Thursday, 4 July 2013

Independence Day: What Does It Mean...

...anymore?  On this Independence Day in particular, it feels as though it would pay us to take a really good look at who we are - where we have come from as a nation - and who we have become; to get a sense of where we are going.  

The short of the answer to the question of who we have become is that we have become a nation in large part of takers.  Rich and poor living on welfare: the income tax monies largely of the honest and suffering and industrious middle class.  Main Street having to support both Wall Street ('Bailouts, anyone?  Gitcher bailout money here.') and Skid Row.  The latter of which designations is just a literary 'handle': I am actually referring to those citizens who are making a living on welfare - who have bought the idea, foisted on the American public largely by (outright) socialists, that they are 'entitled' to their handouts.  How else to explain the arrogance of so many of them, seemingly insisting that the world owes them a living??

There is something very immoral in all this; and that is not the reluctance of the taxpayers to go along with the fraud, be willing to 'share the wealth'.  Yes, in the European socialist systems (relatively benign socialism; not totalitarianism, as is being planned for the U.S..  Or have you not heard about the hordes of ammo stockpiled by the DHS, or the drones over America beginning their approach, or...), the state pays for a lot of goodies -  because it demands a huge percentage of the income of its citizenry in taxes.  If they choose to go along with that philosophy, that's their business.  But in this country, we have had a different 'upbringing', whereby the state fundamentally honors the individual (it's called self-governance, and individual rights over state-imposed group rights, where some are more equal than others); and in return, the individual engages in a great deal of self-responsibility, with voluntary churches-and-charities covering the gaps.  

That is a large part of what has changed in this country: the private sector has been undercut, by the state taking over more and more of what used to belong in the arena of Charity.  Which was - and is - a virtue; for being given freely.  Now, in this still-basic non-socialist, 'free enterprise' system, too many think that it's okay to thieve money from others.  Think to get something for nothing.  Have tax money given to them personally - owed, to them.  Which results in the mentality of a low-consciousness parasite on the system.  

Ladies and gentlemen: The American system of government is not a socialist system (which depresses incentive).  


And hopefully, will never be.  For its affect on the spirit of The People.  Some of whom 'score' out of such a system.  And many who do not; and resent - and for good reason - being used, by others. 

That's one thing that has changed in the country: the spirit of self-reliance.  Another thing that has changed is the understanding of another fundamental area of life in this country, as opposed to others: that of the essence of its governmental structure.

It may well be the fault of the educational systems in this country that more of our youth don't seem to understand the basics of what in my day in high school was called US&G - United States History and Government.  (And we need to look into the educational system in general, as having been turned into a form of propaganda - and NOT for 'the American way of life'.)  But let me summarize: Ours is not a form of government wherein all power resides in the federal government except for what it is specifically denied by the constitutional contract between the federal government and the several States, in this federal - not central - form of government.  It has ONLY those powers specifically delegated to it, by the States.  Which are "few and defined," in the very precise words of the man called the Father of the Constitution, James Madison.

I have a painful question; painful to even have to ask:  Who the hell are these modern political pygmies, who would presume to run the political show in this country, who claim otherwise??  

Boot them out of the positions of power that they have managed to finagle their way into.  They have overstepped their authority.  

And that goes for the Usurper in the Oval Office as well.  He is there under false pretenses.    

But that's another story.  Getting back to the fundamental nature of the American form of government:     

It has all been designed the way it has been for a purpose; and a great purpose at that: to enhance the individual's responsibility for his or her own personal spiritual development: in order to really get that we are each responsible for ourselves.   

That we can't put that responsibility onto the state, or the royal, or the church.

Socialists - or any form of statism/collectivism - would have you kept in a dependency state of consciousness.

Don't listen to them.  It is a siren song, leading you astray.  From what you are really here for.

Which is to grow in spiritual stature.

And the socialists in our midst have certainly been successful.  The political opponents of the conservatives - of which I consider myself one, in this context - are certainly making a good 'fist' of their job, of opposing us.  Their job, in the play that we are all involved in - the drama of life on Earth.  To learn lessons therefrom, and grow, in awareness and understanding - in short: in consciousness - from that lesson-learning. 

Examples abound.

