’.  Hey - so are most of us.1  You say that you are for ‘immigration’.  Hey - so are most of us.  And within reason; as they can be assimilated into the work force.2  You say that you are for ‘the environment’.  Hey - so are most of us.  We just differ on tho details of what that amounts to, precisely.3     

Meet you in the middle.


Molon labe.

And especially because this is not just about politics.

This is about warAnd about the war.

The war between the Dark.

And the Light.

And you had better figure out which side of that war you are really on.  And fast.

Because you don’t have much time left to make your choice.

Because warriors of the Light - like this old white man - wilt not stand for the Dark sort of crap that is going on today - including the likes of the whole Pedogate ugly ‘thing;’ the destruction of children’s right to experience their childhoods, free from adult imposition on them of their dark-side impulses - much longer.

And neither should you.


your choice.

As always.

In this universe. 


1 It’s the military-industrial-government complex further over on the far Right - in fascist ‘country’ - that you are really railing against. And so are we, in the Reasonable Middle, of the left-of-center and right-of-center majority of the citizenry.  To come together now against the extremes on either side of the political aisle.

2 You say that Trump is ‘anti-immigration’.  Not true.  That’s a meme of your institutions: your ‘educators’ - indoctrinators, actually - and the mainstream news and entertainment medias, primarily.
   But I think that you - or most of you, at least - know that.  So I won’t spend any more time on that subject.

3 Most of you - it would appear - have bought into the UN’s 2030 Agenda idea of huge tracts of land to be totally cut off from human habitation or even visitation, with us ‘cancers on the land’ being herded into stack’em end pack’em cities; there to be kept under strict control by the Big State.  So that ‘meeting place’ is out; essential liberty not to be allowed to be squashed out of the human experience, by a Big Boot smashing into the human face forever.  But there is still considerable common ground, for us to agree on.  Until we sort out the details.  Reasonably.

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