Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Where Is Tom Clancy When You Need Him?

You can't make this stuff up.

A rundown, as of a novel:

The Powers That Be have had their beady insect eyes set on the United States of America from the beginning.  A fertile continent unleashed from its potential by a self-governing people, free to produce and earn the benefit personally therefrom, through hard work and self-discipline, the U.S. quickly became a prize to be relished by those who would be their masters.  Thus they set about to take it over at its peak.

The Plan was to quietly a) weaken it, both financially and morally - as had worked in Roman days of yore - and b) take it over from the inside, since its military was too formidable to take it over strictly externally.  First, they tried to break it up into regional government zones, governed by unelected overseers - expert 'administrators' - on the model of the former Soviet Union, where they succeeded in their takeover plot, although, alas, all too briefly for their Grand Design, of a global hive.  But the die was cast in that exercise, of top-down governance.  But in the Americans, they were up against a people who had become too attached to their federal constitutional republican form of government, and enjoyed their silly little states.  So they went to Plan B.

This entailed taking over the monetary system completely, to the point where they could print all the money that they wanted for their own purposes, at their will, and the fools - as they thought of the Americans - would never notice; or if they did, they would not be able to mount a challenge to their natural masters' control over them, because TPTB would own the mainstream media: all part of the Plan.  And thereby, they were able  - through such measures as both bribery and blackmail - to control the central government politicians, and quietly take over as many of the state legislatures as they could manage in the same manner.  If they couldn't break down the states as they were, they could take them over from the inside; and then start a breakdown process from there.

Such a breakdown process would be easy to do.  Take California.  First, it was adjacent to Mexico, and so could easily be manipulated to allow a Fifth Column of Mexicans to move into - flood into - the state, and for them to be motivated to 'take back' the state, as part of their 'rightful' land, stolen from them by the cursed Yankee; to be demonized as part of the 'white supremacists' from Europe who 'stole their land'.  Then, its very fertile soil could be taken over, via Weather Warfare means: First, a period of drought, to suppress the property value to the point of driving the farmers and ranchers off the land, and picking it up for pennies on the dollar.  By themselves; and by their allies in the takeover of the country - both the Hispanics from the lower American continents, and their cohorts in the power game, of an intended global collectivist entity (called the New World Order): the Communist Chinese.  (A subplot: a prominent California federal senatorial couple enticed into being the fronts for said purchases, by the promise of very substantial income of their own, and power in the new, global regime to follow.  And: that good farming land to be used by the Communist Chinese to feed their people; that State having moved millions of their own farmers off the land - and into stack-'em and pack-'em New Cities - in order to keep them from being independent and rebellious.)  And secondly, a release of the weather 'monster' to flood the main growing region of the state and clean it out of the by-then hated, racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, etc. etc. Yankee totally.

All of this to be coordinated with other moves in the takeover plot.  Thus, other states would have had foreign troops come into them, under the pretext of practice for 'civil emergencies'.  The Americans being too stupid to know what was really going on in their midst.  And with those foreign troops, and other members of the Fifth Column brought in via orchestration of trouble spots in the world, and so their introduction under the pretext of being 'refugees,' would come well-trained cadres - most of them called jihadists - ready for 'the signal' to cause mayhem, when Der Tag came.  To be accompanied by a pincer movement from the previous administration, with an army of both brainwashed youth - who will have come to believe what they were led to believe by their 'educationists,' inculcating a hive mind, in this long- and well-planned exercise - and of the various voting blocs that will have been created for the purpose, as 'minorities' against the by-then to-be hated 'white supremacists'.

A particularly ingenious feature would be the announced plan for California to become a nation-state of its own; thus seeding that concept into the American psyche, and thereby help prepare the stupid fools for what was to come: the splitting off of California in a planned execution, to be a stand-alone nation, ostensibly under the auspices of the international body of the time, the United Nations, but in truth, under the auspices of them, The Powers That Be - the rightful rulers of Earth.  And in preparation for that announced day, they would have had prepositioned their Communist Chinese troops in the state; not only under the cover of being 'employees' of solar farms in the desert portions in the southern part of the state, but having been positioned in the inland ports in the northern part of the state - and in the deep-sea port in the southern area that they would control by then, at a port city called Long Beach.

Where they would find out that their best-laid plans would come a cropper.  Because God is no fool.  And all their best-laid plans were well known.  By the Forces of Light.  Who would come out 'in the nick of time' - at the very end of The Play - and draw said Drama to a close.  Its having accomplished its Purpose.  Of bringing the Age to its natural conclusion.

For the Chinese involved to be sent to Japan, to assist that nation to cap its terrible nuclear 'accident' scene, and to help clean up the Pacific, as the Far East's contribution to the cleaning up of the Earth, of the havoc that Humanity had wreaked, in its time of husbandry on, and of, the land, and sea, and air.

Thus setting the stage for what had become known by then as the Reval, and Disclosure, and Contact.  And ultimately:


For, when The Play is over, there is nowhere else to go, but Up.  The players, out of their parts; and into their Real Selves.

Most of them, that would be to say.  For those who had become so enamored of their parts that they couldn't release them, there would be a different outcome, from all the rest.

Too horrible to contemplate.

So I won't even go there. So to speak.  In this summary of

The Play, that we are engaged in.

And are about to conclude.  In

          The End

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