Take the Department of Justice alone.  Spying on the AP reporters.  The arrogance of the IRS in giving 'tea party'-type conservative organizations a hard time (raising stonewalling to a science).  Cherry-picking with the Voting Rights Act, in weakening voter ID requirements on the one hand, and failing to prosecute the likes of the Black Panther Party, for voter intimidation, on the other.  The NSA, and its roping of a large number of communication businesses into its total surveillance scheme and system.1      

'I hear you arguing that we should not make a big fuss over the government spying on us, to the extent of recording all our telephone calls and other communications; that, in effect, security is more important than liberty.  Well, it's one part of a debate.  But an extremely dangerous part.  I'm sure that, in making your case, you're not saying that we should do away with - eliminate - the Constitution.  Tell me that you're not saying that.

'Oh.  I see.

'You are saying that.'

And thus 'it' all falls into place: the picture, of where we're at, in this day and surveillance age.

At takeover point.

Why else is the Obama administration - to go along with the huge amount of ammunition that it has ordered/tied up, and the armored vehicles that it has lined up, for domestic purposes - quietly putting in place the operation of drones over America.  To start with, just for surveillance, for local police, keeping an eye out for rustlers, and such like innocent-appearing usage.  But as we all know, they are capable of being equipped with lethal weaponry, in an exercise of mission creep; aka intentional mission stealth.  

But why would the government want to do that to its own people??

It wouldn't.

Not to its own people.

It's not meant for 'its own people':  the hardcore Leftists, and 'useful idiots' of idealistic students and environmentalists, and single mothers, and the welfare class in general that has been created by them as shock troops of their revolution, and the LGBT bloc, and illegal aliens helped out with false ID papers; and La Raza adherents, who join the socialists in wanting to see the United States collapse,2 so that they, the La Raza Hispanics, can 'take their country back,' in a perversion of the call of the American patriots who are on the other side of this growing barricade between the opposing forces, of "fundamentally transforming the United States of America" on the one hand, and 'Not my country you don't' on the other.

And just for the record; a quick question: Which is that country, exactly, that the La Raza adherents are talking about?  The Spain of many of their forefathers?… 

So, where are we at.

We are at a Turning Point.  We can slide into outright confrontation, leading to civil war, and the rendering asunder of the United States of America into bits and pieces, for most of them to end up being corralled into a region of the self-designated People Controllers' New Word Order called the North American Union.3  

Or we can see a larger picture unfolding here; and become part of the solution.  

Consider.  Every 'thesis' contains the seeds of its 'antithesis' - its reaction; because it is not complete in itself, is still a part of an unfolding process.  Thus (to simplify a bit, for the sake of space and time), capitalism generated its antithesis, communism; which process also involved a' religious' aspect, with the dominant Judeo-Christian cultural motif that supported the capitalist economic model being reacted to by the atheistic/humanistic position of the socialist/communist 'rationalist' cultural model.  And this Hegelian dialectic-model process has taken place at a time of the globalization of the economic/cultural process; AND of the environmental effects of that process.4   To say, then: an historically consummate, and consummating, stage.  We have, then - in our time - liftoff:  

The Synthesis stage of the historical process, that has brought us here, to and in this point in time.  Which, then, consists of - would naturally consist of:

a) economically speaking: 'The best of both'.  The value of cooperation with each other as a species, but in a way which honors the individual, and individual effort and enterprise (and individual sense of responsibility);5 and 

b) getting to the truth of the 'religious' impulse in the human heart and mind.  And in doing so, understanding that 'there is something more than Man' - that Man is not the be-all and end-all of existence.  That we are but "of such stuff as dreams are made on," as the Bard put it, so well.  That with such evidences of that 'something more' as all the evidences that are extant about the truth of reincarnation, we can with assurance say, and feel, and understand, that "there are more things in heaven and earth than are dreamt of in" our day-to-day philosophy.  That far from life being just about 'survival of the fittest,' there is obviously a greater Plan in and Purpose to the universe - to the life experience - than its being just in and for itself only.  

I won't belabor this point.  I just want to make it: that we live in a realm far greater than the one bounded by the green grass under our feet, and the blue sky up above.6  

And it would behoove us, now, to wake up to that fact.

