Friday, 10 March 2017

A Word To The Wise

Listen up.  And I mean that literally, not just figuratively.

You all have souls.  Or you wouldn't be alive.  It's your very life force. And it's a gift - a pearl

of great price.

You need to start living up to your highest potential.  Not down to your lowest potential.  As so many of you are doing at this time.  This linear time.

That is all.  May a word to the wise

be sufficient.

And having said that:

You people with your cheating ways
Are no kin to me.  Corruption
            from wall to wall
                                is all
That I can see.  - but lo!
                               is that
Between the cracks and crevices
Of your constructed reality?
                   The Light
                   peeking through
                to take over
            when you are ready
                             for it to
                         slay it
                     at first sight
                 in your benighted


We have been here before.
Well, let's have a go
                 And see
            what happens
                this time
                 in your

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