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On Communication

Letters...My mailbox has been chock-a-block recently, day after day.  It must be something about the summer months that brings out the donor request letters, and over and over from the same sources.  Or from their hired guns, the professional fundraisers...

...and who knew there were so many outfits looking after the kids on various Native American reservations??  And I wonder if the blankets offered in return for a donation were Made in China...

Speaking of donors.  I have been incensed recently to find out more about the extreme lengths the IRS under Obama has been going, both to harass 'conservative' groups (Tea Party, pro-Life, traditional marriage, even simply Republican; whilst at the same time waving left-wing groups, like pro-abortion groups, right on through) and  - totally inexcusably, and outrageously - to demand their lists of donors, "and how much they contributed".1

No. 1.  I question whether it is their legal business to force organizations to have to divulge their donor lists.2  But even if there is some sort of legal chicanery invoked on that issue3 - that they have a right to confirm that the outfit applying for nonprofit tax-exempt status is a legitimate one - the IRS has NO BUSINESS going so far as reported in the article just quoted from; to wit:

"Kevin Kookogey asked the IRS for tax-exempt status for Linchpins of Liberty, a mentoring group that trained high school and college students about conservative political philosophy.  The agency answered his request with a list of 95 questions in 31 parts, including a demand for a list of every student the group had trained or planned to train" (my emphasis).

Before I call this sort of thing what it is - i.e., war - I want to make one more observation, and accusation, on my charge list.  That has to do with this business of the battle between Islam and Christianity going on.

We all remember - I hope - the mass-murder shooting by a Muslim Army Major at Ft. Hood, Texas in 2009 which left 13 dead and over 30 injured.  Despite the fact that witnesses reported that Major Hasan stood up, in the crowded Processing Center (deliberately chosen, for maximum effect), and shouted 'Alllahu Akbar!' before opening fire, the Obama administration insisted on characterizing it as 'workplace violence'.4

What was that all about???

It is getting clearer, by the day, what it was all about.  And is.      

Item.  (Just one of many.)  The July 1 issue of The New American magazine carried a story about our soldiers in Afghanistan fighting a battle on multiple fronts.  A young Lance Corporal Marine stationed in Helmand Province by the name of Greg Buckley, Jr., who was over there to help train Afghan security forces (who were armed while U.S. government policy was to keep the American forces disarmed while on base with such trainees), somehow sensing that his end was near, called his father one night and told him, in a strained voice that his father had never heard from him before, that "I will not be coming home".  Within whatever period of time elapsed between his comment to his father and the following incident, he and his buddies knew that the local forces knew that they were set to return home soon.  That made them uneasy, because they also knew that the locals "loathe(d) the American presence with a passion".  Whatever those details, he and his buddies went one evening to a work out.  While he was on a bench press, the young 'tea boy' belonging to a local high-ranking Afghan police official "walked in with an AK-47 and shot Buckley, Jr. in the chest, killing him" and two other Marines.  (Others were wounded but survived.)  Now listen closely, as the article goes on:

"After emptying the magazine, the young boy...dropped his weapon and boasted to others that he had just performed 'jihad'."  Which has never been acknowledged by the Obama administration's Defense or State Department officials.

"Ten months after the murder, however, the U.S. government has still not provided a full report on what happened, claiming it was 'pending' or still being investigated.  Multiple Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests for details, meanwhile, have been denied..."5

Shades of the pattern - let's call it what it is: the policy - regarding so many other FOIA requests, of the Obama administration, that have been similarly denied, or stonewalled, until such as the judicial watchdog par excellence, Judicial Watch, e.g., has had to go to court time and time again to get the Obama administration in general, and Eric Holder's Department of Justice in particular, to honor the law...

So, in sum.

There is another aspect to this sinister business going on under Obama and his Marxist henchmen, whereby they are becoming a law unto themselves - have become so. That involves his specific targeting of Christians, AND of his concomitant support for extremist Islamists, engaged in jihad against the West in general and Christianity in particular - its prime competition in the religious 'truth' arena.  

I will clarify.  I am not a Christian.  I have read too much research on the 'received version' of Christianity to accept that established picture as the 'gospel truth', so to speak, of what really happened in the Middle East around the Dead Sea area some 2000 years ago.  But this business going on in America today, of the Obama administration's having declared war on Christianity, is unacceptable.

To be neutral about religion while in high political office is one thing.  To take sides in that cultural dialogue is another thing entirely.

But it is of a piece with the revolution going on.  Of Marxist-Muslim jihad against the United States of America.  As practiced by the clique in power today.

Who have to go.

Because this is war.

As practiced by them, against middle-class America in particular.

The rich seem to have worked out a niche for themselves in such a takeover of the American Republic. Whatever all the facts are in that aspect of this war going on, the rest is clear:

We are at war, ladies and gentlemen of the average American audience.

And the sooner you wake up to that fact - that this is not just about the perennial political debate between the Democrats and the Republicans; the 'liberals' and the 'conservatives' - the better.

What do I counsel?

For one thing, the States can declare themselves, under 10th Amendment principles, free from unconstitutional federal 'jurisdiction', and force the issue into court.  And let's see the 'federal' form of our government stand up on its hind legs, and assert itself, against the centralized takeover that the Obama administration - particularly under the aegis of AG Eric Holder - is attempting.

For another.