And fast.

Before we do something that we will regret for a long, long, long time.

And just have to come back - wherever a 3D experience would be in in the future (Gaia undergoing her own process of Ascension onto a higher level/into a higher dimension of  consciousness, as we do) - and go through the whole process, all over again.

Until we get it right. 

For you see: there is a right.  And a wrong.  Besides but thinking that makes it so.

May you have a thoughtful Independence Day.  And may it serve us all.                 


P.S. A bit more about the Cloward-Piven cynical Strategy.  Yes, duplicity was involved in its creation.  But - as part of the unfolding process that we have been involved in - it is also a spiritual test.
     Far too many people have allowed themselves to be seduced into living off of others/the fruits of others' labors.  Not wise.  Not - as I say - discerning.  If some people are milking the system, what is that to you?  You are responsible for your own soul's development.  Get with the program.
     I am living off of my Social Security, because that was the system of retirement in America that I was born into.  But it is nothing but a giant Ponzi scheme.  The sooner we release 'the old' and move into 'the new' - when we see each other as ourselves, and act accordingly - i.e., do not use each other, but support each other - the better.  For all concerned.  Including me.
     As it is, I tithe back a considerable portion of my pension savings to 'worthy causes'.  Out of guilt?  No.  Out of a desire to be of Service  To be of help to my fellow Man.  Who is part of Me.
     For I am involved in mankind.   And therefore, never send to know for whom the bell tolls.  It tolls for thee.



1  A message for Verizon, et al:  Companies need to be held accountable for their actions, too.  Just like us individuals.  (Whom they have been 'favorably' compared with anyway, by the SCOTUS…)  Or we're into the fascist dictatorship mode that turned into the poisonous regime of Nazi Germany; or the communist dictatorship mode that turned into the likes of the USSR and Communist China.
     Absolute power over the individual: European-style socialism this ain't, shaping up.

2 It's called the Cloward-Piven Strategy, after the two socialist academics who dreamt it up, as a tactic to bankrupt the American capitalist system, and allow the socialists to take over in the social rubble of the aftermath.  Look it up.
     These are not nice people we are dealing with.  They are zealots, who believe that the end justifies the means.  The philosophy of tyrants down through the ages.
     When will we ever learn... be discerning.
 3 Combining Mexico, the former U.S. and Canada into one economic and political bloc; like the EU.  Precisely like the EU, in point of fact; after which 'regionalizing' the plan is patterned. 
     The plan, which has been in the works for years, and years, and years.  Even before the attempt at the League of Nations, in the aftermath of the First World War; both of which were instigated, for the same purpose: Global control. 
     But that's another story…

4 An environmental effect of this process would be the Christian ethos of 'dominion' over the world; which, in conjunction with the dominant economic system's goal, and motive, of making a 'profit', has resulted in the raping of the planet's resources, and insufficient consideration of the consequences of one's actions; either as an individual (purchaser/consumer), or as a member of a conglomerate.  Both of which, as noted above, need to take responsibility for their actions.

5 And so we can now do away with money - with the twin training wheels of interest-bearing money on the one hand and fractional-reserve banking on the other, and that (technologically antiquated) vehicle's motive power of the profit motive - and 'open the sluice gates' of the Abundance of 'heaven' - of the understanding that we exist in a creation 'dominated' by Love - by the Love of the Creator for Its Creation - and so nothing need stand in the way of that Love, flowing between us and to us.  
     We just need to engage in the right consciousness - the proper level of awareness - to turn that machine on.  Which comes from 'us' understanding that 'we' are all aspects of the One I. That We Are All One; in the process of moving from separation consciousness - in the 3D realm of duality - to unity consciousness.
     That As we do unto others, so do we do unto ourselves - literally  For We Are All One.  And All IS One.  
     Which brings me to my second point…

6 This stage that we are playing our lives out on, in our various parts - now a prince, now a pauper; now a male, now a female (or some other 'gender orientation' in between); now of one race or religion or nationality, now of another - for the experience.  And insights gained.   And consciousness raised thereby.  For each of us, as individuals.  And as a collective.
     The collective We that is I.
     The All That Is.  Experiencing Itself through Us.
     Some responsibility; eh?

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