Saturday, 4 March 2017

And Then There Is Law


‘Yes.  What is it now.’  (Titters from the rest of the class, as The Professor rolled his eyes)

‘I was just reading last night something that you haven’t told us about, about how, a few years before Year One - ‘

‘The Glorious Revolution.’

‘- before The Glorious Revolution, some people were escaping, and trying to escape, from what was known then as East Germany.  - ‘ 

‘And where did you come across this ‘information’, may I ask?’

‘ - Well.  I just…found it.’

‘Where?  (The Professor’s tone sent a chill down the spines of the rest of the class)

‘On the Web.’

‘Ah.  Yes, we haven’t been able to clear the Web of all fake news yet.  - ‘

‘Well anyway, it said that some people were ascaping, and trying to escape, from what was known then - ‘

‘Let’s get clear on this little footnote to that particular time period and place.  ‘Some people’ were not ‘escaping,’ or ‘trying to escape,’ in the manner in which you, and your fake news site, are trying to allude to.  - ‘

‘With all due respect, Sir, I - ‘

‘I am talking?’  (Another chill shivered through the room)  ‘They were hooligans, and were trying to escape from The People’s Police.  They had broken The Law.’  (A gasp from the class)  ‘It was a matter of little consequence to this history class, and that is why it is not mentioned in our books.

‘Now, where, again, did you say that you had come across that little bit of propaganda?’

‘I didn’t.  Sir.’

‘Well, you will, my young friend.  You will.’

(It was not the first time that the class had heard words used in a way that belied their true meaning.  It was all a bit peculiar.  But it was the way it was, simply the way things were.  Not to be questioned; they had learned...They, to a person, felt sorry, and afraid, for their fellow classmate, who had dared to cross The Professor one too many times.  But none of them were going to do anything about it.  For they all understood the power of 
The Law.)

I am saying that there is Law and then there is Law.  There is Will and then there is Will.  There is Power and then there is Power.  There is Peace and then there is Peace.

Choose wisely.  Friend.

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