Saturday, 25 March 2017

A Time For Choosing

‘How was it for you.’

‘Fair to middlin’.’

‘We noticed that you didn’t give yourself much fun.’

‘Well, I was there on business.’

‘Yes, but as your lot would say, ‘All work and no play’.’

’Business before pleasure.  It was a busy time.’

‘Yes, but then, some pleasure is, you know, allowed.  It’s part of the deal, after all.  The joy thing, and all that.’

‘Unfortunately, this one was a very serious business one.  They were way deep asleep.  It took some rousing, to get them to notice what was going on.  No time for pleasure.’

‘Why do you think that was, do you reckon.’

‘I have figured that it must have been because the Dark-side players were just too caught up in their roles, were really into them.  And they almost made it work for them.  It was a close-run thing.’ 

‘But you know as well as I…’

‘Yes yes: The Light always wins out, in the end.  That it’s its nature to.  But something sparked the Dark side into deeper contact with that ‘disposition’ this time.  I have made an assumption about that.’

‘Which is…’

‘That the souls who have been playing on the Dark side for a number of times get too caught up in their roles, and start losing contact with their essence.’

‘Even to the point of losing it altogether?’

‘Some of them, it appears; yes.  Very dark stuff.  Very, very dark stuff.  Terrible stuff.  I think there needs to be a limit put on the number of times that a soul can choose to play on that side.’

‘Whoa.  I’m sure that you don’t really mean that.’

‘’Free will’.  Yes.  I get that.  But, you just…You would have had to have been there, to see it.  And feel it.  Terrible, terrible stuff going on.  The depths of depravity.’

‘Like what, precisely, for you.’

‘I don’t even want to mention it.  It all comes back.  I am very glad to have that assignment over with.’

‘And now you can take a rest.’

‘Yes.  I sure need this one.  If we didn’t have that ‘down time’ between missions, it would really be a challenge.  One can only take so much in that field, Down There.’

‘Well.  Congratulations anyway, on another graduation.’

‘Thanks.  But I think, this one was it, for me.  I need to move on.  That crap gets to feel sticky.  Icky sticky.  I know what I signed up for.  But I think I’ll take another path up the mountain.’

‘You know what I think?’


‘That, with that feeling, of having had enough of the 3D assignments, you have just signaled to and for yourself that it is, indeed, time for you to move on.  To say: Up.’

‘You reckon that that’s what’s behind this?’

‘Yes.  And so, I will say it again, and in this different context:


‘…I must say, I think I’ve earned it.  This one around.  

‘Terrible.  Terrible.  Stuff……What people will get up to, when they think that no one is looking…’

‘Yes.  Silly, isn’t it.’

‘Indeed.  That they could actually believe that the whole thing has no meaning.  That is really having gone off the deep end, into amnesia.’

‘Well.  As ‘they’ say.’


(together:)  ‘Their choice.’

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