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The Last-Gasp Throes...

Of The Beast

Things seem to be heating up.  Some recent ’sightings’:

* Sen. Al Franken - he of the questionable election to the Senate in the first place1 - has tried to stick AG Jeff Sessions with a ‘lie’ told to the Senate Judiciary Committee Confirmation hearings regarding Session’s ‘contact’ with Russian government officials during the presidential campaign - and the Left is going all out to demolish his appointment.  Let’s be clear on this matter:  

AG Sessions did NOT ‘meet with Russian government officials during the presidential campaign’ the way that Sen. Franken tried to allude to.  He had a meeting with the Russian ambassador in his official role “as a senator and a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee”.2

This is a Hail Mary desperation-pass job.  Reprehensible stuff.  And it just shows ‘their’ desperation.  And when people, like animals, get desperate, they do desperate things.  And we seem to be heading for just such; with such as:

* I went to draw some money out today from an ATM, and the machine wouldn’t give me back my card until I had jumped through some hoops.  It’s the first time that I have experienced this business, not having used an ATM for a while.  It was a worrisome experience.3  And it got me to thinking: This is how TPTB could control us.  Not just by not allowing us to withdraw money from ATMs (or our banks directly, for that matter).  But lo actually ‘eat’ our credit cards themselves.  To be replaced with new, even more controlling ones, I'll wager.  Which will involve an iris scan as well, no doubt.  Which is now being introduced, quietly, for people to be able to travel.  For now, by air.  But with satellites capable now of following us wherever we go......  

We must be getting close to a major move by ‘’them’.  

And who, indeed, are ‘they’??

‘They’ are not just the despicable likes of Al ’Lefty’ Franken.  ‘They’ are - well, I’ll let an email response that I made today tell (at least part of) the story. 

* A friend emailed me a link to a site that discussed the 25th Amendment to the Constitution, in regards to ‘desperate’ attempts by TPTB to take down, not just the Trump administration membership - to weaken his presidency.  But his very presidency itself.  Him.  (As ‘they’ are also ‘leaking’ stories about Trump’s ‘mental illness’.)  My response:

This just shows how strongly the Left feels that they were on their way this time to taking down the U.S. and establishing their totalitarian New World Order under 'No Borders' Hillary, and thus why they are so angry about Trump coming into the picture and raining on their glorious parade.  This is not about politics.  This is about war to them.  They have thirsted after power for years and years; and they thought they had it this time.  These are 'true believers'.  Bolsheviks.  Wanting their bite at the apple of power Soviet Union style.  Not Scandinavian socialist style.  

“This was a very close-run thing.  And 'they' aren't going to give up this battle easily.  As to the 'they': It's both Marxists - of both the socialist and communist variety - and fascists, in a pincer move on the great American Middle.  Thus, it's not just Soros money funding all the Crisis-Opportunity efforts going on.  It's even bigger money than that: the corporate-government complex that stood to gain so much power and money with the various 'trade agreements' they had developed, to take away American sovereignty as a nation-state and put totalitarian 'sovereignty' in their hands.

“A clue: The 25th Amendment was set up by Nelson 'Rocky' Rockefeller minions, in their attempt to steal the presidency for him back in the late '60s.  A long story.  If you really want to "educate" yourself about what all is going on [this person indicated as much], a short reading list I humbly recommend:   

* Prof. CarrolL Quigley's 'Tragedy and Hope' 

* James Perloff's 'The Shadows of Power'    

* Renee Wurmser's 'Foundations: Their Power and Influence'

* G. Edward Griffin's 'The Creature From Jekyll Island'  

* John Coleman's 'The Committee of 300'

“and it goes on, and on, and on...

“Welcome to the club.” 


And so The Beast is going through its thrashing-around motions, in an attempt to fend off the inevitable:

its demise.

And good riddance.

And coming up: the 

Real Thing.

So, don't panic if the monetary system goes down.

It needs to, anyway.

To make way for

the real New.

What we have now is just play money anyway.

Thanks to the Federal Reserve.

That 'Creature from Jekyll Island' that G.E. Griffin spoke of so eloquently.  Preparing us for



1 In the recount, the authorities just ‘happened’ to find some more votes in someone’s back pocket, that put him over the top.
   I summarize the matter a bit.  But that’s pretty close to a precise description of what happened.  

