Sunday, 14 July 2013

The Same Artist Blues

I realize that free verse is not everyone's cup of tea.  For them, it is, as Robert Frost is reputed to have said, like playing tennis without the net.  However, it is better than nothing, when you feel you have something to say.  So, herewith; and offered in that spirit.

Unchained Melody

My country is hurting
And I sit here, waiting
For the call
Is all
I have to live for

And the CD
For my dinner
And evening's entertainment
Ends with a song
Of longing -
          Unchained Melody
That mirrors my inner state
Of mind, and emotion
And spirit.
     The same song, incidentally
   or not so
With a different artist, of course
That struck me
Over fifty years ago, now -
Fifty-eight years ago, in fact
This summer
           to be precise
When I left university
In earnest search for Truth
                    - the truth
In all things, actually
          (did you hear that,
Deceivers??  Or only just
Aspirers to such depths???).

Now that I have found It
Is it time to go
                ...just a little more

God, speed your love to me
         is all I ask
At this time
That goes by so slowly.

I am seventy-nine
As they calculate
On this planet.
You had better hurry.
I don't have much more time
To do
What it is I feel I came here
To do
From a far, far different clime
Than this one

Of such as murder
And deceit
And other such ignoble truths
That will out -
              oh yes
They will.  For this
Is a just universe
And the Act
 Has all been caught
On the record tape -
    the Compact Disc -
Of life
Whereby the Just will be rewarded
And the guilty, punished
For their dereliction of duty
As the offspring of the All Mighty
Standard Bearer of Love and Light;
          their punishment
To be meted out by their higher Self;
     the quality of Being
One step short
Of total Unity.

As I hold the vision
In this prison
The New Day dawns; and I, I
Am unchained too.

...the cleansing readying us all
For Ascension.
Or not.
Your choice.
As it has always been.


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