I am against guns, personally.  Since We Are All One.  (And this is but a Play, that we have become embedded in; so much so that it seems real.)  But until some semblance of order is restored, The People would do well to prepare themselves.  Especially since the Marxist revolutionaries, having inveigled their way into power, like wolves in sheep's clothing, and strutting their hour upon the stage, have already thought about that.  And are prepared, for the 'reaction' (thus the name, and epithet, 'reactionaries'), the counter-revolution, to take place.

I don't know if they are totally prepared. They may still be a bit short of their desired position, when Martial Law is declared - is goaded into being declared, if need be for their putsch for power.  But it would pay defenders of the American Republic to get themselves up to speed, as it were.      

To give the enemy pause.6

And us, time to take back our country.

However that ends up happening.

And then, when the proper relationship between the individual and the 'state' - the collective - has been reestablished (proper, in terms of our being 'spiritual beings having a human experience,' responsible for our own soul's progress; not just materialistic entities, in which atheistic scheme of things there is no right or wrong 'but thinking makes it so' - i.e., except as those in charge determine), we can look to the future.  Wherein there will be, indeed, a 'borderless society'; a New Order of Things.

Just not the one envisioned - and long envisioned - by either the hard Left or the hard Right; socialism/communism or fascism.

Statism by any other name would smell as rotten.

We are talking about Ascension.  Out of the level of the problem.  And into a 'New Day' for Humanity.

Not just a New Era.

But a whole new ball of wax.

Statism melting in the Light of that Sun.

Because it is based on Force.

Not Love.

And so, cannot - will not be able to - withstand the intensity of the new energy.

That we have made our way to.  With some difficulty.  But in any event:

We made it.  And

We're here.

So, it is to rejoice.

Not think of such as war.

Been there.  Done that.

Got it?

It's time, for something new.

Totally new.

In which, and by which, we recognize ourselves totally.

As the children - the sparks; the fractals; the points of view - of our mutual and loving Creator Source.

Experiencing Itself.

And now, wishing for more - a more full expression of our potential - from this sector of Itself.


Rising to the occasion.

Like a new Son.

Experiencing Unconditional Love.  So that It can enter into unity consciousness.

And be One again.

As It always has been.

And just needed to come back into the awareness of Its Essence, after Its educational sojourn in the land of duality.

Now having been successfully completed.

Well done, Us!

...Most.  Of Us.

The rest?


That is the question.

May We maintain Our communication with Ourselves.  As We go Our separate ways.

For now.  For a bit.

Like protons, seemingly split.

Until the day...

...the blessed day...

...when We are, indeed, all back together again

on all levels of Our One Being

at the same timeless Time

in the land of No-Land.  Our limitless




1 'Department Of Intimidation,' article by Chelsea Schilling in the current issue of whistleblower magazine.
     Not so incidentally, on this subject of Executive branch departments asking questions, did you know that doctors under ObamaCare are supposed to ask their patients how many guns they have, if any, and if so, what type???...just checking on your awareness of what all is going down these days...      

2 Especially after it has surfaced that the IRS has 'leaked' such lists to the group's 'enemies'.  I referred to one such incident recently in these pages, where the IRS leaked a confidential donor list of the National Organization for Marriage to the gay-rights advocacy group, the Human Rights Campaign - who promptly posted it on their website; so their followers would know whom to harass.

3 like the legal chicanery behind saying that you can try a person on civil rights charges after a criminal court trial, even though that amounts to - would, ahem, seem to amount to - double jeopardy, because, even though it's the same event, it's a different 'crime', civil as 'opposed' to criminal.  Yes, and, do I have some great beachfront property to sell you in the Mojave Desert.
     After all, sand is sand.  And sophistry is sophistry.  

4 from Wikipedia:
     "Days after the shooting, reports in the media revealed that a Joint Terrorism Task Force had been aware of e-mail communications between Hasan and the Yemen-based cleric Anwar al-Awlaki, who had been monitored by the NSA as a security threat, and that Hasan's colleagues had been aware of his increasing radicalization for several years. The failure to prevent the shootings led the Defense Department and the FBI to commission investigations, and Congress also held hearings."  Which have come to - what.
     Because the Obama administration doesn't want them to come to anything.
     Lest it all tips their hand too soon.
     All the shenanigans that the Obama administration has been up to.  Through its IRS.  And DOJ.  And DHS.  And NSA.  And EPA.  And...and......and.........  

5 article 'Our Empty Future in Afghanistan' by Alex Newman. 

6 Obama has even used that word, to describe 'the opposition'.  Remember when he "urged Latino voters to help him 'punish our enemies and reward our friends'"??  And when he "told his supporters at one rally to think of voting for him as 'an act of revenge'"???    (quotes from article titled 'The Smoking Gun In Plain Sight' by Herbert E. Meyer in the same issue of whistleblower magazine as referred to above)   
     Which should have been a tipoff, to 'the right,' that this was not just business as usual on the part of, and to, 'the left'. 
     That it was war.  
     Cultural.  And economic.  And political.  War.  On the American people.
     Or at least, on the average American.  Who has never had to deal with such things in his or her experience.  America having been separated, and spared, from the political machinations that have bedeviled the rest of the planet for so many years.  Thus, perhaps, the reason for such a large amount of naivety going on here in our day.
     People - average Joe and Jill American - just can't believe that such things would go on in our country.  Heavens; this is America.  
     Soon to be the land of the spree and the home of the slave. 
     If said Joe and Jill don't wake up. And soon.
     Real soon.  

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