2 According to Wikipedia: “US Justice Department spokesman Sarah Isgur Flores said that, ‘There was absolutely nothing misleading about his answer.  He was asked during the hearing about communications between Russia and the Trump campaign - not about meetings he took as a senator and member of the Armed Services Committee.’”
   Franken was trying to check on any possible links between Russian government authorities and the Trump campaign people, in an attempt to paint the campaign with the Russian ‘influence’ paint job.  Which this same Wikipedia blurb portrayed erroneously as a proven thing:
   “One meeting was between Sessions and Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak and took place in September in the Sessions office while there was a Russian cyber campaign to interfere in the presidential race.”  (Emphasis mine)  Nothing of the sort has been proven.  That is a wet dream of the Trump enemies’ camp. has a (detailed) response to this allegation: ‘7 Reasons The Jeff Sessions Witch Hunt Is Ridiculous’ - John Hayward - March 2.  (And for the Russian ‘influence’ paint job specifically, see: ‘From Russia With Love: Did Putin Put Trump in the White House?’ by C. Mitchell Shaw - February 20 issue of The New American.)
   N.B. Sen. Jeff Merkley wants a special prosecutor to investigate the Left’s claims in this matter.  I want a special prosector to investigate all the corruption of Hillary; and hang her high.
   And while we’re acting on cleaning up corruption in high places, I want a special prosecutor investigating the Usurper’s background and ineligibility for the presidential office.  So that Obama can be tried on charges of fraud, perjury, and treason.  And his entire administration thrown out of the history books - all of the legislation that he signed into law, and all of the E.O.’s and P.D.’ s that he issued, and all of the appointments that he made, including to the SCOTUS, and lesser courts: gone.  Into the trash bin.
   If you want indignation, Sen. Merkley, I’ll show you real indignation.

3 You see, the banks think - have been led to think - of your money as their money.
   As I say: a beast.


P.S. In the Come again? department; this, from ‘Arrest Backs Trump’s Claim Anti-Semitism From Left’ - Art Moore - March 3

In talking about such sites as the Anti-Defamation League, the Anne Frank Center, and the Southern Poverty Law Center, the author said:  

“Further, SPLC’s definition of “haters” and “extremists” has been at variance with the mainstream. The organization, for example, labeled Carson, now President Trump’s HUD secretary, an “extremist.” After a nationwide backlash last year, the organization apologized and removed the post. But the SPLC website still has a negative “file” on Carson that insists he has said things that “most people would conclude are extreme,” such as his belief that marriage is between a man and a woman.”

As tor the SPLC, there’s also this from the article:

When SPLC issued a widely cited survey-report charging Trump’s election sparked “hate crimes” in schools against minorities, it censored its finding that at least 2,000 educators nationwide reported racist slurs and other derogatory language against white students.

Of course.  White = ‘haters,’ and black = no comment…

The article also highlighted another feature of modern life, when it referred to the (black) guy who had been arrested for anti-Semitic threats as having been fired from his reporter job at a leftist site for making up details in stories that he submitted to them.  That is apparently the ’new journalism’ at work: If you make up things to enhance your story, as long as it is in the spirit of the story that you are ‘selling,’ it’s okay; because everything is relative now.  There is no more right vs. wrong - except as something advances your agenda, which is right, and whatever impedes your agenda is wrong.  There being no absolutes, with the Death of God.

You can’t make this sort of thing up.


And this:

from ‘Limbaugh Warns Of ’Silent Coup’ Against Trump’ - Garth Kant - March 3
(The glove are coming off…)

kibitzer3 a few seconds ago  (March 3)

Obama considers Trump's presidency 'illegitimate'??

I haven't had such a good laugh in years. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.


As to this latter point:

One might think reasonably that America deserves what it gets in response to the illicit administration of the Usurper, Barack Hussein Obama - legal name, Barry Soetoro - for not vetting him more closely, and discovering not only his ineligibility for the office - and understanding the wisdom of the constitutional Framers in the reason for it - but as well his ties with outright communists; and even perhaps discovering if he in fact went to Russia, then still the Soviet Union, while he was supposedly in Pakistan in the early '80s, for subversive training at Patrice Lumumba University, for his later role in the planned takeover of the United States; helped into that role by the Establishment of both the Democrat AND the Republican political parties, as two wings of the same vulture. 

One might well think that.

But there is a difference between the United States of America - the federal constitutional Republic - and its citizenry at any given time.

And I will stand by the former.

Through thick.  And thin.

And we are certainly experiencing a diet of thin gruel at this crucial time.

So, let's see you rise to the occasion, the American citizenry of this generation.

And make your forebears proud.

Not ashamed.  And terribly, terribly disappointed in you.  As you let Fifth Columnists into the country, in many places.  And of many nationalities.  Prepared, not only to do you in.  But this nation.

Which deserves a better fate than this one well planned for it, by these Dark forces.

And reaching its climax.

On your watch.

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